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An Informative Evening with Horlicks and Indiblogger


Mesmerizing, exotic Orchids at Kaziranga Orchid Garden

I am sure – no one hates flowers. And while comes to Orchid, who won’t love to see, soothe eyes, and eulogize the marvellous creation of God? My Assam visit was really special this time as I got a chance to appease my eyes with these wild beauties.


A smartphone that’s a power bank too

Ask a question to a smartphone owner, “what's the one thing you would like to see improved in your phone?” I guarantee, most of them would answer “the battery life”.




ASUS Zenpad 7 review

I often recall those days, when we did not have any phone, not even land-phone at home. I used to write letters to my parents from the hostel…be un-connected with loved ones for long time… Cried a lot when I had to be part from my hostel-mates, class-mates, thinking about the probability of not coming across most of them forever…..

But what! Life-style is changing so fast….Technology is pushing all the boundaries with high-speed. Orkut popped, Facebook hopped, Whatsapp topped to bring all family-members, friends, loved ones back to ring. Now, can we imagine a day without phone? Forget about phone, is it really be easy to live without internet even?

Whatever!!! The rate of smartphone adoption is astronomical. And, the rate of tablet adoption has been even faster. 



ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser review

I have some idea or perception about ASUS products, as I have attended couple of blogger launch of the products.
Next mobile phone I was planning to buy was sure shot of ASUS. Was not sure which model, ofcourse! When I received a lovely handset called – ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser to review, excitement made me busy using it in my leisure time.
It came to the market in August, 2015.Here is my review after using for couple of weeks....
Look and Feel….
It’s simply trendy at the first glance! It is beautifully crafted with ultra thin edges.


What I used to do to keep my child’s skin soft

How amazing feeling it is to rub your cheek against your baby’s tiny hands! Isn’t it celestial? But how painful to think ….that it wouldn’t be that soft forever!




  Pampers : The Secret to raise a happy and healthy baby

What’s the secret to raise a happy and healthy baby? .......Though there are many reasons behind, one key reason is to give them lots of love, plenty of sleep to grow and develop, and the freedom to play their own way. Don’t you agree?


Nexus 5X is the Champ

“Momie, I became the Editor of the literary group."  Mom was quite happy to share the news with me. 

"Wow Mom, that's a great news!"

"Hmm...but I will have to gather news for the upcoming Magazine, as we are very few people in the editorial team.... I think I will have to buy a camera…..” 


Cultivate Self-love with ASUS Zenfone Selfie

"To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don't wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now."  Alan Cohen

Do you also believe in this? I at least do. Be your own beloved, and everything else will fall into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.


Airtel 4G for Better Connectivity

Decades back…

“Maa……aaa, look who has come……” I and my brother shouted loud being extremely excited to see my maternal uncle ‘Mamma’…… We both jumped on his lap….. Keeping his luggage in the side, he lifted both of us, kissed us tenderly…..

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Blogger Launch of Flipkart Image Search functionality at Bangalore IndiMeet

Have you ever come across these -following scenarios??? .....I have, many times!!! :) 

Scenerio I

Some dresses of Deepika Padukone or Sonam Kapoor compel you to make your jaws wide open .... and you wish for a similar dress, to be the centre of attraction in some party. But, then probably you 'make a sigh' as you don't know where to search it.....


A Review on eKAVACH : India’s first Digital Parenting Application

“Mamma, we have a poem recitation competition. VJ ma’am asked me to search a poem in youtube!” My neighbour’s 4 yrs old child told her mother just in front of me, few days back.

“Papa, why are you using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is better….” Another 5 yrs. old boy of a friend was suggesting his Dad….

My 4 yrs. child has always been defeating me and his Dad in Rails Rush …..since his three years of age……

This generation is awesome…..don’t you agree? They learn computers before they learn alphabets….infact before they are potty-trained!!!

I just envisage these kids in the future when they would be using the internet extensively, may be for their studies, fun or some other reasons. But what would happen if we won’t have any control over it…!!! For today’s parents, providing kids a safe browsing environment has become one of the biggest concerns.

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Dabur Honey Diet Blogger Meet by Indiblogger

Are you feeling low on energy? Want to lose that extra weight, those oozing inches or that annoying double chin ?  Do you tend to catch cold easily?  If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions, then Don’t Worry! Honey is there to rescue you!

Recently, I got an invitation to be a part of Dabur Honey Diet Blogger Meet organized by Indiblogger, at Zuri Hotel, Whitefield Bangalore on 4th of July 2015. Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija from Mumbai was the Chief Guest to bedazzle the stage with her beauty and brain! She enlightened us about the importance and usage of honey in our day to day diet.

Pooja at the stage!

What were Pooja’s suggestions?


Gift Ideas from for your loving parents on Parent's Day

Don’t bring anything for us, we have everything.” Do your parents say this, while you plan to visit them? My Parents (My own parents and In-Laws) always do.

