Sunday, July 31, 2016

Assam in its dire moment

Courtesy: India Today

Though not vastly, but yes! Local and National Media has covered Assam flood….and I am sure most of the conscious people are now aware of Assam flood, may be through Facebook, TV, Twitter, few  mainlines and may be by word of mouth.
We helped Chennai, we helped Nepal, we helped Kashmir during the natural disaster. Now, Assam is really in need of your help in her dire state.
Incessant rainfall in Assam during the last month - July resulted in heavy flooding in Brahmaputra and its tributaries. More than 29 people have lost their lives, officially and approximately 37 lakhs people from 28 districts are affected, several thousands of people rendered homeless and several thousands of hectares of agricultural lands got inundated, causing soil erosion, failure in communication networks, electricity, commuting etc. Schools, roads, embankments have been either washed away or badly damaged.

The worst-affected districts are Lakhimpur, Golaghat, Bongaigaon, Jorhat, Dhemaji, Barpeta, Goalpara, Dhubri, Darrang, Morigaon and Sonitpur.
So, why Assam needs your help???

  • About 37 lakh people have been affected by the flood.
  • 3,300 villages were washed out.
  •  More than a lakh people internally displaced from their home
  • Close to 80 per cent of the Kaziranga National Park, home to the one-horned rhinoceros, lay submerged.
  • The death toll so far is 29, and rising.

So, how can you help ???

You can contribute whatever you can by getting in touch with either of the governmental or non-governmental contacts mentioned below:
Request you to share this information on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp, to spread the word and get Assam all the help it needs.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Suit Buit me aaya Kanhaiya Potty Saaf karno ko

I and my brother used to stay together in Delhi after college.

One fine Sunday morning, our calling bell rang.

My brother opened the door….a yucky smell hit my nose…....I saw him standing there. I wondered he looked neat and clean…but smelling sooo bad??? I felt awkward to bring my fingers to my nose, but felt like spitting. He came inside the room, sat on my brother’s bed. I was sure, my brother was also feeling uneasy.

But, once we closed the door, the smell vanished gradually.

Once again, the calling bell rang…. Probably milk man! I opened the door… whooaah, the milk man was covering his face with a towel…The deadly smell again hit my nose badly….

I looked down…discovered the source. One cat relieved her stomach in front of our front door….

Now who would clean that???…..I and my brother started putting the responsibility on each other…..

“Bhaity you please clean this…..”
“Baba, please you clean it…”

TU-TU, ME-ME continued…….fight reached to the next level….

Looking at the deteriorating fight,  suddenly we saw, our guest putting one cloth on his nose and mouth, proceeded to clean the stuff with some newspapers….and hard plastic pieces. Smile came to both of our faces…. The well-dressed guy was cleaning the potty of a cat at friend’s place! How awesome….!!! I silently thought “Husband ho to aisa!!”…

And that’s the one of the reasons, I married my hubby!!! ;)

Yes! Lighting the entire room with candles on special occasion, giving some expensive diamond ornament on birthday or anniversary, sending exquisite flowers to show love or booking the entire expensive restaurant all for you and your better half: all these can be add-ons. But is that really what love or caring all about?

Finding meaning of love and caring in our daily lives is more important. Sharing the load is the best way to show love and caring! 

Love is not love unless you express
Caring is not caring unless you feel it
Sharing is not sharing unless you feel relief
Marriage is not successful unless you have Caring, Sharing, Giving, Forgiving…and above all, Loving and being Loved….


Saturday, July 9, 2016

When the Man cried

Other side of the Story of  "How much she will tolerate ?".........

“It’s been long time now… long time means three months….But for me as if it’s been three decades…

Unbearable…..Yes! It’s just unbearable!!! How can be it possible..!! I never imagined this kind of married life…..To stay away from my child for three months…to stay away from my wife whom I used to care for a lot!!! What I did wrong…..??? I always tried to keep everyone happy….but what went wrong???”  Raj’s voice was shivering ……almost started sobbing……I was silently listening and observing him. I had to approach him, as I too wanted to understand what went wrong in this cute family…..

“She lodged a case against me of stealing her gold, you know, while I never ever touched them even… Those damn gold ornaments are just lying at her Mother’s place.” He continued.

“I never touched her salary for household stuff….Yes! I borrowed some money for my sister’s marriage….but I returned all to her account in the course of time…Probably, she is not aware of it as her debit card was lying with me.”

“I earn good. My parents sacrificed their luxury for me and my siblings’ study….And yeah, now it’s my turn, infact, responsibility to give them back…keep them happy. I contributed good amount of money during my sister’ wedding….What’s a big deal…But, my wife was not happy! I gifted a diamond necklace to my sis which I promised in my childhood, Shalini was just jealous……Now, while I wanted to spend some money in my brother’s marriage…She openly started fighting with all of us…. Arre!! If I work till late, then it's a problem, if I watch movie or do Whatsapp at night, then it's a problem, if I spend time with my parents, then again it's a problem......I am a man of principle…And I am proud of that!!”

