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Tata Hexa Review : #Hexhilarating #Hexaexperience with the #Hextraordinary Vehicle!

Luxury at it’s best!
Technology at it’s crest!
Performance talks the rest!

If you wanna buy luxury, consider it! If you are a car enthusiast, experience it!

Yes! I am talking about a vehicle!!! And, that’s none other than Tata Hexa, which would touch the Indian roads formally in January 2017!

I was quite excited to be a part of the pre-launch of TATA Hexa, the all-new premium sports utility vehicle, last week at Bangalore. Wonderful ambience, live-performance by different bands, kid’s entertainment corner, exhilarating off-road experience zone, all made me joyous to be there with my family.

Almost 15 feet in length and six feet wide, this big and bold, Hexa was taking the centerstage in the huge hall.  Once I entered, it’s premium look was inviting me to explore it immediately.

The Hexa’s elegant look displays how far Tata Motors have improvised it’s design quotient. The SUV is significantly feature - loaded and it was real fun to drive as well.

Hexa shows the confidence of the Italian, English and Indian teams of engineers and designers. It is a whole-hearted effort to remove any catastrophe in Tata Aria and redefine the vehicle with more features and functionalities.

I found that Hexa has visual similarities with the Aria. That’s because the car is built on the same platform and has received the new ‘Impact’ styling. but the car as a whole is longer, taller and wider.

The off-road experience was really awesome. While taking the vehicle over 40 degree slopping and 31 degree, I was scared, but amazed to feel the comfort and easiness inside the car.  The 200 mm water wading capability of Tata Hexa is simply incredible. Do watch this video to know more about the off-road capabilities.

So, here is my review after experiencing the power-packed, feature-loaded and adrenaline-pumped TATA Hexa on a specially created off-road track :

Howz the Interiors:

Once I stepped inside the car, the interiors impressed me totally.  The design is neat and the quality of materials used inside is upright as well.

Hexa comes with all black sporty interior with a fine finishes with high quality Benecke-Kaliko leather. The cabin is spacious and second and third row of seats offer air-conditioning vents, 12V charging ports and storage compartments. It comes with a choice of eight colors along with ambient mood lighting.

Hexa has four different types of driving modes Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road, which actually help to drive smoothly on all terrains.

Auto Mode – It helps the Hexa to optimize its performance, by adopting any surface condition.
Comfort Mode – It allows the Hexa to deliver specific power, allowing constant cruising speed, especially during long drives.
Dynamic Mode – With this mode, Hexa can attain maximum power and acceleration, which will be  more useful in curvy roads and while drifting with the help of Hexa’s ESP.
Rough Road Mode – This mode plays important role during the off-road drives, giving more stability, performance and better control in slippery conditions.

All these three modes are made much more interesting with new-generation Electronic Stability Program (ESP) & Torque on Demand (TOD) feature.

Besides, it offers conveniences like – a chill compartment storage, sitting above the glovebox, steering-mounted controls for audio, telephony and cruise control and a total of 29 compartment spaces. Another segment defining feature is the customizable mood lighting that changes according to the drive mode selected.

Harman Kardon’s ConnectNext infotainment system with 10 JBL speakers and companion smartphone apps to control audio, radio and ambient lighting is an interesting features in Hexa. It has 4 speakers, tweeters and 1 central speaker, sub-woofer and a 320W amplifier, which will make you feel driving a theatre.

What about Safety:

Hexa strengthens your safety with six air bags, including driver and passenger, curtains and side airbags. The Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) with rollover migration always on high alert, which constantly monitors the movement and the direction of the car. Alike other SUVs in the market, Hexa also has the ABS with EBD. Hill hold control and Hill descent control gets activated with just press of a button. Also, the Traction control system prevents excessive wheel slip, which I tested, is quite impressive.

How Comfortable Hexa is:

Tata Hexa comes with an 8-way adjustable seat-arrangement, which is perfect for shorter or taller guy with enough cabin space. The rear seats are remarkable and it has good leg room. You can get either the 6 seaters or 7 seaters based on your choice, similar to Toyota Innova. Apart from this, there is one cup-holder and a dedicated slot for smartphone.

The rear seats are well ventilated with their own AC vents. The third row is slightly smaller with a tight headroom, but it is much more comfortable than the Mahindra XUV 500. All the second row and third row has their own storage space and smart USB charging points.

Exterior is extremely important:

The tall and sturdy, masculine vehicle has all the WOW factors to attract a car lover. The most striking thing is 19inch alloy wheel with a strong well-built shoulder wheel arch claddings. These alloy wheels are perfectly matched with the classic and simple 5-spoke wheels in a two-tone black and aluminum-colored polished shade.

The other differentiating factor of Hexa is its high ground clearance of 200mm.


