Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ten Reasons to love Delhi

1.     Wonderful Markets with Variety of stuff, with reasonable price at Dilli hut, Laajpat Nagar, Sarojani Nagar, Kamla Nagar, Janpath, Palika Bazaar, Atta Market…list goes on....

2.     Dildaar guys to make friendship. Most of the time, anyone is ready to help you any time, even in the midnight if they are close to your heart.  

3.      Places to hang out : New Friends Colony, Khan Market, GK M block, India Gate or Surajkund to name a few.

4.    Places to take your guests : Humayun Tomb, Qutub Minar, Lodhi Garden, Akshar Dham, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Birla Temple, Dilli Hut.

5.     Food for foodies : Grab delicious parantha at Paranthewali gali of old Delhi, scrumptious corn at road side stalls, ice cream at India Gate, chat and paani puri in any market,  regional dishes at Bhawans like Andhra Bhawan, Assam Bhawan, Orissa Bhawan etc.

6.     Drive few kilometers from NCR on the highways to any direction and have the taste of pure Lassi and delicious Punjabi food at chain of Dhabas.

7.       Take the warmth of bonfire in winter: Extreme winter.

8.      Learn some Gaalis to relax : Gaalis help one unwind from tensions, angers….This is a one stop place for all lovely Gaalies like English, Haryanvi, Punjabi, Assamese, Bihari……whats not!!!

9.      Start new business apart from your job : Work as full timer in some corporate, but at the same time, plan some business for extra income.

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10.   Start loving antique pieces : Buy antique pieces from various antique shops, may be the from Lajpat Nagar, Janpath or Cannaught Place and decorate your home corners like Mughals or Lodhis.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Launch of World's best hair thinning solution product Nioxin in India

‘Hair’ has always been my sign of identification, the X-factor.  Till I was 11, my parents  shaved  my head  at least 5 times to give me better and less curly hair. Fortunately and unfortunately….there was no change to the twirls of my hair, but it grew to a very thick, heavy density of hair. Many names I got from my friends, relatives, ….including my father in law who calls me “Sai Baba” because of this unique identification. 

I started loving my hair….tried to make it my style statement. But off lately, for last few years, may be because of weather, water, motherhood or age, for some unknown reasons, I observed slight thinning of my once-thick, strong, lively hair. I was just wondering, should I consult with a dermatologist, skin specialist or a Homeopathy guy. But, then, suddenly I got an invitation from Blogadda to cover the launch of an internationally acclaimed hair thinning solution product in India – “Nioxin”….And there was no question to miss the chance.

Mittal with Nioxin products

I along with my friend Mittal reached the venue, BodyCraft, 7th Block, Koramangla, almost on time on 23rd May. A warm welcome by BodyCraft and Blogadda made us easy among the other bloggers. Gorgeous ambience of Bodycraft Salon and Spa, lovely aroma all around and the lively team were all set to be the best hosts.

After an introduction round, there was a formal launch of Nioxin by Swati Gupta, Creative Director of Bodycraft and Nioxin Panel Expert for India, followed by a detailed product presentation by Ms. Daisy, P&G Nioxin representative, who explained the concept behind the product.

Swati Gupta at the time of  launch of Nioxin

Ms. Daisy while giving the detailed Presentation

Nioxin is the world’s best product in providing solution to hair thinning problem and seems to be holding its position for the past 14 years. Nioxin has been around since 1987 (purchased by Proctor and Gamble in 2008) and was developed by Eva Graham, the founder after experiencing thinning hair following the birth of her first child.

Nioxin claims that 70% users notice thicker, denser and fuller looking hair in just 4 weeks and also it has more than 77% brand loyalty. Interestingly, Nioxin does not aim at instant fulfillment by cosmetic methods, but it focuses more towards improving the Scalp condition. In obvious term, the process of scalp revival is not an overnight process. And to suit the different conditions of the scalp, the Nioxin range includes 6 treatments which are given based on consultation, 3-step hair care systems, each of which includes a Nioxin Cleanser (shampoo), Nioxin Scalp Therapy (conditioner) and Nioxin Scalp Treatment, which is left in the hair after washing.

