Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ghostly Experience

Do you believe in ghost? I did…

After completion of my college, I took admission at Guwahati University (GU) for my masters. I was excited…for a new life…opening a new chapter. I was in hostel since my 11th. But, experience of University is perhaps unmatched!

GU has 8 girls’ hostels and 10 boys’ hostels with a beautiful green campus. I got admission in Hostel no.1 (R.C.C. -1). R.C.C. -1 has a capacity of 80 girls. It is a two-story building. All the rooms are connected with very long corridor in each floor. It is adjacent to a hill, for which our hostel was attacked by the monkeys all the day.

As freshers have to adjust in their accommodations, initially, I was placed in a hall of 8 girls. It was altogether a different experience of staying timidly being scared of the seniors, facing raggings etc. We used to go to the dinning hall all of us together silently, immediately the bell used to ring, and come back to the room before our senior batch girls used to go for dinner.

After a month, some of us got allocation of few rooms. I got the extreme corner twin sharing room in the first floor, which had a balcony. From the front door of the room, the bathroom section starts. And in between the basin area and the room, there was a store room, where some unused materials were kept. The store room used to be locked all the time. And there was a closed window from our room too. I and my roommate Barna were quite happy to get the room as the other girls of our batch got four seater rooms without balcony. All of them congratulated us.

On the first day itself, at around 8 pm, suddenly Barna came running to the room with a scary face. Myself and three of my classmates were discussing something interesting. Barna used to be our BBC news as she had good terms with one of the senior girls. Barna said, “Hey Madhu! This room is haunted! I am no gonna stay here…For long time the room was unoccupied!”
We all were blank….Didn’t know what to do…!!! Dinner bell rang. Both of us couldn’t have food properly. Ultimately, we decided that we will be staying in a different room with our other batch mates, sharing the beds.

Two days we stayed in other’s room. But what next?

The third day…with our brave hearts, decided to stay in our own room. Two other brave girls also agreed to sleep with us. Around 11 PM! Lights were on. We four were in the effort of getting asleep. Suddenly, we got to hear some sounds in the door. Not exactly the knocking, something like… “Hoooo..Hoooo..” as if somebody is trying to whistle through the door. It was winter season….We all put ourselves inside the heavy blankets…and slept somehow.

First night was over. Second night too, it was the repeat of the previous day. Barna could not resist herself. She got up from the bed. Took a knife and went into the door. Did some R & D. Put some papers in between the door panels. And then onwards, there was no sound…! And got to know that wind used to pass through the door for which those sound we used to get to hear.

Story does not finish here. Next day again, there was a heavy rain and storm in the evening. We were feeling cosy. We both were studying at our tables. Suddenly at around 8 PM, we got to hear some sounds of throwing utensils in the store room. It was locked from outside, so who will throw the utensils inside? Big question! We called our neighbours….all were sweating in the January cold atmosphere. What to do again….one problem we solved, another arised. This time, Barna was silent. We called our cook uncles. Two of them came….but were scared to open neither the door, nor the window from our room and go inside the dark room. So, when there is a problem with the good people, God always send some Angel to help! That’s happened with us too like Chetan Bhagat’s Call Centre book!

A senior batch girl - Chandana came forward to go through the window. Our two brave cook uncles also agreed to go behind her. So, expedition started. Chandana opened the window and went inside with a torch, both uncles also followed her. She found many utensils on the floor lying here and there and the window from the other side was open. The storm attacked the window badly and the lock was broken and the flaps were dancing then also with the breeze. So, Chandana detected the ghost!

After uncovering the ghost, Chandana became the Heroin in front of us! And we started a new chapter in that haunted room!

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