Friday, November 14, 2014

Plan according to your income and time

What is the School Fee in Nursery or LKG? 

80 k/ 1.2 L/ 1.5 L/ 2 L…….

Remember our time????   Hardly Rs.100 only…..

Hmmmm…..Rupees value has decreased. Spending capability has increased. Population became larger, upgraded lifestyle, mushrooming schools. Competition is becoming tougher.

Choosing the school for the child is probably the biggest parenting decision today. School admissions are becoming really stressful at times as there are so many rings to jump through.

Prepare your child to appear the Interview. If your kidoo cleared the Technical round/Personality Test, don’t think your stress is over… will have to put a good amount as the Admission fee.

And yes, if you have paid the admission fee, don’t think pressure is gone…….your child will have to have all colour dresses, traditional attire, fancy costumes and ornaments for Janmastami, Halloween, Christmas or to be a grumpy bear, Spiderman, plumber or else keep the address of a renting shop ready with you for contacting them on the day the school ask for the costume.

And then too, don’t be stress-free again, put him in the trench of multi-talents, give him admission in Music, Dance, Art, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Taekwondo or Karate…. 

Earlier, during the Dowry time (assuming dowry is passé now), the parents used to put some money aside for the daughter’s marriage since her birth, now, you need to keep some amount aside once your child is born, no matter boy or girl. 

Now a days, the family planning no longer centers on – “Hum do Haamare do”, instead it says – “Plan according to your income and time.”

Happy Children’s Day, anyways!!!!
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