Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Begging in bus stand

Just remembered one incident today!!!
I was waiting for a bus to go from Jorhat to Teok in a fine morning, many years back, probably, 1997-98.
"I have not had food for last three days. Please give me some money." uttered an old lady. Her age was approximately 55-56. I gave two Rupee Coin to her.  She was happy to get the two Rupee coin from a student and went away.
After few minutes, the bus (it was a mini bus) came. All the passengers sat in the bus. I saw the old lady coming inside the bus. She started begging money from each passenger saying the same sentence, even from me too. Probably age made her forget that few minutes back only, I gave her a coin.
Few passengers gave her money, and she said, "God bless you guys! You are so lovely people". But, I did not give her money again, and I was not the only one who gave her money before getting into the bus. One guy was angry and told her that he just gave few coins few minutes ago. Immediately, the lady shouted and got down saying, "God punish you guys, may some earthquake come and destroy the whole world!" ....Nobody reacted.  
Few days later, I was again waiting for a bus in the same bus-stand. The lady was again begging money uttering the same words.
Didn't know how to react, whether to feel sorry, or smile!.
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