Sunday, July 15, 2012

No good political power

It was a midnight of someday, two/three years back!
We were just in our dreamland; Midnight muse was about to caress us to take to her fantasy world.

Suddenly, there were big bangs in our neighborhood! Some sounds of explosion. We jumped up from the bed, and ran to the balcony to see what was happening….thought the ways how to save our lives.

… Luckily…it was nothing, but just the crackers…..! But, it was continuous….with hazardous sound effects…continued till half an hour. Cottons also could not save my ears….There was no place to fly away also. Thank God, that time I did not have my baby, neither was I pregnant!  

Everyone in the colony got up, gathered. My hubby dear went downstairs to know what was the occasion. I was too very much anxious and kept counting the waves of seconds to know the details.

It was the Birthday of one of our neighbors - a Punjabi man of almost 60 years. His son who was studying in Australia had come home that day. Obviously then ….it was an occasion to celebrate. Why should one care for the neighbor’s dreams, health, or for the environment, if somebody has enough money to waste and reasons to celebrate?

Next day morning, it was a topic of the discussion among the neighbors. The oldee is a so called politician for no good, belongs to no political group. Always, we get to see him in white clean Safari suit. From his look and health, anyone can guess that he must be a diabetic patient. Hardly, he goes out from home. He has three/four vehicles, probably, two SUVs and two Sedans. And he ensures that his sellas including two drivers, two body-guards also wear white shirts and pants with white shoes.

Since morning, the sellas keep roaming on the road in front of his flat. They pass their time gossiping, looking at the girls, ladies and putting their effort to fight with the fruitwalas, vegetablewalas etc. In the evening, they change their dresses and sit in their room to play cards or drink. 

I got to know from one of my neighbors that couple of years back, the oldee’s son was involved in doing crimes, like beating innocent people, eve-teasing girls who used to take tuitions in our colony and lots others. Looking at that, his father sent him to Australia to continue his school studies and then the college too. So, after his graduation, he was back to India. All were hopeful that he got some maturity now.

Couple of weeks later, I was parking my car. I saw the oldee’s son driving an SUV, which was just behind my car. He was also looking for a parking space. As almost all parking spaces were full, he parked his car in front of the closed back-gate –of our nearby hospital, where the ‘No Parking’ banner was already hanging. This gate is used whenever there are some specific requirements from the Hospital’s store and hostel which are inside our colony. Unfortunately, just after few minutes, even when he was in the car, one old person from Admistration of the hospital wanted to open the gate from inside. While the gate was not opening, he peeped through the gate and saw the vehicle. He asked the guy to remove the car from there. The old man asked if the boy had not seen the ‘No Parking’ board. That was not in a very decent language, though it was not so much abusing tone J ! But, the guy replied so badly, that I felt so ashamed that I had to run away from that place. I heard the guy using ….Maa ki, Behen ki…..all those all-time favourite gaalis of Delhities; Threatened the old man of shooting him.

Fight went for long….I could see a gathering of people, few on-lookers taking masti of the incident. Ultimately, the vehicle was removed from there. A meeting was called for next day to manage the parking area inside the colony. Through the incident, the oldee’s son was also able to show his presence and power by using filthy language in loud voice, indirectly trying to strengthen his father’s ‘no good’ political power.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Social Media

Life without Mobile phones =  Can not imagine!

Life without Social Media = Can we think of???

China is the largest and India is the second most populous countries in the world. But the way, Facebook is picking up its speed, I am sure it will overtake these two countries and set its position as the most populated realm, so that no country can break the record.

In case of other social media components like blogging, micro blogging, news sharing, website sharing,  video sharing, music sharing etc., social media is a powerful tool to aggregate people, bring popularity to individuals/ organizations/products and build the brands too.

Now, gossiping is becoming open….organizations started believing that one’s personality reflects in social media. A groom is chosen believing in the statement – ‘a man is known by the company he keeps’ – looking at the social media friend –circles.

Though social media consumes huge time of the youth, and the young professionals mostly, interest based networking has started making its impact. Common goals, hobbies, social causes, government indecisiveness, eradicating social evils are such areas where social media can evolve.

To give an example, I received a mail from Rajiv Vausdevan via for signing his petition asking the defence minister to help the brave NSG Commando, PV Manesh get reimbursement for his Ayurveda treatment. Manesh was injured while rescuing hostages in the 26/11 attacks. He has been undergoing Ayurveda treatment that has helped him significantly, but the Army rules don’t allow for reimbursement of Ayurveda treatment. So, Rajiv started this campaign to help him.

I am sure that this kind of common causes can be eradicated through social media collaboration. I believe, the ADVT. of Idea mobile of gathering votes from millions of people for a common cause, now also can happen in a big way through social media. That’s even more effectively as social media is free to cost. 

Not sure if social media can change our political and social systems and processes or not, but will emerge into something very different which is hard to say, as the future will be more connected and more engaged.

And….as the networking rides on the mouse!!!
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