Thursday, April 30, 2015

Five little concerns and measures can help us contribute towards our Mother Earth

Mother Earth is calling not for much….but just for Few little thoughts,  Few little deeds, Few little concerns, Few little measures……to save Her…to show our love for Her.

What are few things we can do on daily basis....

1.   Decomposition for organic food in kitchen gardenWe should not throw out food scraps or some other stuff like papers, tea bags. Instead, we can compost them and turn them into rich, nutritious soil that can be used to nourish our garden - or donate to someone else who will be able to use it for theirs.

There are many ways to compost; some compost mixtures allow for items like meat and dairy to be included, while others are strictly for fruit and vegetable scraps. To start a basic compost pile, save these items: Green items, which break down quickly, like raw vegetable or fruits peelings, coffee or tea, grass cuttings, leaves etc. and brown items, which break down slowly, like sticks and branches, paper, cardboard, eggshells, sawdust etc.

2.    Take cloth or reusable bag to shopThis will greatly trim down the amount of waste you bring into your house. No matter where you're shopping, you can bring your own reusable cloth bags instead of accepting plastic bags from the store. Plan ahead by purchasing several reusable bags and storing them where you won't forget to bring them along next time you go shopping, like in your kitchen or in the trunk of your car.

Using cloth bags isn't limited to grocery shopping. Take one along when you go shopping for clothes, tools, or any other items you may need.

3.    Decorative itemsSome waste stuff can be used as a home decor items. Painting or engraving some decorative bits and pieces can be used to beautify.

4.    Use online, reduce paper use Using computers can save you the headache of having to sort through piles of papers. Go paperless when it comes to bills; choose to pay them online instead.Consider reading your news online instead of having a newspaper delivered to your house. Take measures to stop junk mail from overflowing your mailbox.

5.  Switch off engine in traffic jamWe all stuck in traffic jam while going out, may be while going to office or market or visiting some relatives. We should be extremely conscious to switch off the engine when not required.

Let's save our Mother Earth... 

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