Thursday, April 30, 2015

Influence of Commercials

                                      " Mamma! I will drink water only in Pepsi IPL bottle."

Five little concerns and measures can help us contribute towards our Mother Earth

Mother Earth is calling not for much….but just for Few little thoughts,  Few little deeds, Few little concerns, Few little measures……to save Her…to show our love for Her.

What are few things we can do on daily basis....

1.   Decomposition for organic food in kitchen gardenWe should not throw out food scraps or some other stuff like papers, tea bags. Instead, we can compost them and turn them into rich, nutritious soil that can be used to nourish our garden - or donate to someone else who will be able to use it for theirs.

There are many ways to compost; some compost mixtures allow for items like meat and dairy to be included, while others are strictly for fruit and vegetable scraps. To start a basic compost pile, save these items: Green items, which break down quickly, like raw vegetable or fruits peelings, coffee or tea, grass cuttings, leaves etc. and brown items, which break down slowly, like sticks and branches, paper, cardboard, eggshells, sawdust etc.

2.    Take cloth or reusable bag to shopThis will greatly trim down the amount of waste you bring into your house. No matter where you're shopping, you can bring your own reusable cloth bags instead of accepting plastic bags from the store. Plan ahead by purchasing several reusable bags and storing them where you won't forget to bring them along next time you go shopping, like in your kitchen or in the trunk of your car.

Using cloth bags isn't limited to grocery shopping. Take one along when you go shopping for clothes, tools, or any other items you may need.

3.    Decorative itemsSome waste stuff can be used as a home decor items. Painting or engraving some decorative bits and pieces can be used to beautify.

4.    Use online, reduce paper use Using computers can save you the headache of having to sort through piles of papers. Go paperless when it comes to bills; choose to pay them online instead.Consider reading your news online instead of having a newspaper delivered to your house. Take measures to stop junk mail from overflowing your mailbox.

5.  Switch off engine in traffic jamWe all stuck in traffic jam while going out, may be while going to office or market or visiting some relatives. We should be extremely conscious to switch off the engine when not required.

Let's save our Mother Earth... 

A message from Zoo

                     The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'Z' for 'Zoo'

So many visitors today! Probably today is Sunday. I can see some lovely kids, they are very excited to see me….. They would surely be happier if I get up and do some actions. But alas! I am feeling really weak these days…..could not eat properly….food is not good at all, water is too smelly.  My room is also very dirty. The sweeper hardly come and clean it properly….Don’t know how many days I will live in this way….

What were those days….!!! Green,  green everywhere. Spend time in ponds, swamp areas or relax under the big trees during  the scorching summer  days. Play hide and seek with friends amidst the elephant grass, eat delicious food, drink fresh water from the brooks or the rivers…… It was really a different feeling to roam around with friends, be cozy with parents……Act smartly when people used to come to see us on elephant or open Jeep Safari.

Why the hell I came out of the dense forest area that day….to be caught by these Zoo officials. It’s been years now, nobody is here to listen to my cry……Don’t know whether my parents, my friends are still alive……But I just want to say ……I am missing you all….I want to play with you, spend time with you Mom and Dad ….I am missing your cuddle Mom….Just want to say….I love you, I miss you….wish may God save you from human being!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yellow Roses

The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'Y' for 'Yellow Roses'

“Can we meet for a cup of coffee tomorrow?” Ratul asked Rubi.

I was just standing beside Ratul, putting one hand on my slanting bike. We met Rubi and her friend Jyoti suddenly in front of the college hostel...I knew as exam was over, there was a chance to meet them outside during their evening walk. So, I pressurized Ratul to come along with me this way and pre-planned for my fake birthday.  

“Any occasion?”, Rubi asked. She was looking enormously beautiful with a tinge of sunset ray on her face. I just did not want to miss a single second to look at her.

“Yes, Rahul’s birthday tomorrow.”

“Oh…sure….we will surely meet then….We will celebrate together…” They agreed to meet on my birthday.

