Thursday, October 16, 2014

Painting an Assamese Marriage in short through my Sis wedding

"Ei dhunia godhuli lagan......hangjam hin aasaran...
Samaj ar majate niyam bhangi kiya duyu duyute magan.....!!!!"

Evergreen Assamese song..... beautifully describes the euphoric feeling of two souls uniting....!!!

'Biya' in Assamese - Wedding is a most significant event in everyone's life. An auspicious occasion,  everyone wants to do so much fun and keep the memories of that day alive for whole life! 

Like every other Indian wedding, an Assamese wedding has its own elusiveness and elegance. Let me show you its ritual in short through my sister's marriage pics -

Mehendi : First step towards the D' day....

Robha :

Morol:  Decorate the Puja place.

Aaam dali gatha:  Tie the Mango Leaves garland in the entrance and all the doors.

Paani tula: The mothers of the bride and the groom gather holy water for the ceremonial bath of the bride.

Ceremonial bath :

Juron : This is the main pre-wedding ceremony. The groom’s mother along with the other members of the family arrive at the bride’s house, usually one or two days prior to the wedding. On their way, traditional wedding songs (called biya naam) are sung. At the entrance, the groom’s party is greeted warmly by the bride’s mother and other relatives amidst sounds of ululations.

All set for Juron :

Click the group pic for memory :

Welcoming the groom party :

Start the Rituals :

Bride is taken to the Morol (Mondap):

Put her in front of the Mirror, which is never used again.

Pose for pic!!! :)

Ritual starts. The groom's relatives start putting Sindur and start gifting the clothes, ornaments and all other necessary items to the bride. Brings food and dress for the bride's mother too...

After the gifting session, bride takes blessing from the bhakat, aged and ancestors.

Next day- Rest Day: Murot Tel Dia : All ladies gather for another bridal shower. All sing biya naam, give oil on Bride's hair using her finger ring. A glittering musical night is organised:

The D' day : Biya : Once the wedding day arrives, the bride starts her preparation to be the Centre of Attraction.

The brides friends are also no behind!

Once they are ready for the reception, special dish (jalpan) is offered to both of them:

And the reception begins.....

In the evening, while the groom arrives, all bride's party blocks their way with bamboo and start singing, dancing to tease the other party and also asks for some amount. The grooms party also replies with through their songs, dancing. But ultimately has to pay some amount to the bride's party:

Both the parties throw rice on each other. The groom's friend holds an umbrella to save the groom.

The groom is welcomed by the cousin of the bride. She washes his feet and in exchange she gets some amount from the groom.

Welcoming session starts....

The groom doesn't walk to the Mondop. He is carried by bride's relative, no matter whatever weight he has....

The bride is taken to the Mondap for all the rituals:

The bride's father does the Kanyadaan :

After the rituals, fun time starts....They are taken inside. Lots of games are played. It is predicted that whoever wins will be dominating:

And then the bidaai....throwing rice to the backside.....

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