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Ek Chutki Sindoor

....continue of Run-away Bride took my Boyfriend along....

It was our first night after marriage. My heart beats were probably increasing as the night was deepening. I was literally trembling…..when I heard someone trying to open the door of my room at around 11 pm.  Some girls, boys and ladies were asking some bucks to the man I got married to. One aunt came an hour ago and kept one glass of milk, a water vessel and big bowl in my room. She instructed me to wipe his feet with that water, dry up with my hair and after that, offer that glass of milk to him.




Runaway bride took my boyfriend along...

It was my sis’ wedding! I was damn excited….
Last few weeks before marriage, I kept visiting Fancy Bazaar regularly after class. Jyotirmoy  helped me a lot in choosing and buying my stuff, though bargaining was my own responsibility.  Thanks to my dear father for sending me couple of thousands for buying some Assam silk mekhela sadar.  

I bought one mekhela sadar set for the Wedding day, which was Navy blue with big golden polka all over. “It’s your marriage or Sis’ marriage?” Jyotirmoy kept teasing me all the time…. I bought this set, because Navy blue was Jyotirmoy’s favourite colour.  It’s been just few months, we had been going around. Shopping was a kind of dating for us. We would shop, walk till Naak kota pukhuri, eat chowmin and then catch the bus, and go back to the university hostel. I bought one simple Muga silk mekhela Sadar set too for the Juron. To match with both the dress, I had to buy lots of jewelries,  like matching bangles, necklace, finger rings, earrings, bindies…and for make-up …nail polish, blusher, eye-shadows…what not!!!  After all, I was the Bride’s one and only sister!



My love and laughter story

Our’s is an inter-cultural marriage. We got married in July few years back, in Delhi for the first time. Don’t ask me how…but, yes after some hard struggle.  

I didn’t have much knowledge about the Bengali customs, though people say that Bengali and Assamese cultures are quite similar.

We had our second and third marriage and reception in Guwahati and Jorhat, respectively in November, the same year. As that would be my first visit to in-law's home, my dear hubby tried his level best to train me about his customs and traditions, to impress my parents-in-law, his relatives, neighbours etc. My training sessions were not less than the potty-training sessions of a doggy, by the way.



My Love at First Sight in the dark

“Are you Amrita, by any chance?”  A voice from behind.

I turned. I could not recognize the person. Plumpy face with mustache, about 6 feet tall, bulging belly, but on decent attire.

“Yes, but… I….am sorry….do I know you?” I had to ask, wondering who recognized me amidst the busy exhibition, while I am not a celebrity.

“I am Geerin. Geerin Baruah. I think you forgot me….I am from Bokota…”


Promise of Love

We lived under the same roof. It’s been one and half year now. I cared for him, but probably as a roomie. Did I love him truly? Probably I tried. Emotional bonding with him? Naah, No longer.  

It’s not that I had not tried. I did, to create a co-ordial relationship with him, love him, care for him. But, all my efforts went in-vain. Now, I folded, wrapped and packed all my emotions and feelings and have thrown somewhere deep inside the heart so that they never come out easily. 
It was an arrange marriage. Infact, it was an : “Arrange cum Love”. We talked at least for six months before marriage. I still remember the day, my mom told me his name. 

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Ghostly affair : Ladies whose eyes were red

Usually, during the summer vacation time in school, I used to visit my Grandparents house. 

One such fine summer day, I was relishing half ripen mangoes with chili and salt on a banana leaf with my brother, grandma and younger aunt, sitting under the big mango tree in the front yard. Green ambiance, we put a straw mattress in the shadowed area to sit on. The mangoes were extremely delicious… breeze was hitting us continuously to make us feel fresh and nice every moment. Grandma was telling us some paddy field stories… she had caught fishes the previous week in the muddy area….how she used to find the luscious small red fruits in mossy areas and how tasty they were… 

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I switched on the light

It was Saturday. So many guests at my home that day.

Two families with four kids. So, including my two siblings and parents, we were 12 people at home.  Two families were given two rooms, my brother and sister slept with my parents, and my mom asked me to sleep in the living room in a sofa cum bed. I did not want to, as the room was just a bit unattached to other bed rooms, and we did not have any intercom, nor had any mobile phone those days. But, as there was no other option left, I had to say ‘Yes’.


