Friday, July 29, 2016

Suit Buit me aaya Kanhaiya Potty Saaf karno ko

I and my brother used to stay together in Delhi after college.

One fine Sunday morning, our calling bell rang.

My brother opened the door….a yucky smell hit my nose…....I saw him standing there. I wondered he looked neat and clean…but smelling sooo bad??? I felt awkward to bring my fingers to my nose, but felt like spitting. He came inside the room, sat on my brother’s bed. I was sure, my brother was also feeling uneasy.

But, once we closed the door, the smell vanished gradually.

Once again, the calling bell rang…. Probably milk man! I opened the door… whooaah, the milk man was covering his face with a towel…The deadly smell again hit my nose badly….

I looked down…discovered the source. One cat relieved her stomach in front of our front door….

Now who would clean that???…..I and my brother started putting the responsibility on each other…..

“Bhaity you please clean this…..”
“Baba, please you clean it…”

TU-TU, ME-ME continued…….fight reached to the next level….

Looking at the deteriorating fight,  suddenly we saw, our guest putting one cloth on his nose and mouth, proceeded to clean the stuff with some newspapers….and hard plastic pieces. Smile came to both of our faces…. The well-dressed guy was cleaning the potty of a cat at friend’s place! How awesome….!!! I silently thought “Husband ho to aisa!!”…

And that’s the one of the reasons, I married my hubby!!! ;)

Yes! Lighting the entire room with candles on special occasion, giving some expensive diamond ornament on birthday or anniversary, sending exquisite flowers to show love or booking the entire expensive restaurant all for you and your better half: all these can be add-ons. But is that really what love or caring all about?

Finding meaning of love and caring in our daily lives is more important. Sharing the load is the best way to show love and caring! 

Love is not love unless you express
Caring is not caring unless you feel it
Sharing is not sharing unless you feel relief
Marriage is not successful unless you have Caring, Sharing, Giving, Forgiving…and above all, Loving and being Loved….


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