Saturday, September 1, 2012

Driving through the Delhi roads

I am not a bad driver….I am sure, atleast better than Michael Schumacher! J

Schumacher drives in lane, I can drive in narrow bylanes. Schumacher drives in a free road, I can drive in crowded roads… He drives when people cheers, I can drive through people who love living on the edge.

I am an employee of a nice organization which offers flexible timing. So, I usually go to office just after the common office rush timing. But…so many red lights (Ofcourse traffic signals! J) I have to bump into, all the way of 14 kilometres road : Delhi to Noida! 

Such a week day, as usual, I started for office dressing as a gentle lady wearing nicely pressed cotton Saree. After crossing DND Flyway, I faced the first red light at Rajnigandha. I have the habit of switching off the engine in traffic signals as a conscious citizen J, so I did so. Suddenly, my car started shaking…..I wondered what happended all of a sudden…I looked at the other cars which were in front, left and right side, and thought was there any earthquake. After a small break of few seconds, it again started shaking…! I looked back….saw an Indica trying to fit in the gap between my car and the other car standing in my right side. When it could not fit in, again it went back….

I saw in my side rear mirror, my car got injured badly…. White stretch mark on my Maroon car! I got down, just opened my mouth to scold them, but then saw that the driver was looking like a Daako of Kabristan….He was accompanied by four men. The Indica probably met many accidents already in its last many years. Though I was very angry and wanted to shout very loud, I lowered my voice and just asked why he did that, couldnot he assumed that there was not enough space. He just gestured with his hand which indicated, “What’s a big issue? What is done, cant be undone! And now just move ahead!”…….. By that time, it was green light, all vehicles in my back started whistling continuously……I could not do anything except silently sit on my car and move ahead with a sorrowful and defeated mind. After few seconds, the indica intentionally overtook me and all those guys sitting in it just shouted something and tried to make mockery on me. Once I thought to note down the number and complaint to the police, but then thought what will be the result…nothing…just will extend the case, so left that idea. 


Have you ever seen hardly any vehicle, taxi, bus, auto-rickshaw without a single dent, in Delhi? I can bet on that. If you are extremely lucky, and your car is without any scar, be very careful, somebody at least from your society is eying on it, and someday while you are relaxing in your bed, the task will be done.  You will get to see next day, and you will shout for nothing!!!

In Delhi, everyone drive according to his/her own wish. All seems in a big rush. Once, you are in the driver’s seat, you are a warrior. One hand on horn, one on cell-phone, loud music, foot on accelerator, eyes on female bystanders : that’s a common habit of the drivers.

People need no reason for honking. They honk when they start the car. They honk when there is nobody on the road. They honk when they find somebody to ask for overtake. They honk when they overtake the vehicle. Honk is louder when a red light turns into green at the traffic signals. And the list goes on…

Traffic signals are rich of scenic affairs. Bikes zigzag between cars and buses, trying to get into the front. Cars do not care about lane lines and invade into any free space. Beggars and hawkers weave around the vehicles. And when the traffic light turns green a thousand impatient horns go off. If you are late in reving up your engine, you get countless glares coming your way.


Another day, my husband and me both went to one of my relative’s place in Faridabad. While coming back, it was quite late. My husband was driving comfortably as the road was free enough and we were belly full with delicious dinner. Suddenly, a car was behind us…continuosly putting horn to give a side. I looked back and saw, a Sardarjee was driving accmpanied by another guy. We were driving in the side lane. The road was four lane wide. We just wondered why the car was continuosly honking. We acceleared the speed, but the car behind also put into the same momentum…in this way we atleast crossed 2 kilometres. Then we thought to give a side by shifting to an another lane. The car now overtook us, driving through the same lane he was driving. While overtaking, on the contrary, he shouted at us! Strange!

It’s totally a discordant anarchy. Heavy traffic, poor infrastructure and absence of a road culture are bringing out the worst in drivers.

If somebody yet to take this quintessential experience, take a drive down in the capital of the country! All the Best!
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