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Review of Renault Lodgy

Which car comes to our mind first, if we say Renault ? I am sure, “Duster”: the compact SUV! But here is the another chrono now to buy significant space in Car lovers' minds.

Renault Lodgy: the newly launched MPV!  Where  the Tagline “Take your world with you” is the perfectly lodgycal….yes! I mean ‘Logical’.

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#LiveLodgycal by Renault and Blogadda at Goa

Was gluing into to the laptop screen as usual with piles of work, while a mail from Harish, Blogadda popped up.  And…my eyes also popped up as it was…… “An Invitation to Goa to have a Top Bloggers’ meet….Lots of surprises awaits.” ……..I didn’t wait even for a second to reply “Yes!”,  though I generally discuss with my hubby dear to take any decision like this….I thought of the ways of conveying and convincing hubby  after clicking the ‘Send button’ this time.

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Results after using Nioxin products

It’s almost a month now since I attended the launch of the world’s number one hair thinning solution product 'Nioxin' at the Bodycraft Spa in Bangalore. I spoke about my saloon experience, and promised a follow up post with the result on my own hair. (Click here to read the previous blog on Nioxin.)


Chutki Maach and Ambi Pur Room Freshener

Ever ate Chutki maach?  ……I am sure most of you have not even heard about it, no matter if you are veg or non vegetarian…… Ofcourse, some must have got the smell sometime somewhere….

These are dry fishes. Yes! These are too smelly…..some may feel like vomiting even. But you know what….these are my favorites…. If you give me one Chutki maach item, I can finish even a big thali of rice at one go…. You will not understand the taste until you savor it in proper way.

These dry fishes are cultivated mostly in some tribal area of Manipur, Nagaland, Assam or imported from Bangladesh. Whenever I visit Assam, I hunt them in the markets like precious treasures, bring them with great care and keep them in fridge as if some diamonds in my locker…

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Top Ten Entertaining, Engaging, Educational Cartoon Shows in India


Which parents will not be happy if the kid shouts out the answers to the questions the cartoon characters ask in the show, or  if the show does wonders in your child’s colour or shape recognition?

Many shows in the Cartoon channels are engaging, but in different ways…While some are very entertaining like Tom and Jerry, Oggy and Cockroaches, Chota Bheem, Motu Patlu, Ben10, Doramon, some shows are truly smart, funny, educational, and can hold the attention.

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Post your Farewell Saree pic to Mirraw and win fabulous prizes

Remember borrowing that #saree from your mom? Exactly! Here's your chance to relive that moment. Simply post your #Farewellsaree pic on & WIN a 1k voucher!!

“I have always worn a saree when I want to put my best foot forward. The elegance, grace and sex appeal that the sari has to offer is unparalleled.” What Mandira Bedi thinks.

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Launch of World's best hair thinning solution product Nioxin in India

‘Hair’ has always been my sign of identification, the X-factor.  Till I was 11, my parents  shaved  my head  at least 5 times to give me better and less curly hair. Fortunately and unfortunately….there was no change to the twirls of my hair, but it grew to a very thick, heavy density of hair. Many names I got from my friends, relatives, ….including my father in law who calls me “Sai Baba” because of this unique identification. 

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PIKU is Remarkable!

When it was ‘Half Time’, a word came out automatically from me – ‘So quickly!!!’

If you are a Bong or if your spouse is a Bong, you might just be living in this movie for sure! Guranteed!!!
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Maidam: Pyramids of Assam


Historians say that the Egyptian pyramids are their only competitors. Series of stories from localites about the richness of the place....still finding gold or silver jewels, coins under the ground, inside the ponds, wells... 

Yes, I am talking about ‘Maidam’, probably very few of you have heard about it. May be none of you also.

Why it’s in the ‘Don’t Know’ list….though it has incomparable beauty and grandeur of its own?

Till last few years, these sacred burial ground of the kings of Ahom kingdom laid depressing, desolated, and abandoned. But now, with the zeal of some energetic local folks, it has received proper attention and developed to be an extremely stunning place and got a World Heritage Site tag from UNESCO too.

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Starting my Smartphone journey with the all new Moto E (2nd Gen)

I had a unique mentality. I was happy with my basic, old phone, which was rich in keeping contact numbers, e-mail ids, sms, and few basic games. So, why I needed to buy a costly Smart Phone looking at others? I agree that smartphones are generally sleek and can keep one stay connected on-the-go. But, is it extremely necessary in our lives? First, you just pay a heavy bucks and then always be extra-careful about your precious phone. Waste your time on installing apps you don’t need, just install, because your friend or colleague recommended it, or the internet swears by it. There are just too many notifications popping up on your phone, and all of them seem urgent, and make you busy in replying office mails in the midnight too.

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A house of your Own

“As you guys came to know our Australia office has been closed. It was not making any profit for last couple of years. And now the Market is down.” The Director was pouring his speech.

“Now we are overstaffed. The management decided to let you go, but we will surely provide you some benefits. Because you deserve it…….” The lecture went on and on…

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