My Poetry

Elder say, in the morning, firstly see Green Trees,
Open the window to feel the breeze..
To soothe your eyes, To soothe your mind.
Walk with bare foot on the green grass,
Smell some flowers before you rush to do your routine tasks.

But now, what surround us?
Broken bottles, broken pieces of glass,
Pieces of burnt cigarettes and polythene on the grass
Jungle of trees lost its true implication,
Jungle of concrete is the new connotation    

Woods are mostly gone, who give you clean air to breathe
All healthy trees are gone because of greed…
Inorganics are sprayed on your food,
Dry air play with your mood...

There still many things to do,
But do you really care with the things around you?
It’s the time to usher
To get a toxic free future
Otherwise, when the last tree is cut,
You will realize that money can’t save your earth.

Nothing gonna change my love for you

Nothing last forever, Nothing remain same  
Time make the Change, brings happiness or pain.

Near or far, wherever you are,
Nothing gonna change my love for you,
You are my love forever.

Keep me loving, for me, Nothing else matter
I feel blessed, ‘Mom’ when you utter

One thing you can be sure of that
I'll never ask for more than that

The world may change....
May face ups and down in life,
But I will always be there to keep you away from any strife.

Nothing gonna change my love for you, my son!!!  

Jack of All Trades

I said let’s modify the religion, he said, "Don't try to go to the prison."
I said move faster, he said, "Tortoise are the winner."
I asked him to enjoy the day, he said, "I am learning to enjoy how to pay."
When I talked about a night, he said, "Why can't you enjoy the bright."
I was talking about a fable, he just gave me an example
I talked about food, he said, "Do yoga, be slim, get into the mood."
When I wanted to take rest, he said, "Go to doc to do the test."
When I  wanted to listen to my soul, he said, "Be practical, look at the goal”
When I said that its all about my fate, he suggested me to be the Jack of all trades…..

A Touch

Your Touch is divine….
Your Touch is benign

Your  Touch is a protection
Your Touch shows unlimited affection

Your Touch is a relief….
Your Touch fortifies all my beliefs

Your Touch gives me strength to face fear
With a gentle touch you can wipe away all my tears

Your Touch has heavenly warmth
No matter, whether its winter or summer

Your shoulder is always there for me to lean on
You are a person whom always I can rely upon

Nothing is greater than a mother's touch
No one else can love me this much

Nothing in the world is more luxurious than a touch of Mother
A Mother's lap is so peaceful place, than any other....

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How the years pass by,
How the time can fly……
In a glimpse, your crawling paws became ten toes…
Your long pants don’t go beyond knees
….One day you will tie your shoes by your own
Cut your bread and spread the cheese all alone
Not you will need my help in climbing the hill
Dad’s shoulder rides will not be required to watch the shows
Mc Queen, Super Man fantasy will be replaced with the images of Hollywood's Hottest Hunks
…..I know the day will come
when you will do these things alone.
Those days are not so far……
My love, my Child!!! I don’t want to miss even a single day
from now until you've grown….
To show you my love, affection….motherhood…..



Many Many Happy Returns of the Day

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Five years back… who knew we would be a perfect duo ?

With the world we fought;  We tied our sweet knot.

So many stories, so much happiness, so much laughter, with a multitude of emotions…

With the life song, the rhythm goes on…

You make me happy in so little time, make me forget all worries with your naughty rhymes…

Win my heart with your erudite advices, ofcourse make me angry with your ‘Naipia’ defiances.

I hate being away from you, and together I want to make everyday a new!

l want to see your face first when I wake up, want your hand to make every occasion light up.

Somebody said, ‘Fights increases love’. So, we will keep fighting please…. But, Hey! I will never forget to remind you all those promises to keep! Continue to tell you that you are no longer in love with me, And keep loving me…..the same way you were years ago and used to see me!

Now, don’t know what to present you…on our fifth year of love..our connubial life. I could not buy anything, ’coz you made me so dependable wife.