Baak : A Gothic Story

‘Baak’….a special kind of ghosts….typically lived in swamp areas. Don’t know whether it was found or seen in other places of the country or not……..but it was popular in Assam till even late 70’s.
Fresh Fish was the staple food of Baak. People used to encounter a Baak while fishing in a river or pond or a swamp area. Generally, the non-veg guys, the Fish eaters had the fortune to come across this kind of ghosts.
Mostly, people used to put fishing net in the ponds or marsh lands late in the evening and collect in the dawn. There were so many stories like, sometimes some lonely fishermen used to catch fish and keep in their pots…and automatically fishes used to vanish…..while they used to feel somebody’s presence and get to hear some chewing sounds in the air. Normally, Baaks didn’t take lives of people, they would attack if the fishermen threatened them.


Yellow Roses

“Can we meet for a cup of coffee tomorrow?” Ratul asked Rubi.

I was just standing beside Ratul, putting one hand on my slanting bike. We met Rubi and her friend Jyoti suddenly in front of the college hostel...I knew as exam was over, there was a chance to meet them outside during their evening walk. So, I pressurized Ratul to come along with me this way and pre-planned for my fake birthday.  


Pain in mind and soul

Sanjay was managing himself somehow with tremendous patience……the ambiance became extremely gloomy…..The shiny sun also was unable to bring some brightness to the surroundings. His son and daughter reached home in the morning…..But still they could not take Pragya to the burial ground…as postmortem was yet to be done.  


The END, an End of a Life

A night in my grandparent’s village….

People used to say my youngest uncle was the wealthiest in his village. Once, uncle had to go to his parents-in- law’s house for some special occasion. My Grandpa and Tombho, a labrador had to be the guards for the night.


Fear of the Dark

15 years back, when there was no mobile phone or landline in the hostel.

University hostel. Summer vacation started. All girls went home one by one. Rini wasted so much time in her sports engagements, for which she was far behind her curriculum. Besides, her boyfriend was also in his hostel for some personal issues. So, Rini was planning to go home after a week.


Annoying Aunty, but funny too

Boby aunty usually come to our home after having lunch, to escape from her daytime sleep. Ofcourse, sometimes before lunch too, to have a cup of tea and do some chatting. My brother tries his level best not to come out of his room during her visit. But, I love to get the muft gyan and information from aunty.

“You should not sleep in day time. You will become fat. Moti ladki se kaun shaadi kadenge.”


A never ending summer

Summer fun, summer sun.
Shiny days!  Corn maze.

Bhutta !!! An ideal soul food for a Delhi belly. Corn, the bhutta in Delhi lingo, whose eating sensation is delicious and fulfilling, is also something so healthy and inexpensive.


Family Togetherness is more important than Get Together sometimes

That day was Badi Diwali in 2011.

It was just the dawn. The colony was looking damn bright and beautiful. The colorful zig zag lights in each house, the warm light falling on the straight rows of the trees, and the chirping sound of the birds, all were making an embellished atmosphere all around.


Life is a route, start afresh when needed

“Please do not throw them out Mom.” 

“Why not? Your room is extremely cluttered.” Mom shouted.

“These are the last few things left out, I want to keep them with me.” I could not keep my eye drops blocked anymore.


A house of your Own

“As you guys came to know our Australia office has been closed. It was not making any profit for last couple of years. And now the Market is down.” The Director was pouring his speech.

“Now we are overstaffed. The management decided to let you go, but we will surely provide you some benefits. Because you deserve it…….” The lecture went on and on…


Dare you not to celebrate Valentine Day

Only few days remaining for the party of Valentine's Day where Elsa would go with her boyfriend Rahul. This would be her first Valentine date, after she said ‘Yes’ to him. This party would be really special for her as Rahul was planning to introduce her to all of his friends.


Trick to handle gigantic buffalo

Just out of University! Bindaas time.

Those days were for planning, what to do next, whether to do a job or study further. We four girls – Anubha, Mausumi, Swastika and me took two rooms in the fourth floor of a big apartment at Katwariya Sarai. A congested, low cost living, student area of South Delhi. 

