Saturday, July 10, 2021

A Higgledy Piggledy Story

The sophisticated 5 bedroom home was approximately 4,500 square feet, located at one of the most coveted and beautifully tree-lined blocks of the luxurious society. Natural warmth and charm abounded in the light flooded four stories home.

I ranged the doorbell. A huge well-crafted face of a tiger was well embossed on the door to dignify royalty. A well dressed maid opened the grand door. She took me through the garden floor, an entry foyer, into a charming double-roof heighted sitting room. The fragrance of Rajnigandha flowers suddenly hit me sweetly, but severely. I could see an open eat-in country kitchen complete with a wood burning fireplace, featuring sunlight pouring through glass doors which open out onto a beautiful foot landscaped garden. She took me towards a restored and elegant mahogany wood staircase which led to the library in the first floor and upper four floors, while there was a capsule elevator just off the entrance.


There was a library in the corner with built-in bookshelves and few cosy chairs. Southern light poured in through floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the garden. 

The maid asked me to sit on a comfy chair near the bookshelf. I thought of on-looking at the books beautifully stacked in the shelves.

The maid brought a glass of smoothie along with a few delicious cookies. 

“Ma’am will take a few more mins to come. Please feel home.” The maid stated with a nice smile.

“What’s your name?” I could not help asking her.


“Such a lovely name…You look like from North eastern states! Are you by any chance?”

“Yes Ma’am, I am from Assam.” 

I just saw Lalitha coming from the opposite side.

“Heyyyyy Zitaa….the charming lady! How are you? Thanks for coming……Sooo happy to see you!!” Lalitha hugged me softly. 

Lalitha was wearing a light pink lenin saree and a big bindi, opening her straight hair to the back. I thought how lucky she was, possessing such a beautiful house in the prime location of Bangalore.

We had met in a Social Media conference a few weeks back and then onwards talked on phone and on whatsapp a few times. She told me that she had a beautiful terrace above her house, which she wanted to rent for some cultural programs. She was in search of an interior decorator. While she came to know that I had an experience of ten years in interior designing, she asked me if I could give it a try.

Lalitha took me to the terrace. Quite a wide space! In a corner, there was a small garden with a green cloth roof, having few outdoor cosy chairs, hanging lanterns, terracotta decoratives etc. I was quite excited to see the space, so much could be done.

“Lalitha….I can’t find any reason to say ‘No’ to decorate this space. I would love to start the work ASAP. I am really excited now, looking at the place.” I instantly said.

“Awesome dear……. So great to feel that you will be doing the space. Now we have another reason to be connected.” Laitha’s bright words… 

We came down to the leisure room. With a 75 inches TV, home theatre and a low height 6 seater warm sofa made me feel almost sleepy. We had coffee and started discussing what could be done. We planned for the base design and post that, discussed how to do marketing about the space.

Almost an hour and half flew away so quickly. Lalitha’s 8 yrs. son – Niyor was back from his Piano class. 

“Ma’am, food is ready.” Rameen came and invited us for brunch. 

It was almost 11:30 AM, on a Sunday.

We went to the dining hall. Wow! Such a gorgeous dining hall. Beautiful fresh red roses and a big bunch of Rajnigandha flowers were increasing the beauty and elegance of the eight-sitter dining table.

I have a different connection with the Rajnigandha flowers… it makes me nostalgic for a while whenever I see or smell it, takes me to the days when Shyamal used to send me Rajnigandha bunches regularly as teens.


“I can see Rajnigandha flowers all over your home. The fragrance is really mesmerizing….” I just wanted to appreciate.

“It’s my hubby’s favourite flower. He loves the fragrance. Along with him, we are also falling in love with this flower.” Lalitha replied with a beautiful smile.

Requesting me to sit for a while, Lalitha went inside a room to call her husband. She wanted me to introduce with her husband, though I was a bit hesitant, shy, but anxious about how he would be…. how he would behave, being such a rich person, top-notch entrepreneur. I missed enquiring about him in social media, nor I asked Lalitha his name. 

I was talking to Niyor, telling him about my 5 yrs. old son. He was quite excited to meet my son. Niyor was asking me many questions regarding my son’s choice about legos, hotwheels etc. etc.

Lalitha was back. A tall man with kurti was following her. 

But, why my eyes suddenly started blinking faster, sight became blurry…..My nerves became weak…. I stood somehow….

I could not believe my eyes. Yes! He looked almost the same, might be,he gained some extra kilos. I felt like as if he still has some questions in his eyes….Yes! He was Shyamal.

I heard from someone long back that he became a big business man, started his own technology company. He was my first boyfriend in college and university for 4 years. I dumped him for Rahul. I still remember the day when he came and cried in front of me that he won’t be alive without me. But, I was not listening to him. I was firm and clear that we won’t be able to carry forward the relationship. Rahul was far more energetic, naughty, vibrant than Shyamal. He was carrying a bunch of Rajnigandha that day too…

“Meet my husband – Shyamal.” I was back to reality with Lalitha’s words.

We shook hands, neither he nor me revealed that we knew each other. We talked little. But, I came to know that Lalitha used to work in Shyamal’s company before their wedding. 

I came back home with a mixed bag of feelings, confusion whether I should proceed with the project. But, I was in need. I decided to be realistic and practical. I decided to carry on my project.

I was lying on my bed in the evening. My son was still playing with his friends in the field. Rahul became very different. He was yet to return from his regular weekend party. Probably, he was a bit frustrated as he was still struggling to accelerate his corporate career.


Time was running fast. I started thinking about what to cook for dinner. 

Suddenly my phone rang. Probably, it would be a phone call from the Pub manager or Rahul’s friend, saying that someone needed to pick Rahul as he was fully drunk.

Oops! It was an unknown number.

“Hey Zitaa! It’s Shyamal.”

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to reply…..

“So nice to see you today at my home….. Sorry! I could not talk to you in my wife’s presence.”

“That’s okey Shyam!”

“I stole your number from Lalitha. Please don’t let her know…. And I just wanted to compliment you, you still looked the same Zitaa, my Zitaa. Hope to meet you soon.”

I felt like I was falling deep through a dark tunnel…..didn’t know what was waiting on the other side – darkness or brightness.


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