We all bloggers got the personal consultation, initial treatment, overall a practical Nioxin experience.

Cleansing the hair


All bloggers had their personal consultation

Me with Harish and Ankita from Blogadda

We all bloggers got Nioxin products kit according to our problems and requirements to use at home for 20 days and feel the difference that Noxin can make to our hair. So, stay tuned for my follow-up post. 

For more information, click at 

You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Are cartoons good for the children?

Few days back one article caught my eyes and attention…compelled me to think, are cartoons good for the kids?

In that article, the author opined that most of the programs on different channels are actually not good for the children, except few programs in Discovery Kids. For example, most of the popular programs have negative effect, like Chota Bheem encourages to eat unhealthy Ladoos, Motu Patlu promotes to eat Samosa, Doremon shows how to cheat parents and teachers, Horrid Henry demonstrate dirty tricks etc.

I think everything has positive and negative side; all these programs confer different take aways in different ratios. If I compare the same with Facebook and Whatsapp in short, both have merits like bringing long lost friends together, share your happiness and sorrow quickly with your well-wishers etc., at the same time, negative effect too like, sometimes consume lots of your time, update your foe very easily, make you unanswerable to your boss why you have not completed your task on time etc.
Here is my experience with my four years old son…..

Pocoyo was the first favorite cartoon for my child, since around 1.5 years till 2.5 years. At 2.5 years, Tom and Jerry got the preference. At 3, Oggy and Doremon and at 4, he is now fond of Chota Bheem, Dora : The explorer, Blue Clues, Mister Maker, and Rescue Bots…….and I am sure, at his 5, he will be a Ben 10. A quick transition of his likings towards cartoons!!!

Pocoyo : an award winning, truly educative Spanish cartoon which is available in English too, but is not popular in India. Experts say that the children, who are watching cartoons of Pocoyo, will be educated in values, at the same time, they enjoy many hours of entertainment and fun to learn. My child used to watch these programs in Youtube, enjoy a lot. But, he hardly used to talk till his 2.5 yrs. though he used to pronounce just few words. So, should I blame Pocoyo for my child not talking? I don't think so....Stephen Fry's clear voice, commentaries instead could have helped him pick up the words easily.

Tom and Jerry :  Nothing to learn as such…..but just enjoy the movements and actions….chasing…..No talk in the Cartoon, so as my son. People started giving advices to take to a speech therapist….spend more time with him, talk in one language at home etc. Accordingly, we took him to a speech therapist for one day….But because of some time constraint, we could not take him to the therapist any more, but we observed a bit improvement in his vocabulary gradually at home without any therapy.

So at 3, when Oggy and Doremon started getting huge points for their TRP from my home, I could see some continuous improvement in my child's words' kitty too.

Then came my parents to stay with us for few months, and by that time, his interest went to Chota Bheem, Dora : The explorer, Blue Clues, Mister Maker, and Rescue Bots….My parents encouraged him to watch those program with full volume so that he can catch each word…….And he picked up….Yes!!! It’s kind of miracle….He started framing the sentences in Hindi (though not his father or mother tongue)…..I agree that my parents’ contribution is there, but now I cannot deny the fact that the Cartoons help the children to grow and develop.

I understand that many parents are obstinate about keeping their children away from television referring as an idiot box, may be in the fear of their children getting influenced by the cartoon characters in a negative way, or becoming couch potatoes looking at Chota bheem eating Ladoos or Motu grabbing Samosas. In fact, child experts claim that cartoons can reduce the imagination powers and instead they should be engaged in productive activities like reading, jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts, and playing outside. We all know that later activities are always good, but is keeping kids away from the TV completely possible?

Ofcourse, there are many solutions in infringing the battle between kids and parents when it comes to watching cartoon. For example, limiting the time period to watch the television can be one option. Some say two hours a day is the maximum for children under 6. Secondly, parents should accompany the kid to watch the shows and take on a more participative role to what’s happening on the screen. That way, the child is interacting while watching and notably, learning some things from the parents too.

Lastly, parents should properly regulate the shows that the child is watching. Just because it’s a show on a kid channel doesn’t mean it represents the right values to the kids. I totally agree that some cartoons are detrimental to the child’s soft brain due to violence or disobedience to elders and such other issues.