“We will come and pick you from your hostel. Be ready at 2 pm.” Ratul said to them.


Damn busy I was since morning till 2 pm…as if time was passing extremely slow.  I took out my new shirt to wear with my favourite blue jeans pant. Took bath at least for half an hour, put gel to set my hair, sprayed enough perfume to attract anyone nearby, did not know how many times I was looking at the mirror. Reached at Ratul’s room at 1 pm, and quite restless all the time……Overall, I did not want Rubi to refuse my proposal today. This would be my first time to propose a girl. Ratul assured me that he would take a good care of the whole situation.

At 1:30 pm, we sat on my car.  I was all set to adjust my front mirror to get her reflection.  We reached her hostel gate at 1:45 pm. We waited there for 15 mins. Some girls were teasing …singing from the windows,  “Happy Birthday to You…”  We understood, that was surly for me. I knew, Rubi had some soft corner for me….and the song of her friends wishing happy birthday strengthened my belief and confidence.

Both the girls came on time. Rubi was carrying a big white bag. I guessed that must be carrying some gift for me, the birthday boy…..may be some romantic birthday wish-card saying… “Your’s only, Rubi” or may be some gift  to give a hint that she too loved me….or may be a Red rose…..


We four reached at the Coffee shop. Rubi just sat opposite to me.  We discussed various topics…..I tried to understand her plan after college….how long she would be in the hostel as exam was already over…..In between, the time came when she took out the gifts for me…the big white carry bag.

“Happy Birthday Rahul! This is a small gift from my side….A small token as a friend!!!” Rubi said…..

She took out a Card……and a bunch of Yellow roses. Yes, yellow roses.  

“I told my boyfriend that I got two wonderful brothers cum friends here in the college. He also asked me to convey his wishes to you.”

I knew what Yellow roses stand for……."A True Friendship".

……..I promised her that I would preserve those yellow flowers and our friendship forever…..though my unconscious mind and heart already started weeping....

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


            The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'X' for 'XEROX'

“I need five XEROX copies.”

“Please XEROX these pages.”

Have you used or heard these sentences ever? I am sure, most of us. I have heard and sometimes had to use too to refer to photocopy.…

But is it right to use the word XEROX to refer photocopy? Is it a verb or proverb or adjective? Does it belong to English Language? Though many dictionaries have the word XEROX listed in as a verb, it’s actually not verb. XEROX is not a word, it’s actually a name. XEROX is a trade name, the inventor or developer of the xerographic process. XEROX is one of the leading brands of photocopy machines, whereas others are Canon, Ricoh.  It became so popular that it became common name for photocopy machine. It’s like calling a refrigerator a Frigidaire.

Many regularly used tech words are now getting the official stamp of approval from English-language dictionaries. XEROX is one of them. So, I think we can use ‘XEROX’ to refer photocopy, isn’t it? What's say?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Label for Witch Hunting

                   The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'W' for 'Witch Hunting'

“Didi, you know, I saw one witch in the evening and I fell sick.” Pokhila, my full time helper said.

“Is it? Who is that Witch?” I was inquisitive.

“She lives in our village. A mother of one of my friends. She mostly stays inside the house. But when someone sees her in the evening, falls sick immediately.”

“So, how many children she has? Are they always sick? What about her husband?”

“Two children. But, they are her own children, that’s why they don’t fall sick. Her husband goes to work in the early morning and come back almost midnight.”

“If she is outside her house in some auspicious occasion, all villagers throw stones on her.” She added.

Pokhila went to an Ojha, village quack doctor. She felt better mentally, but continuous fever made her weak enough. I took her along, showed to a doctor. She was actually suffering from Typhoid, but all her village people are probably still blaming the lady who is called ‘Daayan’ or 'Witch'.

In October 2013, a woman from the Shivni village in central Chhattisgarh fell ill. Villagers suspected that the illness was due to witchcraft. Indian shaman forced 30 women to drink a brew made from a poisonous herb in a “witchcraft test”, among which 25 died. The shaman was arrested, but, the “Daayan Pratha” or the practice of witchcraft, is still in vogue in many parts of rural India.