“She snatched my child away…….He was the pearl of my eyes……heart of my parents….” He sobbed….. “She threatened me and my parents that if anyone of us tries to meet my child, she may do anything with him…”

“But Shalini told me that you denied to buy property for yourself and postponed the admission of your child for next year…” I had to raise this question….

“I am an idealistic man, I love to live in a joined family and be support for each other….We already have this property in Noida, a prime space. And I never said that I will not invest in future…..We have enough time….We are just six years of marriage…. And yes! My child is already going to a nearby school – Euro Kids, we can give admission in a bigger school next year too….I don’t think this is a big deal…..I tried to make her understand….but she was not ready to listen to me.”

“Every house has a problem…but there is a way to resolve….She left me and my family suddenly along with my child. Every moment I feel their absence. My son’s giggles, lovely queries, warmth of his hug….the precious word –“Papa”…..I can’t go to anyone to show my feelings… much I am traumatized……I can never forgive her…..”

Raj has been visiting the Psychologist regularly to escape from this devastation. He eats medicine which can make him feel happy all the time…..may be in office or at home…. The doctor asked him to take this medicine for at least next three months. Now, he has a plan for sponsoring few children in an NGO…..devote everything to the society…..

I just could not come to a conclusion….but just thought…

“What’s the love..
Until it’s accompanied by trust, understanding & compromise!
How easy to break a lovely life!
Reasons can be anything,
May be - just the destiny, fate ….or  lack of effort and right vibes.”

NB: Based on a real story....

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What makes Assamese Cuisine so Exotic?

Foodie??? Non-Assamese??? Hmmm…then you must look at these 14 exotic stuff that make Assamese cuisine really SPECIAL…..and do try in some Assamese restaurants or make yourself invited to any of your Assamese friends….

“Simplicity is the beauty!” Yes! That’s the one sentence description of Assamese cuisine. Along with simplicity, Assamese cuisine is a unique blend of different original styles with considerable regional variations as well as some striking external influence. 

We make varieties of Assamese dishes….Veg and Non-Veg….But what are the catalysts to make those dishes special….here they are…

1. Bhut Jolokia : Bhut Jolokia or the Ghost Chilli is one of the hottest chillies in the world. It has a special flavor and taste which help in bring a unique aroma to the dish:

2. Baah Gaaz : Baah Gaaz or Bamboo shoot can be fermented and then it's called 'Kharisa'. It can be kept for years, and can be eaten as pickle or can be mixed with different veg and non-veg curries:

3. Khar : Assamese people are called ‘Kharua’ too…as they cook ‘khar’ very frequently. This is a unique dish of Assam and it is believed that khar cleanses the stomach. The ingredient is made by drying and burning the skins of banana to take out the ashes, preferably a variety called bheem kol ( a special banana found only in northeast India). Water is then filtered through the ashes. And this water is called khar and is then added to the different dishes :

Photo Courtesy : Wikimedia
.4. Maan Dhonia : This is my favourite. These leaves are also known as Vietnamese coriander or Mexican coriander. A hot and sour chutney is prepared by Maan Dhaniya or added in different curries:

5. Dhekia: is a kind of wild fern - a leafy vegetable, which can be cooked separately or can be mix with non-veg dishes like Pork:

6. Aamloi Parua : Aamloi tup or red ant eggs are indigenous food which is specially found during the month of April. Aamloi tupar dish with a glass of laupaani can not be compared with any other dishes! Khauo, Tab Jaano!!!

Photo Courtesy : Ashapurna Phukan

7. Polu : Assam is famous for Silk. And the Silk worm pupae is full of nutrients. These can be crisp-fried and used as an appetizer:

Photo Courtesy : Ashapurna Phukan

8. Kaji Nemu :  This is a special variety of lemon found in Northeast India:

9. Kasu : Kosu Thuri or Kosu Xaak (colocasia plant) is a leafy vegetable which can be cooked separately with tomatoes or bake in Banana leaf or mix with non veg dishes like Pork:

Photo Courtesy : Madhusmita Kalita Pathak

.10. Thekera : This fruit is found in northeastern states. It is green when it is raw, get deep purple when ripe and turns deeper purple or blackish while sun-dried. It is used as a souring agent to make different veg and non-veg curries. It is also used to make refreshing drink, as  the old dried fruits are good for dysentery, digestive and cooling:

11. Kon Bilahi: The little tomatoes! Smoke them well and mix it with coriander, chilli, onion and ginger and eat with Poita bhaat (Rice from the previous day, drenched in water) or else put some fresh ones in fish curry…….You will never forget the taste! Guranteed!

