Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eloped with my boyfriend in a bicycle

I eloped with my boyfriend in a bicycle one fine day….during the dawn……..I could hear my younger sister's heavy voice from far behind, "Gone! Gone! Gone .......my Sis has gone....eloping with one guy!!! Maa....Dewtaaaaaa......."

......We kept riding on the narrow muddy roads through the endless paddy fields……..took rest for few minutes on the way under a big banyan tree….hearing some hissing sound, I hold him tight with fear, and his strong shoulders made me feel safe…….and then we rode again till we reached a different village…..

It was already dark, very few people we could see on the roads….may be those who were returning from the paddy field or those who were in search of the magic water, desi wali!!! :) 

He stopped in front of a house which had a long entrance, both the sides of the entrance had rows of flower bushes…..there was a big yard in front of the house. The roof of the house was made of hays.  I am calling it a house, not a hut, as it had at least 4 rooms inside.

He asked me to stand in a corner of the yard and went ahead to knock at the door. Lovely smell of  different flowers, like roses, jasmine, orchids along with the chirping of some birds, glow worms dazzling in the surroundings, all were making the ambiance divine…as if I could see everything very clearly under the moonlit night……….

Suddenly, some drops of water fell on me….I started thinking whether those were mere dew drops from the trees or some welcoming raindrops, though the sky was clean and clear ……….

Story may go on….but how is it? …..Yes, it was my dream….so many times I dreamt while I was a teenager. I wanted to elope with my future husband in a bicycle. But, this could not happen in this life….though there were so many twists before our marriage…….Promises, Cries, Fights…what not happened……

People say, Birth, Marriage and Death, all three things are only on destiny. I totally agree and believe. And I thank God for making my dream partially true by putting me on a roller coaster before achieving my second destiny: 'Marriage with My lovely Hubby dear'!!!

Now, though I have made my hubby promise to fulfill my dream fully in our Next life….and luckily he promised too…., not sure whether this kind of village or ambiance will exist that time or not!!! L

Whatever happens in the next life, putting everything on destiny again…, this life, I want to live and enjoy to the fullest with U: U understand my dear hubby!!!! So, be always the same…..Love you to the no limit!!! J

Happy Anniversary to Us, anyways!!!!

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