Saturday, November 20, 2021

My Missions with Valvion

The First Book of my 10-year-old son – “My Missions with Valvion”!

A couple of months back.

The pandemic was in peak; lockdown was going on everywhere. We almost forgot where our door keys were lying.

Kavyanil, my son, was promoted to Class V in June, this year. His online classes are over by 1:45 PM. Now, the big question arose those days  – What to do after the classes?

Poor boy! What he would do as none of his friends in the society came out to play!  Harry Potter, Wimpy Kids, Geronimo Stilton – all books he finished which were sitting in the book corner of the house.

“Mamma, can I play Roblox now, please?” a question I had to face in every few hours of interval. He used to get “Yes” from me two or three times in a day with a disclaimer – “Play! But, only for one hour!”

Interestingly, whenever he saw me being busy in my meetings, he never missed those chances. He would stand silently in front of me with both the hands joint (Namaskar) and make an innocent face, “Can I play computer games, please, Mamma!” And, I didn’t have any option or time to argue with him other than saying “Yes!”

Ooh! It was really tough to manage his time. One thing I started doing, I made him write his diary before going to bed. I felt good. But, gradually, I observed, he hardly took 5 or 6 mins to finish his writing.

I wondered and asked him what actually he used to write. I had to invade his personal stuff. And I found out that everyday, same sentences were repeated.

Alas! I understood his issue. No new thing was happening, so the poor diary had to bear the same stuff. So, Kavyanil happily did the no-brainer work! In computer language, “Copy and Paste”! 😊

I changed my mind. I forced him to write about his imagination, fantasy. And it worked!

Kavyanil started jotting down his imaginations in his diary, which eventually turned out to be his first book. Thanks to @Notionpress which was ready to publish the book.

I am really excited to share this with all of you! Please do bless him, and wish him luck in his writing journey.

Here are a few reviews from readers:

A review from Akshat Sharma, a student of Class IX :

A review from Zoey,  a student of Class VI:

And, a video message from Kavyanil :

You can buy the book at : : : : Notionpress: About the book : The story is about a boy, Neal, who was out of school and took some time to understand what profession suited him the best. After travelling many places across the globe, Neal joined a secret organization – “Valvion” as a special force official and took up many adventurous missions across different geographies. Being the protagonist, Neal depicted his thrilling experiences how he helped different government organizations and countries in fighting against criminality, fraud & insecurity. Read how Neal cracked the code of “The Presler” in San Francisco, caught Volta Seers in Dubai, neutralized Dr. James in the Icy Lab in Canada while making harmful potion, hacked intel in Egypt, defused underwater bombs in the Golden Gate Bridge, partnered with ’Cankillian’ to get Robots to fight with a large Spaceship and much more… Also, do you want to know what kind of high-end cars and armory he possessed? Jump into the reading voyage... Sing with us the slogan of Valvion:
“Yaayyy!! We will, We will, Rock!
Fight for Good, round the Clock!
We’re the invincible Flock!!”


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