There was a long and narrow entrance to our building – at least 100 mtr long and 4ft wide. Both sides of the entry lane were covered by the windowless walls of two buildings. 


Nature's Friend wants to save Kissanpur

Raju’s father – Khagesh was a rickshaw puller, in a small township – Soonpura, of Sibsagarh district of Assam. Raju had three siblings. He was the eldest, so, he thought himself responsible enough for taking care of the family, next to his father.


Playing with Innocence on April Fool Day

My room was dirty, messy. Mom was continuously blabbering… “Why don’t you clean your room, what people will think – being a college girl, you have no sense of cleanliness!!!!” …. “God knows who is deserving you as a wife…Hats off to him from now only!!!”


Incredible retreat – my cool summer holidays!

Place I originally belong to is famous for its magnificent green panorama – a small place in Assam – ‘Sibsagarh’ ! Full of greeneries, beautiful landscape, a place, where kids of all ages can pick their own fruits and vegetables, enjoy hayrides, navigate corn mazes, and generally have FUN!


Why am I not reducing? ….Condition Serious Hai…!!!

“Look at me when I am talking to you.”

Mrs. Reeta Barua announced with a blood curdling combative tone. 

Her husband, an almighty powerful managing director; a blatant terror horse to his huge 150+ staff, was trying hard to duck behind a frail newspaper.


What are you gifting me tomorrow?

“What are you gifting me tomorrow?”

“Why?” Mr. Das asked his wife with an astounded look.

“Tomorrow is Woman’s day, Man! Where r u??? We all girls will go to BarbeQ Nation and celebrate the day there.”  Mr. Das is so much drowned in his official work these days that he is not getting enough time to peep through the newspaper nor to watch even his favourite news channel.


Do you believe in Ghost?

I was 8 yrs. old then.

I have three aunts (Maahi) and two uncles (Mama). My eldest Maahi is a singer. She was awarded the best singer in that year in a competition held among the seven states of Northeast India, somewhat similar to today’s Indian idol.


Begging in bus stand

Just remembered one incident today!!!
I was waiting for a bus to go from Jorhat to Teok in a fine morning, many years back, probably, 1997-98.
"I have not had food for last three days. Please give me some money." uttered an old lady. Her age was approximately 55-56. I gave two Rupee Coin to her.  She was happy to get the two Rupee coin from a student and went away.


Education matters....

It was the Year–end of 2000. Recession period started. Aaruv completed his BE in Mechanical Engineering from a well recognized Engineering College in Assam. Not getting a good job, he decided to pursue MBA in Delhi with a hope that the BE and an MBA degree together could probably lead up to a dazzling career.

Recession continued. Aaruv could not rely on the Campus interviews in completion of MBA. Started applying jobs here and there. One fine day, received a call for an interview... and ultimately selected as a sales and marketing executive of a good kitchen appliances manufacturing company. Only Aaruv can tell you what kind of feeling he had, how excited he was, getting his first job,  kick starting his if world was at his feet....stepping into the dreamed world.


Should I go further to get closer

“Be in Saree while you are in our township.”  Strictly instructed by my father-in-law to me, while I was 7 days old in marriage. I nodded my head.


No good political power

It was a midnight of someday, two/three years back!
We were just in our dreamland; Midnight muse was about to caress us to take to her fantasy world.

Suddenly, there were big bangs in our neighborhood! Some sounds of explosion. We jumped up from the bed, and ran to the balcony to see what was happening….thought the ways how to save our lives.


Ghostly Experience

Do you believe in ghost? I did…

After completion of my college, I took admission at Guwahati University (GU) for my masters. I was excited…for a new life…opening a new chapter. I was in hostel since my 11th. But, experience of University is perhaps unmatched!

GU has 8 girls’ hostels and 10 boys’ hostels with a beautiful green campus. I got admission in Hostel no.1 (R.C.C. -1). R.C.C. -1 has a capacity of 80 girls. It is a two-story building. All the rooms are connected with very long corridor in each floor. It is adjacent to a hill, for which our hostel was attacked by the monkeys all the day.

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