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Assamese Traditional Jewelry

There is something eternally endearing about jewelry. Jewelry is one kinda product which can proudly claim – “Age no bar!” , “Culture no bar!”, “Geography no bar!”

We love to flaunt our jewelry in our office, functions, different occasions and while your colleague, friend or relative praise what you are wearing, don’t you feel chest up?

While we talk about ethnic Indian attire, it has an eternal and unending love story with traditional jewelry. When one complements their beautiful traditional attire with the vintage/antique styled jewelry, the results are amazing. Indian wear and traditional jewelry make a great match; one heightening the beauty of the other. 

This world has countless traditions and cultures, and that brings the creations/innovations in style quotients. Huge diversity prevails in our country too. As we all love our own culture and tradition, many a times we look for the designs that connect us with our roots. Let me talk about Assamese traditional jewelry today.

Traditional Assamese jewelry is totally hand made by specialized hands. These jewelries are mostly inspired by nature like birds, animals, musical instruments like dhol, drum, pepa etc. or other things of day to day life of the region, like japi...a handmade headgear. They are skillfully designed by jewelers of Assam, which make them unique. 

The base of the Assamese ornaments is made of silver or lac and then they are covered with very thin gold foil. So, this particular kind of jewelry are very affordable. But, to be contemporary, people now a days prefer to have gold base also. There are three methods involved in the whole process. 

1.    The main frame is made with 24 carat gold and lac is used as a filling material.
2.    Gold foils are used over a silver frame. This method is very popular because of its affordable price.
3.    Silver made jewelry which is gold plated.

In all three methods, stones and meenawork is used. Originally, these ornaments were studded with rubies, moonstone emeralds and garnets, which were colloquially referred to as "Dalimiya Pathur" (The stone colour was compared to pomegranate seeds.). 

These jewelries are mostly manufactured in particular places of Assam, like Nagaon, Jorhat and Barpeta. Jewelry from Upper Assam are predominately stone studded whereas people of Lower Assam wear jewelry that has intricate gold design with one or no stones. 

Assamese jewellery include the, jon biri, lokaparo, thuriya, jethi poti, doog doogi bana, gaam kharu, keru, gal pata,and dhol biri. They are named after the design it has taken from like Jon Biri (Half Moon/crescent shaped pendant ), Lokaparo (two pigeons placed back to back), Jethi Poti (lizard's tail and has a row of small medallions in the shape of a V and a central pendant), Dhol Biri(shaped in the form of a drum) etc. 

I have selected my favorite pieces to show you :

Jaali junbiri
Jaapi Chain
Dhansiri Kharu

Muga muhura dhulbiri

Dhul dugdugi
Mayur Haar
Jaapi dhansira

Junbiri dugdugi

Borpetia Junbiri

Borpeta Pepa dhul Jaapi Maduli

Taar Junbiri

Keru Necklace



Jethipota Junbiri

Barpeta Jaapi Mayur Junbiri

Thuria : Earring


Mayur Haar


Junbiri Pepa Necklace

Jaapi Chain

Jaapi Kharu

Jaapi Ring


Kasijun Dugdugi

Loka paro

Maazbiri Necklace

Sewali khaaru

Red Jaapi Mantaza

Jaapi Bracelet

Silikha Gaamkharu

In Assam, the dazzle of the bride’s attire is uncomplete without these jewellery. The dangling earrings, long and short chains, multiple bracelets and bangles highlight the beauty and elegance of the bride. Few pictures I picked from Internet :

From where you can buy :

- "Assamese Traditional Jewellery Axomia Gohona"

 Photo Courtesy : Colours and Emotions , CamaraderieBonds 


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