Saturday, July 2, 2011

What 'I' connotes?

“I am highly educated person! Thus I have more knowledge than a normal person.”

“If I would not have been there, how come that task would have been done.”

“Nobody will be able to do this task except me!”

“This office, I am the most talented person, nobody is above me …”

“I am jack of all trades and master of all too..!”

These kinds of sentences usually rule our conscience or we get to listen….may be from colleagues, friends, relatives etc.

The word ‘I’ always chase us, or start dwelling in our mind …. whenever we receive expertise in some particular subject, or when people start appreciating us looking at our proficiency, we start feeling proud of own talent.

We don’t get that much of time, opportunity to see the sky with a free mind… which we used to get in our childhood. Neither we get enough time to introspect or understand ourselves… Now, do we have time to sit with our parents to enjoy the starry sky together ? I remember, me and my siblings usually used to sit with my parents at the moonlit nights and used to talk about various topics in our childhood times…plan about our futures…Once my mother told us pointing towards the galaxy… “See these are seven star –brothers. They always stay together…never fight with each other, share even a small sesame among them”. Since then, we three siblings share a small toffee even. Once, we used to dream, imagine looking at the open sky, and now, when we are growing, we are as if becoming machines day by day, narrowing our openness…

Sky does not have any limit…there are limitless solar systems…Don’t know which planet is going where! Which star is going where! Just we know about our 8 planets and then our very own ‘Earth’. In the following way, we can understand our position…
I was born at Bakata. Where is Bakata?

In Sibsagarh district. Where is Sibsagarh district?

Assam. So, where is Assam?

In India. Where is India?

In Asia. And where is Asia?

In Earth. Earth is situated in?

In eternal Sky. And the Sky is in?

……….Can we answer this question..?

If we engross in this question, we will understand the significance of the word ‘I’. If we compare ourselves with the sky…we will understand worth we are carrying.

In this world, nothing is dependable on any human being. Like, when Galilio was alive, people were unaware of most of his discoveries and inventions. So, he was not considered as vital personality during his life-time. But, now he is respected as the pioneer of a new era. In the same way, once independence of India could not be thought without Gandhiji. But after his death, India is moving, no matter what her speed is!

In various organizations, sometimes, many employees play very critical role, and we feel without them organization will stop growing, infact even stop working. But, does it happen in reality? If one key employee leaves, work may slow down for couple of weeks or months, but if some other responsible person picks those task, things speed up.

What say?
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