Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mamma!!! I'm coming home to spend 'Time' with you!!!

The New Year Eve! The sand of the hourglass is cascading in full fury.

Time to look back....Time to take resolution for next year! Time to review the current year, and decide what I liked and what I never want to do again.

...It’s all about ‘Time’!!!

Time bears all, time heals all and time tells all. Time is allotted to us in a series of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, decades and list goes on. Time is free. But, we can’t ‘make’ more time, we can’t win time or neither can we borrow time. Once our time is spent, once that second has passed, it’s gone forever.

Remembering an Assamese song what my Dad used to sing to refer time – “Jilika Jilika Tora Aakakhar, Aaahi he jadi he kakhate pore polokote lua butoli, Hamayar tikani aag phale ure Mamma!!” (If the bright stars from the sky fall down near you, pick them up immediately, ‘Coz  time flies fast!!!)

Time is precious and spending time with family is more precious!!!

Nostalgic about my old days with my parents, relatives.....and with my few childhood friends.

Planning to revive few moments from my memory-bank.

Flying home tomorrow to start my New Year afresh!!! Excited!!!!!
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