Saturday, July 29, 2017

That Hug in the Rain

It was a Friday. A decade back. I kept calling him up so many times throughout the day. Minimum 30 times, I am sure! His phone kept ringing, and I got fed up by hearing the lady’s voice again and again, saying, ‘the person you are calling is unavailable to pick your call.” 

My frustration level was piling up. I could assume that last few days, he had been trying to ignore me for some reasons. My colleagues were also enquiring if everything was alright with me. I maintained silence.  

I thought of calling him up again from the bus, while returning from my office.

I boarded the bus at Nehru Place. It started raining. The crowded bus accelerated my frustration. The smell of sweat, rain-drops from the windows, push from every direction, fights for woman’s seats, the typical Haryanvi slangs, all these spices didn’t give me space to take out the phone and call him from the bus.

Anyways, I got down from the bus at my destination. It was still pouring heavily. I halted for a while in the bus stand. I thought of calling him up for the last time. My fingers started searching for the phone inside the bag. But….Whoaaaa!!! The phone was not there. I sat in a corner, took out most of the stuff from the bag, but could not find the handset. My anger, frustration, situation, everything made my eye-drops rolling out to make my lips salty. One or two on-lookers approached me to offer help. I totally agreed to the popular saying – “When troubles come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.”

However, the rain showed no indication to stop. I thought of walking in that rain as my room was not so far. And I did. I was fully drenched. I could hear one drunkard whistling at me. 

I entered the open PCO, which was almost next to my room. I dialed my Mom to break the news that I had lost my mobile phone. And, then, I dialed his number….. Probably looking at the unknown number, he picked up the call.

“Hello..” His voice.

“I lost my mobile phone.” I was calm….I think the rain had already coolen my head. 

“Oops….bad news…but, how it happened?” He showed his courtesy.

“Can you come to meet me now?” My straight question, while I had no mood to explain how I lost my mobile phone.

“Nowww? Hey, not possible!!! It’s raining so heavily……and, and, my friends are planning to have a get-together in the evening…! So,…I think it won’t be possible…” Almost strong statement.

“Yes! It’s raining cats & dog…but, my heart is roaring. I would be waiting for you even in the rain, in front of 69, Bhagawan Nagar……till you come down. I don’t care whatever happens. I will not enter my home.” And, I didn’t wait to hear his response, kept the phone on the cuddle. 

His room was just half a kilometer away. I kept waiting in the rain in front of my home. Thank God! My landlords used to live in the first floor. Rainy chill and continuous wind made me tremble. But, I was firm. Even, rain also tested my tolerance level. No break, but, no give-up! 

After almost half an hour, I could see him far away… miasma, walking slowly towards me……with an umbrella….Probably, he came to check whether I was actually waiting for him in that heavy shower…

While he was just few meters away from me…… I almost ran and hugged him tight. Thank God! He didn’t take a turn!!! He patted my back slowly after a while, shielded me from the heavy raindrops with his umbrella…..
And yes……that hug was not for a while…….but, for the whole life….I didn’t let him go away……. Poor Guy! 

And now, ‘TODAY’, we completed tenth year…..

Ofcourse, it hasn’t always been so easy.  We have our share of ups and downs, annoying at times, hilarious at times, and lovely at times! But, please do wish us so that our love grows deeper and deeper every single day…..

Happy 10th Anniversary to both of us!!!! :)

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