 12. Posola : Posola or banana stem is used in many simple yet delicious dishes as main flavouring ingredient, that brings out the best flavours of Assam. This is very nutritious and has distinctive flavour:

Courtesy : Wikimedia

.13. O’ Tenga : It is called elephant apple which is used as  tangy agent. It can be mixed with any daal or fish curry, which gives a special aroma and taste:

.14. Laupaani : Laupaani or Xaaj is a rice beer which is made in a traditional style and served in different occasions in Bamboo mug or bell metal bowl:

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Catch Up on Lost Growth in Children

From the very moment you plan your family, decide to conceive till the time your last day on the earth, it is almost like starting a company of your own…

First you make your mind, nurture the idea, plan, visit the doctors regularly, start your execution once you greet the new born… then keep watching the baby's progress eagerly, monitoring every inch of growth and each new developmental milestone all the way...Isn't it sooo similar???

In the whole phase, sometimes, the growth of your child will worry you…sometimes fussiness in the child will make you concerned....what not!!! While you see him playing with his friends, questions like ‘Is my child shorter than his peers?’ ‘Is my child growing slower than his classmates?’, ‘Is my child’s weight lighter than I was at that age?’ keep scratching you.

Yes, a child’s growth is an important indicator of overall health and well-being. Keeping a regular tab on child’s normal physical and mental growth is extremely important, whereas we should not worry if the child is not among the 50th or 75th percentile of height and weight chart.

No child grows at a perfectly steady rate throughout the period of childhood. Kids actually tend to grow a bit faster in the spring than during other times of the year!

Here is an easy and accurate way to track how your child is growing: The Growth Calculator:

So, what can cause slower growth?

There may be several reasons why a child may not be growing as fast as his or her peers or classmates. Some may be entirely harmless reasons and do not affect the health of your child at all. For example, some children simply grow at a slower rate than others, but will eventually catch-up as they get older.

However, there are some other serious reasons for the slower growth of the child. These reasons can range from being born SGA (Small for gestational age) to poor nutrition to certain diseases, for example, conditions affecting the kidneys or the liver. It may even be that a child’s body is not making enough growth hormone, which is responsible for making them grow.

But, the most common reason among the above is that the meal time is not a pleasant experience, but a battlefield for huge number of parents and children. Eating difficulties is a major problem with the children which starts from age of one or two. You need to embrace new tricks to feed your child in daily basis, run after him, take him to the park, use pranks, force or even 'bribe' him to eat...If he eats properly, then its fine, if not, you are totally frustrated and worried.

So, what you need to do to Catch Up On Growth?

-    A good breakfast sets children up for the entire day of learning and discovery. It’s important that kids eat and drink well to set them up for the day. Not only does breakfast provide children with energy, but it is also a good opportunity to top them up with nutrients that support their physical and mental development. 
    Horlicks Growth Plus - with 23 vital growth nutrients - is a great addition to your child’s daily breakfast routine. Giving Horlicks at breakfast time leaves you reassured that you have provided your children with a great start to the day!

-    Universal truth that – kids love junk food and will like having a lot of it. Don't deprive them, but limit them. Try to incorporate healthy snacks in the child's daily diet. The child needs healthy snacks between meals that are nutrients-dense, high in energy, and also easy to digest.

-    Experts say children need 1.2 times more protein than adults for proper growth, and 80 % of it is used for growth and development. Inadequate protein intake may lead to slower growth in children. So, protein diet is extremely important for the child everyday.

-    Ensure everyday intake of Calcium, an important nutrient for bone health, normal heartbeat, blood clotting and muscle function. Your 1 to 3 years old children need at least 500 milligrams, 4 to 8 years old need 800 milligrams and 9 to 18 years old kids need 1300 milligrams of daily Calcium.

-   Mixed grains offer better micro-nutrients, include grains, beans and cereals in the daily diet. Fiber-rich diet and Foods rich in Vitamin C and E, beta-carotene and mineral selenium that empower the body with antioxidants to save the child from several diseases like cancer, heart ailments etc., are also extremely important for children every day.

-    Iron deficiency is very common in children. Fatigue, pale eyes and skin, poor appetite and fussiness in child could be early signs of iron deficiency. Though for the first six months, breast-fed babies get their iron requirements from their mother’s milk, iron intake should soon be started post six months which include fish, meat, green leafy vegetables, eggs, whole grains breads, iron-fortified cereals etc.

-    You need to introduce variety in the diet of the children. Wider variety may give better nutrition. Create a kitchen garden - grow vegetables/fruits to get nutritious food, include your kids in gardening, they would love to eat the vegetables/fruits, nurtured by them.

-     Involve kids in cooking, they would love cooking their own meal.

Nutrition tip: “HorlicksGrowth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months.”

Visit: to know more.

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