So, I would say, "Cartoons are not bad for kids under the proper regulation of parents."

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why should my mom get a de stressed massage

Few years back.

“Where is dewta? Give the phone to him….” I asked my mom to give the phone to my dad while talking to her.

“He is in the bathroom.” Mom said.

Next day, I called up my Dad’s phone directly. After long rings, mom picked up the phone. I talked to her for a while and then asked her to give the phone to Dad. She promptly said, “He is sleeping….”

I asked her, “Is everything okay?” and she replied, “Yes….nothing to worry.”

With six sense, I could smell something fishy…..I called up one of the aunts in neighborhood. After talking for a while, I asked her about my parents.

“Oh..your Dewta is in hospital for last two days…..but now he is better. I went to see him today evening. Your mom is taking care of him very nicely.”

I called up my mom……bashed her badly…..for not telling me the truth….She gave me the reason that my Dad was not so serious, just had some minor problems, and she did not want to inform me and my siblings as there were many neighbors to take care of them. If she would tell us, we would take stress and possibility of coming home all of a sudden spending lots of money…..Alas! I did not have any word…except fighting with her….

Since our childhood, I have been seeing her always taking all our stress upon her and might be she would share with my dad sometimes. But, she would try to keep all kind of tensions away from her children.

When we were small, she took stress for our academic career till we settled in some jobs.

When we were growing, there was a stress for saving us from the bad companions.

When we wanted something….she used to be the catalyst to approach dad.

When we were grown up, she took the stress to handover her responsibility to the best partners.

When we are settled down in our own lives, she does not want to give any stress on us……

When there is a problem, she tries to solve by herself.

When her husband is bedridden for so long …..may be many years…..she does every work by herself….

.....Housewife, but a poet, a novelist, a children book writer……a responsible wife, a lovely mother, a caring daughter, a gentle mom in law, a compassionate grandmother…. What a genius she is….!!!!! How much precious she is …!!!!

Yes, my dad is weak and sick for long…….she takes care of him, the house….trying to keep everything as usual…..taking all stress on herself….So, don’t you think she deserves to be de-stressed with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage ?

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.

I switched on the light

It was Saturday. So many guests at my home that day.

Two families with four kids. So, including my two siblings and parents, we were 12 people at home.  Two families were given two rooms, my brother and sister slept with my parents, and my mom asked me to sleep in the living room in a sofa cum bed. I did not want to, as the room was just a bit unattached to other bed rooms, and we did not have any intercom, nor had any mobile phone those days. But, as there was no other option left, I had to say ‘Yes’.

Taking a pillow, and a light blanket, I arranged my place in the room. The room was 20 X 16 ft.  I took out a book of very interesting detective story, and started reading with full concentration, without looking at the time. Suddenly my eyes went to the clock, it was 2 am.  I did not realize how time passed.

The light switch was a bit far from my bed. Once I thought I would sleep in light only. But, my bad habit, I can not sleep in light, for which I had to get up. While switching off the light, I put on the fan too, to have a pleasant environment.

I took the blanket, covered my face, and tried to sleep. But, suddenly I heard a sound in the dark room. What was that….I tried to recognize the sound….It was as if someone was sweeping the room….Yes! someone was actually sweeping the room. The sound was going from one corner to another…I did not have enough courage to look at who was there……

That house was actually a rented house. We had come to that house at least six months ago. But during those six month, we never had any unusual situation. Many questions came to my mind like….did anybody do suicide in that room? Is that room haunted about which we were unaware? 

The sound became a bit louder….What should I do….??? Should I get up, open the door and run through the connecting corridor and knock at my Parent’s bedroom? But, would I get enough time to do that?

Suddenly I recalled someone’s saying: “Ghost is scared of light”. I too agreed, because the sound started coming after I switch off the light. 

Now, I thought to go for the second option. I ran as fast as possible to switch on the light. Idid it!!!

Whuah!!! There is nothing in the room …..but the sound was still on. With my brave heart, I searched the ghost with my eyes…….and found it......... That was a Chocolate wrapper!!!! It was moving here and there because of the fan, which I switched on while switching the light off.