With it’s premium look, super quality and design, no doubt, it will give a tough fight to Mahindra XUV 500, Innova Cresta and Hyundai Creta to some extent and it can also have an impact on the sales of some compact SUVs like Renault Duster and Mahindra Scorpio. But, the success of Tata Hexa will solidly depend on the pricing and the marketing & communications strategies. In my opinion, the pricing should be in the range of Rs 10 lakh to 18 lakh. Tata Motors’ effort to break free from the old perception and accelerate the new image created after Tiago launch is seen clearly in the Hexa.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Create Magic with Berger Express Painting

Indiblogger event….can I miss it??? No Way!!!

And, that’s why last Saturday, on Dec 10, 2016,  I attended #BergerXP Indiblogger Meet at The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

It was an awesome day – personally! Met my fellow bloggers after a long time, had lots of fun with the Indiblogger and Berger team.

And…A great take away too – for my sweet home, to let people know how painting can be now an enjoyable experience with Berger!

Buying a house is still easier and but converting it into a ‘Home’ is not so easy……I am sure most of you will agree with me. First, you need to decide, how to decorate your home, whether in antique, modern or contemporary style. Then choose and pick decorative stuff and paints for the walls according to your taste, mood, from thousands of shades available in the market. Sometimes, you don’t get to see the walls according to your expectation after completion, sometimes you have to compromise with the quality and cost. And if you are doing painting of your walls as a part of renovation, the scenario is complete different again…. You will have to make friendship with dirt and dust for few days. I experienced these, many a times…So, I was quite attentive in the meet…and listened to Chandranath Banerjee, Service Head, Express Painting, Berger Paints what he confidently conveyed in his presentation.

Berger brings the solutions for all these problems, mentioned above. 

Berger has technologically advanced Express Painting! With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, cleaner and better, Express painting is….

  •  40 % faster than the age-old method of painting.
  • Trained painters for efficient and better painting.
  • Get sparkling results with Berger’s no-mess tools.
  • Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep the house dust-free!
  • Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time.
  • Berger’s certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency.
  • All these benefits and more offered at no additional cost.
So, in brief, dust-free, hassle-free, faster painting with automatic machines at no additional cost!

Lesser time + High efficiency + Better service = Cost effective! (Tweet)

Above all, Berger’s trained staff/contractors from your nearby locality help you with expert advices to get better results, for both for interior and exterior painting.

So, what the event kept in store for us apart from the knowledge giving session?

A delightful lunch, which was followed by a quick warm up session - where Karthik taught us the Zen moves (you will have to attend at least one Indiblogger event to understand that)! And then Anoop took the centerstage to start with fun activities, like Balloon Bursting by Foot.

After these activities, Chandranath Banerjee imparted his insightful session. He talked about the company, it’s reach and performance all the way. He emphasized that for last decades, the focus of Berger is on “Innovation” which makes it rank second among the top paint companies. They have been working on new ideas, taking new risks and working on continuous positive transformation. Headquartered at Kolkata, with 10 strategically located manufacturing units, Berger has about 100 offices. The company also has an international presence in four countries - Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland and Russia. During the last one year, 15000 homes have been painted using the Express Painting technique.

So, why and how is the Express Painting Process faster, cleaner, better? 

Why it is faster?
The painters, painting your home use mechanized tools, ensuring 40-50% faster than the manual method.

Why it is dust-free?
The Painters use mechanized sanders with inbuilt vacuum suction, which reduces dust generated during the sanding process. 

Why it is better?
The mechanized tools the painters use, help in better surface preparation. Thus resulting in a better finish. In addition, they use best-in-class products supplied by Berger Authorized dealers to paint your home.
Take a look at how it works!

The session was followed by some video ads, showcasing exactly how Berger Express Painting is different from the traditional process. 



After the session by Chandranath Banerjee, the team demonstrated the different tools used for interior and exterior paintings.

We were asked to make teams. I was the captain for my team, and our team name was “Paint my Love”. So, the fun continued. 

The first activity was sandpaper challenge. We were given a block of wood, coated with cement and paint. We had to make the block smooth and uniform with sandpaper in minimum time. Our face were covered with mask, we were given hand gloves and surgical cap. We took 1 mins 22 seconds to complete the task. It was quite fun! With a sandpaper in hand, we understood that cleaning and getting the wall ready for a fresh coat is not so easy as it seems. 

Another task was to create an art piece with colours.  The Berger team demonstrated  their paints, primers, and different painting equipment. Chandranath Banerjee explained us the process of mixing primer, paint and water. We were given twenty minutes to complete the task. We took a subject – “Save the environment”. And our team was the winning team for both the activities.

At last, we had the mannequin challenge and we left for our homes with a lot of memories. 

Thank you, Berger Paints and IndiBlogger for the wonderful time!

So, how can one avail the service?

You can visit Berger website or SMS XP to 56767and get their executives to help you make your house look the way you would love to see and also get hassle free services.

Change the way you paint your home with automatic machines......Go for Berger Express Painting!!!
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