Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A tale of 102 Roses on my First Wedding Anniversary

4 PM. 28th July, 2008. I was in a mood to finish my work very rapidly. My colleagues, Arathi, Ritika, Subha, Amit, Aaraj, all were puzzled what happened to me that day….wondered who had pushed on my SMART BUTTON.

At 4:30 PM, I rushed to New Friends’ colony flower market, straight from the office. I was at max speed at shops. Could not accelerate more than this, no space to waste even 5 mins. Quickly bought a cake… pineapple cake, his favourite.

Picked up a few colourful papers and chocolates from nearby stationary shop. I already had bought a Titan Watch last week from South Ex.

My unconscious mind was continuously ringing a bell that I would have to reach home by 6:30 PM at least, as he might come home anytime after 7 PM.

But, oh…suddenly, it started lightening, and I could sense as if there would be a heavy thunderstorm… Gradually, the sky became murky, dark, and the wind eventually taking its speed to be stormy…

Luckily, I reached home exactly at 6:28 PM. Took all the stuff carefully from my car and kept all of them at my secret corners.

In few minutes, it started pouring cats and dogs. For few minutes, there was a hailstorm too. I dialed his number. He was still in office, could not talk to me; Disconnected the phone after conveying the message that he was busy in a meeting and would be little late.

Finally, most important task remained, was to copy the long poem on a colourful paper, which I had written for the special occasion. I penned it down quickly, put it in a lovely envelop and kept under the mattress. I kept the Titan watch, wrapped in a glittered box, under the bed. The cake, I put inside the wardrobe very carefully, along with a  beautiful candle and a match box. Two red roses in a flower vase, I kept behind the dressing table.

It was 8 PM. The kitchen time for the belly service for the special dinner! I bought Cheetol Maas while coming back from New Friends’ colony community centre. And, food was ready by 9 PM.

All set as per plan. Everything, I was doing sooo fast….Thank God, it was Friday!

It was still raining heavily. I switched on the TV. NDTV, Zee News, Aaj Tak, all were showing that there were heavy traffic jam everywhere in Delhi because of the rain.

9:30 PM. I called him up. He told me that he had just started from Connaught Place.

11 PM. The calling bell rang. I opened the door. He took almost two hours to travel just a 10 km distance.

“It was heavy traffic jam! Hey….I am extremely tired and hungry…..Is dinner ready?”

“Yep….everything…. I mean, all set…”

Quickly, I set up the dining table. He freshened up and started grabbing the dinner as if he was hungry for many days…..

“How is the Cheetol maas?” I had to ask as it was his favourite fish.

“Oh…was it Cheetol maas? Sorry, I didn’t realise..”  Aaah!!!...My effort went in vain…But, I wondered being a Bong and a pro in recognizing fishes, what happened to him. I tasted the fish once again, it was fine and tasty.

He quickly finished his food and in no time reached the bed. It’s really an unusual scenario, as he always helped me in settling the kitchen after dinner.

I finished my kitchen chores and went to the bed room, where I could see him snoring…..

I consoled myself ….”No worry, Madhu…. you got good amount of time to arrange everything. He might had a bad and busy day, and the heavy traffic made him extremely tired….. Madhu, Empathy! Empathy! Sympathy!”

I put one bright table-cloth on a movable table.

Suddenly, the calling bell rang. I looked at the wall clock – It was 12 Mid-night!

Another bell!!!

I maintained silence…

Another bell…

He got up from the bed, an expression of wrath was clearly visible in his face…

Went to the living room, opened the door without peeping through the door hole.

“Are you Mr. Das?”

“Yes, tell me..”

“This bouquet is for you”

“No, no, I didn’t order any bouquet… Sorry! Wrong address.”

Mr. Das was almost to close the door…

“No Sir, this is for you… from your wife, Happy Anniversary, Sir!”

“OK…” He took the bunch of 100 roses from the guy, closed the door, kept it on the dining table and came back to the bed room with empty hands…

“Happy Anniversaryyyyyyy!!!!!” I wished him with my 32 teeth smile… with full excitement. I was ready with the Cake and had lit the candle too. I thought to give the gifts one after another after cutting the cake….

I could see his red eyes…undoubtedly, even in the candle light…

He somehow managed to stand for a while, he hold the knife and was in hurry to cut the cake. I hold his hand, we hastily cut the cake, and I put one piece into his mouth. He took the bite and fell on the bed immediately….restarted his snoring within half a minute.

I ate one piece by myself….kept the cake in the refrigerator. Didn’t find anything to do other than sleeping.

Next morning.

He woke me up. I saw him sitting next to me with a euphoric smile, holding a tray with two cups of tea, two pieces of cake and the bouquet of 100 roses which he had received from me last night.

My eyes fell down on those 2 roses I kept on the table while cutting the cake previous night, as if they were giving a sarcastic smile on me…..

Now, it was my turn- THE DRAMA QUEEN, closed my eyes again to show as if I still felt sleepy, actually tried to figure out…… what should be my next reactions and actions…..

To be continued in my next wedding anniversary…… ;) 

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