A bliss, incomparable

Four years some months back. New Years time……everyone was planning to celebrate the eve… …Rajat was proposing if we all friends could have a Barbecue party at their home, Nikhil also put his proposal to have a party at his terrace.

We all were in good mood. This New year was special as a new member would join our family. Yes! I was carrying my baby that time, just completed 9 months….The expected date of delivery was around 15th January.

We decided to have our party at Rajat’s house at last, as he had better convincing capacity as well as is an expert cook, though Nikhil is also not less.

So, five days yet to go for the New year eve. I had a regular check-up on 27th December.

“Tomorrow, you get admitted, 29th December will be the D’ day!” My doctor was very clear which shocked us almost.

“But, doctor, there is no pain, no uneasiness….I thought if my baby comes in the new year! Please check if we can postpone….In fact no family member has reached yet to welcome the new member.”

“Sorry, I am on leave in the first week of January…..So, plan for 29th or 30th Dec. Just let me know.” She was firm and left no other option.

Suddenly, everything became unplanned!

We booked a ticket for Mom and Mom-in-Law immediately to travel next day to Delhi, canceled our Barbecue Party, bought a DSLR Camera, and packed the bag for hospital. A mixed feeling, lots of excitement, but fear too, all these kept me busy throughout.

Extreme winter of Delhi…..Temperature went down till zero degree at December nights of those days.

29th Morning in the operation theater, I could hear a sudden cry, a glance was enough to make me feel blessed….while the doctor showed him to me saying, “It’s a boy.” A never forgettable scene for my mind though I was extremely sleepy, and dizzy that moment.

Five days in hospitals were like never-ending for me, waiting with extreme eager for the sixth day, when I would be able to take my baby to his own home.

Warm cloth, heavy blankets, room heater, all were ready to keep him comfortable at home……changing the cloth which he kept doing wet frequently……being conscious and checking in frequent interval whole day and night if he was any how feeling uncomfortable…..Should I put diapers or not, how to cut his nails, all these became the biggest concerns of my life. To keep myself waiting to see him smiling in his deep sleep, became my favourite time pass.

People kept coming to see him….to bless him, all advised me to engage a Dhai to give him massage when he was 20 days old. I did not want to…..Yes! I did not want to let the Dhai give a hard massage to the soft body of my 'life'. My doctor also advised me not to go for a massage by a Dhai. I have seen at one of the neighbour's house, how the baby cried when he was getting professional massage. But, to obey my elders’ advice, I had to take interview of three Dhai, at last. After giving at least 100 thoughts, I decided to handover the task to the most experienced one.

She offered me a package that she would do full body massage, then make him bath and then put him in cloth and pack him with warm cloth. She instructed to buy Olive oil for her massage.

First day. Dhai massaged him, holding him tight…..without cloth in that extreme winter. My baby kept crying with full volume....... I felt like as if he was requesting me to save him from Dhai's hard hands..... She assured me that everything will be alright in few days. I could not resist myself from crying too. I felt myself helpless, but somehow, I tolerated thinking about elders’ advice.

Second day, he kept crying loud again. I kept my eyes closed, tried to keep my ears blocked somehow.

But third day. I could not control myself looking at him crying the similar way. I took him back from the Dhai in mid of the massage without thinking about anyone. I knew, I would have to listen to many touching words from the Dhai and elders… "Hamne ne bhi badi ki hai bachche....", but that moment, giving comfort to my 'new life' was more important for me.....

I searched in the internet, read the instructions for baby massage. And.... I started doing massage by myself with my own hands…….softly, gently….when he never cried, instead he slept in between, many times.

I felt sorry for the Dhai as she lost one project, felt bad of myself for not obeying my elders, but it was a great satisfaction…a bliss, incomparable to give him comfort in every possible way!!!!

