Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mamma!!! I'm coming home to spend 'Time' with you!!!

The New Year Eve! The sand of the hourglass is cascading in full fury.

Time to look back....Time to take resolution for next year! Time to review the current year, and decide what I liked and what I never want to do again.

...It’s all about ‘Time’!!!

Time bears all, time heals all and time tells all. Time is allotted to us in a series of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, decades and list goes on. Time is free. But, we can’t ‘make’ more time, we can’t win time or neither can we borrow time. Once our time is spent, once that second has passed, it’s gone forever.

Remembering an Assamese song what my Dad used to sing to refer time – “Jilika Jilika Tora Aakakhar, Aaahi he jadi he kakhate pore polokote lua butoli, Hamayar tikani aag phale ure Mamma!!” (If the bright stars from the sky fall down near you, pick them up immediately, ‘Coz  time flies fast!!!)

Time is precious and spending time with family is more precious!!!

Nostalgic about my old days with my parents, relatives.....and with my few childhood friends.

Planning to revive few moments from my memory-bank.

Flying home tomorrow to start my New Year afresh!!! Excited!!!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Waiting for Godot

We came to Bangalore in October 2012. Took a rented apartment in Murgeshpalya @Rs.25K per month. As Bangalore has a trend of taking deposit of 8 months or 1 year's rent as security advance, we also happily paid 8 months rent to the owner – Mr.....Reddy! Mr. Reddy is a well reputed builder in Bangalore. He is selling his apartments in Murgeshpalya, Hebbal, Near Manyata Tech Park, Whitefield etc.

After couple of months, we shifted to our own house in April 2013.While we asked for the security money back, Mr. Reddy said that he did not have money right that time and would give us next month. The apartment which we vacated was occupied immediately. Almost everyday, there is a registration of his flats.

“Next month” has become this month, and the new year is just around the corner now,.....we are continuously following up....Mr. Reddy is still waiting for his payments...and we are  waiting for the D day when his A/C will get some money.

We have a signed paper for depositing security, we have recorded phone calls. Yes! We should think like conscious citizens, but quite apprehensive to approach a Police/ Advocate. Some questions disturbing our minds - 

  • whether we will be welcomed well by the Police to file a case against this local builder

  •  if we approach the advocate, will he be more interested to increase the weight of his own pocket

  • how much time and money we will have to spend/waste for getting our own money – our hard-earn money back    

Why we cannot approach our legal system without giving a second thought, or without any apprehension.....Is there any solution for this kind of corruption????

Still thinking......Still waiting like Vladimir and Estragon for arrival of Godot!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Charm of Delhi

Dilli-ki-Chaat!  Gajar ka halwa! Golgappas! Jalebi, Rabri or Garam gulab jamun!

The slim streets of Chandni Chawk –to get lost and be confused, with a medieval feel. 

Lose yourself to shopping in Sarojani nagar, Lajpat nagar, Khan Market, Kamlanagar or Janpath.......!!! 

Wander around Lodhi Garden in Sunday mornings. Sooth your eyes and eat delicious food at Delhi Hut on holidays. Taste ice cream at India Gate in the mid-night hours.....(but ofcourse never go alone)!!!

And top of it, the Dilli ki Sardi!!! Sip a cup of tapori wala garam chai with pakodas while coming back from office. Take a walk in the misty evenings through the white-laced streets....feel like singing “Pari hu me.....”, go to the nearby Dhobi aunti to get a fire–doze!! Organize a barbeque party in the new year!! 

Literally, missing Delhi badly!!! Passing 11 years in this capital made me feel like home. 

Bangalore is an amazing place to live in.  Though the weather of Bangalore is mind-blowing with no winter, no summer......the charm of Delhi’s winter is unmatched!!!! (Excuse me for not thinking about the bitter winter for the homeless....at this point of time.)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Education matters....

It was the Year–end of 2000. Recession period started. Aaruv completed his BE in Mechanical Engineering from a well recognized Engineering College in Assam. Not getting a good job, he decided to pursue MBA in Delhi with a hope that the BE and an MBA degree together could probably lead up to a dazzling career.

Recession continued. Aaruv could not rely on the Campus interviews in completion of MBA. Started applying jobs here and there. One fine day, received a call for an interview... and ultimately selected as a sales and marketing executive of a good kitchen appliances manufacturing company. Only Aaruv can tell you what kind of feeling he had, how excited he was, getting his first job,  kick starting his career.....as if world was at his feet....stepping into the dreamed world.

First day in office. Aaruv reached in time. Infact before time. He was extremely excited and energetic to join his first job. He had already planned how he would spend his first salary, and also decided to give double effort to have more incentives. He was firm that he would buy one guitar for himself from his first salary.  

Aaruv was asked to sit in the reception. The receptionist was very cordial. She offered coffee to him. He observed that the office must have a very good corporate culture. Every employee, he had seen was wearing formal attire. Most of them were wearing tie too, like him. His offer letter also instructed that all employees should wear corporate/formal dress. 

Next to the reception, he suddenly saw few guys gathered in a room. Somebody gave some instructions for few minutes and then played loud music. Daler Mehendi was put to high decibels...seemed the guys were cheering and burning the floor. It continued till 15 minutes or so. After sometimes, there was silence. Aaruv was invited to join the group. The lead introduced himself to him as a qualified Engineer  and then introduced Aaruv to everyone. All greeted him well. The lead told him that this was a daily exercise before they start the day, to kick up their motivation and spirit for whole the day and bring positive energy. Then he asked Aaruv to accompany one of the teams to learn how to do sales and marketing.

So, expedition started. 

It was a crazy summer day in Delhi. The team of four boarded in a city bus. Two team members were carrying two boxes. They were really in high spirit....had been saying all praising words for the team lead....and general challenges they faced daily etc. They got down in Vasant Kunj bus stand and reached one gated community. The teamlead said, “Let’s not enter from the main gate, security personnel will not allow us to enter. There is broken wall nearby the dhobi shop. Let’s try that.” All followed him.

All were successful in entering the campus through the broken wall. The team lead said ‘hello’ to the dhobi too, showing his acquaintance and proving his frequency in visits. 

The first house. Just before putting finger on the calling bell, the teamlead asked to open the boxes. They were “Pressure Cookers” of two different designs. The team lead reminded everyone to behave like a Management student so that they can attack the soft corner of the prospects and silently repeated the sentence “We are Management students and doing a project. This is a high end product launched by…….company. The selling will help us getting good marks.”

The team lead rang the calling bell. One lady opened the door. The lead just started the crammed sentence –“We are Management students ………company……”

Dhuuuuu……ung……!!!!!!!! The lady closed the door. 

The teamlead consoled the others, “This is very normal. You need to be strong enough to be a sales & marketing professional.”

Next house. Ranged the bell. One old gentleman opened the door, started scolding, “Don’t you  have any other work than disturbing others. If needed, we will go to the market to buy these stuff, why I will buy from you…….!!” ……

Dhuuuuu…..ung………!!!!!!!!  Shut the door on their faces.

Aaruv was holding one Pressure Cooker that time. 

The team lead declared a cigarette break.....probably Wills Flake...the cheapest.....HUH still to hit target...no looking back...

Aaruv was hungry, frustrated and confused - did this profile really require the combination of BE and MBA degree??? 

His conscience was saying…. “Run…..Run……Run away Aaruv……….” 
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