On this occasion, these are the few words I just wanted to covey! And wanna say – I love you then…I love you now, and my love is growing day by day!!!

Happy Anniversary to My Love and My Better Half!!!

Our Baby is Turning One!

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A year ago, we welcomed our love Kavyanil
Nervously and with joy unlimited…
Two tiny feet, ……Now those run like a drunkard…
Two tiny hands,…..those pull our hair….
A delightful little face, ……that compels us to smile
Ten tiny fingers….. those always want to play & never stop exploring the wonders of today…
His laughs and smiles, pouts and tears!
He crawled and fell his way upright….
We smiled with joy, a lovely sight!
Suddenly we realized… has it been a year?
With a blink of an eye, yes…he turns ONE!
These two little feet, One little child,
Will soon go their own way,
But we want to keep the footprints of the first year in our mind recall…
We want you to bless him for a Wonderful Tomorrow!!!!


With a Hope ….

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With great passion and energy…
I am just eagerly waiting for your arrival my Baby…
You will give birth to a Mother in me….
Open a new chapter in my life
I wanna bring the stirrings within to fruition
I wanna feel like a mom…
I wanna see the world from a new angle…
And take my life to a new level.





A New Life is Waiting…

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It is so exciting
A new life is in the offing…
It was not an easy time…
To carry you in my womb
But I always hoped that there would be a beautiful tomorrow
And you will come into my life and take away all my miseries and sorrow
Bind me closer with my life, to whom I belong
And always keep me strong.
You will open a window
Illumine my mind and soul
And with your arrival,
Yes….it’s the YOU that will make me whole
Now, inviting you with emotion
With power I had never known
To give you unchained affection
Because you are my very own.



Waiting for the Ecstasy

Eagerly waiting for you little one…
I feel blessed when u kick me
I feel mesmerized when u hit me…
You took me right out of the blue …
By resting in my womb…
Now come out soon…
Will nurture you with love in tons…




Timeless Bonding

It was not into my ear you whispered, but into my mind.
It was not my eyes you peeped, but my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
O’ Dear, you stirred up the fire of love with snow.
Quenched the fire of adoration with words.
Tied  me in a Timeless Bonding….
Now, when I awake it’s you who make me strong.
I feel blessed, when I think that you will be with me all along.

Confessing my ‘Love’

Do you know what I do
When you are not near?
…I close my eyes…….
Feel you near
Allow thoughts to flow
Cherish the moments
We passed together….
Warm thoughts of yours
Make me smile
A feel of your tender kiss
Make my worries disappear
….I feel I need nothing more than this
From my life…..
When I think you will be Always mine….
Recall your promise
To be with me forever in my life
Till the end of time….!!
I need nothing more than this….
From my life….



Life goes on…

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Who can resist disasters?
Sometimes, they take our mothers and fathers
Our babies and children
Our brothers and sisters
But does the life stop there…?
Life goes on….
Some walk off from millions to nothing
Some climb from nothing to massive
And…Life goes on…

Hard times are never for long
They just frighten and darken people without any faith
And so you got to be strong…

Love and live by being positive in any situation
Bring optimism to any condition
Even in the darkest moment of your life
Look for the brighter side
But the determinant for success or outcome is Action….
Stick with the unstoppable willpower…
And chant ‘Happiness’ and savour your great Life’s expedition…


The Bhatinda Days

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If I could keep time in a bottle
What I’d have done…is
Put all time closed in it…
Spend all the time with you…
Hold you till infinity passes away…
If words could make wishes come true
I’d have said all good things always …
If I had a box just for wishes…
I’d have kept all bad wishes and dreams there
And just thrown it out in the sea…
But… most of our important days, I have to just envision you …
Your eyes radiating warmth, joy and vibrance …
…just in my imagination
Keeping tender feelings in my heart
Remembering your lovely smile….
Now, I want one promise from you….that…
I will get to see the sparkle of your eyes
Feel the tender warmth of your smile
The small tilt of your head…
Protecting me, holding me close
Not in dream…or on phone…
But in utter reality…..
Will you my Love ?


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