I am sharing my #MemoriesOfMotherhood with Bio Oil and BlogAdda. This Mother’s Day check out the Yummy Mummy calendar and  make a similar calendar of your own using the Bio Oil App.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Recipe for Light Corn Fish Curry

Ingredients :

1. Fish : 500 grams (5/6 pcs)
2. Mustard oil : 40 ml approx
3. Potato : 2 (large)
4. Corn : 50 grams
5. Kaljeera : quarter of a table spoon
6. Cumin powder :  Half tea spoon
7. Coriander powder : Half tea spoon
8. Green Chilli : 3 / 4
9. Tomato puree : 2 tablespoons
10. Cream : 2 tablespoon to garnish or to have a taste of creaminess

Instruction : 

1. Shallow fry the Fish pieces in mustard oil till they get a Golden hue and keep them separately.

2. Fry the Green Chilies.

2. Boil the corn separately.
3. Fry the potatos with Kaljeera, put Cumin and Coriander powder, turmeric and salt and then put the boiled corn and mix it well. Put Tomato purifier into the mixer and fry for sometime. 

4. Put Water and blend all well. Once curry comes up well, carefully put the Fish pieces into the mixture.

5. Garnish with the fried Green Chilies.

6. Garnish with Cream, later mix all well and serve.

                   Recipe Dabba

Monday, May 11, 2015

PIKU is Remarkable!

When it was ‘Half Time’, a word came out automatically from me – ‘So quickly!!!’

If you are a Bong or if your spouse is a Bong, you might just be living in this movie for sure! Guranteed!!!

Shoojit Sircar has already proved that he can build family atmosphere so well in Vicky donor, where he portrayed the Pujabi and Bengali families. Piku is similar to Vicky donor and it is equally well made. Hardly the viewer gets a chance to think of something else other than the movie. There are no speeding scene like Avenger, no sudden chocks, or ultra modern picturesque, yet, the movie grabs your attention based on the dialogues and the real life situations, which are common in almost everyone’s life.
Piku (Deepika Padukone) is the single daughter of Bhaskor Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan). Her life revolves around Mr. Banerjee, who is under the weather almost always… it in actual or with his extra sense or tension. He mainly depends on Homeopathy as most of the Bengali families do. Piku’s concern and love for father and frustration for her own inability in convincing him has been shown really well, whereas the smallest but significant quirk of the elderly has been captured minutely. Anyone who lives with grandparents or any elderly parents will instantly connect with the story and the main characters of the movie, may not be fully. Emotion, frustration, anger, nostalgia, melancholy and above all humour …all have been well blended in the movie.
Rana Choudhary (Irrfan Khan)’s interesting entry into the father-daughter world, having his own family to deal with. His background is shown extremely well in just few seconds….with the home atmosphere, few dialogues from mother and sister. The expression of Kaku and Kaaki ma (Piku's uncle and aunt) at Piku's Masi's entry into the home, playing badminton opening the gate of the house, riding cycle through the narrow lane of CR park....all these scenes are really realistically remarkable...
Was Piku’s father selfish in advising his daughter to not get married? Is constipation a reason to not get married to his business partner? All these questions remain open though…
Mindblowing acting styles of every actor of the movie, including Deepika, Irrfan, Mausumi Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta and above all Amitabh Bachchan have made the movie a ‘Must Watch’.

Loved the Movie! Really!!! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Recipe for Dry Pork Dish


Pork: 500 gms 
Potato : 2
Tomato : 2
Onion:  3
Salt: as per taste
Ginger : 3 tsp
Garlic : 2 tsp
Green Chilli:  2 / 3
Cumin powder: 1 tsp
Coriander powder: 1 tsp
Oil for frying : at least 5 tsp
Coriander fresh leaf : according to taste and garnish

Instructions :

1.    Clean the meat first.
2.    Boil it in a pressure cooker for at least 3 / 4 whistles. Put one tsp of Ginger.
3.    Cut the potatoes in medium size, fry them and then keep them separately
4.    Fry the onion till it becomes red and then put the garlic.
5.    Put Cumin and Coriander powder
6.    Mix all well.
7.    Chop  the tomatos : few very small pieces and some in medium
8.    Put them into the mixture.
9.    When the mixture blends well, put the boiled pork pieces taking out of the water.
10.  Cook for 15 mins, then put the potatoes. Put two
11.  Garnish with Coriander leaf. 

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