Friday, June 6, 2014

Create a virtual Roh ghar with ASUS Transformer T100

I am an Assamese. I belong to a royal dynasty –called ‘Ahom’. I still feel proud to say that I am an Ahom, though it’s now under Other Backward Class (OBC) and I got married to a Bong guy.

There is a very popular word in Ahom dynasty – ‘Roh ghar’. Roh ghar means a room for showing your anger. If someone is furious, if wify is angry with her hubby, or if somebody has some demands and not getting it, it’s not tough for them to show in this concept. Just enter into the Roh ghar, silently sit on your fury, and if someone wants to talk to u, talk from the window. When your anger vanishes, feel hungry or if your husband is able to convince you, come out of the room and be happy. 

It’s not so easy ofcourse, instead a tough time and task for both the parties – the person who is inside the room and who is outside. I heard, many times, adamant guys used to stay three/four days without food inside the room. And if the wify is not cooking, hubby and children have to suffer for not getting proper food, outside the Roh ghar.

So, though I sometimes miss a Roh ghar and plan for one, I wonder is this a great concept for the current era?? 

Now a days, you don’t have enough time to fight and stay in the Roh Ghar.’Coz you will have to take leave from the office. Your CL /PL will be wasted. 

Entertainment stuff are not allowed in Roh ghar. So, you can’t take your mobile phone, tablet, fablet laptop, thus can’t chat on GTalk, cant update your mood on Facebook, neither you can laugh on the Whatsapp jokes.

Above all, you need a separate well designated room. So, you need to buy a big realstate keeping Roh Ghar in mind! 

So, what can be a great alternate option? What can we do when we are angry/ frustrated?

Really!!! Now, time transformed.

We can use Technology! Technology! Technology!

Buy an ASUS Transformer T100 ( !!! Yes, buy an ASUS Transformer T100 and get ADATA 16 GB MicroSD Class 10 card Free, put some latest movies, favourite music, download all lovely, trendy apps and games. Go wherever you want to or be in a room and pass couple of hours with this 2-In-1 Ultraportable Laptop With 10-Inch Tablet, I am sure you will not realize where and how your toxin has evaporated. 

Try that out! Create a virtual Roh ghar!!!! Satisfaction gurnateed!!! 

*Note : This blog is written for ASUS.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Environment Day is on 5th June

Monika said, “Tumhari tou lottery lag gayi yaar!!!”, when I told her that I would be shifting to Bangalore.

‘Pensioner’s paradise’, ‘Garden City’, ‘AC City’….so many terms, my colleagues/ friends used to refer Bangalore. I felt myself very lucky.

I shifted to Bangalore in October, 2012. It was a pleasant winter. Nice weather. I proudly showed my friends/ kith and kins how we were spending our days and nights without using heavy blankets, jackets, full sweater, through Skype, clicking photographs, uploading in Facebook, Flickr, Instagram.

I heard, in Bangalore, summer stays only for two months – February and March. In 2013, summer duration was a bit longer than the previous year, people said.

But what, now in 2014, the season’s duration is increasing …… No rain…Scorching heat in the day time, as if the AC city is trying to compete with many other cities to reach Delhi’s level soon…

Is this called Biodiversity??? Look around, you will get the answer……

Very less number of trees in most of the areas of the city……People are cutting trees for building their villas….beautifying/replacing with beautiful flower pots. Builders are constructing big residential complexes, cutting the forests, trees….having no concern of global warming! They will buy ACs to beat the heat!!! If needed, they will install one AC per room…it’s a sign of luxury, aristocracy in a way!!!

Just drive through the HAL road and then drive through the outer ring road, electronic city, MG road…..You will feel the difference….you can easily count how many trees are there….

Can’t we take a step forward to save our Mother Earth…???

We all complain about things that are wrong around us. Don’t you think, the possibility of doing something more than complaining, or waiting for someone else to fix things, is way more empowering?

This moment is critical. The time is now to take action to protect the Earth.

Making a big difference can start with a small step.

Environment Day is on 5thJune. I am planning some plantation....are you???
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