Image Courtesy : Google

Women are almost always the targets of witch-hunts. Generally, a ‘witch branded’ woman is not allowed to reach out for help and she is either forcefully thrown out from her home and family, commit suicide or is brutally murdered.

Last year, the Women’s News Network quoted the editor of the Cornell Law Journal on the practice. Said Rebecca Vernon, “Over the last fifteen years, an estimated 2,500 Indian women have been killed because they were 'witches...Witch hunts are most common among poor rural communities with little access to education and health services, and longstanding beliefs in witchcraft. When an individual gets sick or harm befalls the community, the blame falls not upon a virus or crop disease, but upon an alleged witch.”

According to Indian National Crime Records Bureau data, at least 2,100 people have been murdered for “practicing witchcraft” in India between 2000 and 2012.

What are the reasons behind the labeling of a Witch ?

Gender inequality, property disputes, unavailability of good healthcare centre and superstitions are the main reasons for this practice. said that tagging a woman as a witch is “a common ploy to grab land, settle scores or even to punish her for turning down sexual advances.

Kanchan Mathur, a professor at the Institute of Development Studies said, “Poor, low-caste women are easy targets for naming/branding [as a witch]…Women who are widowed, infertile, possess ‘ugly’ features or are old, unprotected, poor or socially ostracized are easy targets.”

Howeveraccording to Women New Network (WNN) – which reports about women’s issues –women who become too powerful and thus threaten the male leadership can also become the target of witch hunting. WNN added that the Hindu religion has several rituals that can be misinterpreted as witchcraft.

According to the Mahila Samakhya Society, witch hunting cases are significantly fewer in areas with a good government network of primary healthcare centres. Good health care centres could result in the reduction of this practice. If doctors are made available in rural areas, incidents of witch hunting can come down in great percentage.

Besides, there is ineffective law for witch hunting. These cases are currently registered under sections: murder, grievous hurt, assault, assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty, kidnapping for ransom and criminal intimidation. A proper law should be enforced and the police needs to be trained to handle such situations.

Above all, proper education system can help in pulling down the witch hunting in great extent. Reaching the extremely poor and rural area, educating the people like Pokhila’s neighbours will save thousands of women’s lives for sure.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vanity Bag

                 The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'V' for 'Vanity'

Trendy Vanity Bags

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Best Wishes to Unauthorized Land Owners

                    The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'U' for 'Unauthorized'

“For 30 years we are dwelling here.” Mr. Ray was trying to be louder, picking up his suitcase from the ground. 

Five or six guys from the demolishing agency were accelerating their speed to finish their task before the dusk.

“We are paying the property tax. BBMP has built this road for us…..and who are you to demolish my house..???”  Mr. Ray kept giving his full effort to fight with the Government official.  

No reply from any one was making Mr. Ray down in the dumps gradually.….

“I will go to the court…..I have all property documents. If these are unauthorized land, then where you were for last 30 years……???” …Mr. Ray slowly fell down on the ground, his cry was becoming louder…..

Additional Director-General of Police was continuously giving the direction to the agency guys, without giving any heed to his situation….

Hundreds were already out on the streets, some were trying to argue with the officials and others pleading with them. Many just looked on helplessly as the bulldozers razed down their houses.

So many families left with nowhere to go, due to the demolition drive by the district administration on Thursday in Bangalore. They cleared the unauthorized occupation on the Sarakki Lake Bed recently, but where were these conscious government officials while the encroachments happened?

And why BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) constructed a road for these people on the lake bed without looking at the authorized and unauthorized papers? Do we have any answer…? I doubt…

No comments on these authorized and unauthorized issues right now, but as human being, I wish good life for all the homeless now. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Touch

                         The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'T' for 'Touch'

Your Touch is divine….
Your Touch is benign

Your  Touch is a protection
Your Touch shows unlimited affection

Your Touch is a relief….
Your Touch fortifies all my beliefs

Your Touch gives me strength to face fear
With a gentle touch you can wipe away all my tears

Your Touch has heavenly warmth
No matter, whether its winter or summer

Your shoulder is always there for me to lean on
You are a person whom always I can rely upon

Nothing is greater than a mother's touch
No one else can love me this much

Nothing in the world is more luxurious than a touch of Mother
A Mother's lap is so peaceful place, than any other....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smell of moist soil


                  The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'S' for 'Smell of Soil'

“Can you smell something? Smell of moist soil?”  I asked my colleague who sat next to my cubicle.

He sniffed with his sharp nose… “Yes, you are right. Is it raining?”

No answer I had….till I got up to the window and observed with my eagle eyes to catch some water drops on some objects. 

It was already dark…so much of deliverables, would take at least another three hours to complete the task. I sat in the second floor, so I asked my colleague to accompany me for a quick break…..Actually, my mind was inquisitive and eager to have some more smell of wet soil.

We went downstairs. I could see some water clot in front of the office gate. Cars became slower on the road. I asked the guard when it rained and how long.

“It rained catch and dog for at least an hour….” Guard replied with a strange look…..thinking how we did not know about it?

Multi stories buildings, RCC structures…..where we live, we work….we may miss it…..I thought. I came back...searched from where I got the smell. Opened the window fully, saw few big flower tubs just outside the glass windows.

Just thought....Life became different, modern…….But can I forget the earthy aroma when the rain drops fall on the soil….the lovely soothing sound of rain when it fall on the hay or tin roof……Felt like going back decades… live amidst the greenery….live in a small cottage…….where there is no scarcity of earthy fragrance…..enjoy the melodious sound of rain…….

Do I have an option?……Yes!...only one for the time being…….Convince your Boss for a long vacation, take some luxury cash and book a cottage of a Big brand hotel in a tourist place… :(

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Say No to Child Labour

We proudly say that India has the largest young population in the world. But, India is the home to the largest number of child laborers in the world too. What about that?

Child Labour dropped 60% in a decade, but still it is world’s highest: Number of children working in India has declined 60% from 12.6 million in 2001 to 4.9 million in 2010.  These children are working as domestic help, on streets, in factories and farmlands silently suffering abuse.

In December 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor and India figured among 74 countries where significant incidence of critical working conditions has been observed. Unlike any other country, India was attributed 23 goods, the majority of which is produced by child labor in the manufacturing sector.

A survey conducted by 7th All India Education Survey reveals below facts on Child Labor:

  • A study found that children were sent to work by compulsion and not by choice, mostly by parents, but with recruiter playing a crucial role in influencing decision.
  • When working outside the family, children put in an average of 21 hours of labour per week.
  • 19% of children employed work as domestic help.
  • 90% working children are in rural India.
  • 85% of working children are in the unorganized sectors.
  • About 80% of child labour is engaged in agricultural work.
  • Millions of children work to help their families because the adults do not have appropriate employment and income thus forfeiting schooling and opportunities to play and rest.
  • Children also work because there is demand for cheap labour.
  • Large numbers of children work because they do not have access to good quality schools.
  • Poor and bonded families often “sell” their children to contractors who promise profitable jobs in the cities and the children end up being employed in brothels, hotels and domestic work.
  • There are approximately 2 million child commercial sex workers between the age of 5 and 15 years and about 3.3 million between 15 and 18 years.
  • 500,000 children are forced into this trade every year.

So many government projects, so many NGOs trying their hard to eradicate it.....why we should not too as individuals.....???

The Beauty of Red color

                 The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'R' for 'Red'

The Beauty of Red color, my favorite color...Few Clicks :

Cherry to decorate on the occasion...

Matching Glass and Dress

Beautiful Red Flower to en-dazzle your Garden

Stunning Red Pot to increase Beauty of your Living room corner

Lovely Red Car to be the Best Friend of your Child

Pick up Red Tomoto from your Kitchen Garden

                                                      Stunning Red Color Bridal attire

Beautiful Creation of God : Art on this lovely Bird

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