Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dare you not to celebrate Valentine Day

Only few days remaining for the party of Valentine's Day where Elsa would go with her boyfriend Rahul. This would be her first Valentine date, after she said ‘Yes’ to him. This party would be really special for her as Rahul was planning to introduce her to all of his friends.

She planned to give a complete new look to her face. New look means a new you! Not that tired, boring face after whole day office. She had bought a dazzling red dress from Limeroad few days back. Went to parlor for facial, threading, manicure, and pedicure. She was all set to unlock the new powers of her lipstick, eye-shadow, eyeliner, and blush and create a fashion statement to be an elegant beauty! 

13th February, 11:45 PM. 

Elsa was giving the last coats of nail polish. As if she was in a fantasy word.

“Beep! Beep!”  Suddenly her phone rang. She was sure it would be Rahul’s phone.  Yes, it was. They started talking. Romanticism was high in the air. “I want to be the first person to wish you Valentine Day, My Love! I don’t want to give scope to anybody else to call you up during this time….!!!”  Showed his possessiveness. 

12.05 AM.

Her Doorbell rang unexpectedly. Though Rahul was on the phone, she got scared, who can be in this hour at her doorstep!!! Her roommate Roma was also not in town. She went to Mumbai to be with her Boyfriend during the Valentine day. Rahul lived just 4 km away from her house. He assured her not to worry……and just peep through the door first. 

“Hey! That is a flower delivery man along with our society guard.” She excitedly said. 

Rahul poured his heart out, “Yes Darling! That’s from my side! Happy Valentine Day, My Love!!!”

Big Bouquet of Red Roses with a stunning heart-shaped candy box, accompanied with a gorgeous pink dress for her to wear in the day time. 

They kept talking to the wee hours…..

And a day packed with unbridled fun, excitement, enjoyment was waiting for them.


Four Years later.

14th February. 12.05 AM

Doorbell rang.

“What the hell!!! Who’s there in this hour to eat my head!” Rahul got up from his deep sleep and went to open the door as if he would hit the person right in his face. 

There was a flower delivery person. Before he says something, Rahul said, “Sorry Boss! You are in the wrong address!” and he shut the door. 

The flower man rang the bell again. Rahul opened the door. “Is this Rahul Barua’s house? This bouquet is from Elsa Barua. Happy Valentine Day!” Saying that, he quickly handed over the Flower bouquet and before he get a punch, he disappeared from the place.

During this time, Elsa lit a candle and took out the Surprise Valentine Cake, kept in the laptop table near the bed and waited for her hubby with a smiling face. 

Rahul came in. But without the Bouquet! He kept it in the dining hall. Elsa wished him. He kept sitting for a while with a robotic smile. As soon as, Elsa cut the Cake, he fell down in the bed, and in a minute, Elsa could hear the Wheezes from his nose….

7:30 AM. 

Rahul got up first…offered Elsa a hug, a kiss and a lame excuse, “I could not realise what was happening to me last night. Was extremely sleepy!.....Thanks for such a lovely bouquet….and, …and the yummy Cake.”

Elsa, an understanding wife…said, “But, how come you know the Cake was yummy while you even did not taste it?”

Rahul instantly replied, “It should be. Must be. It’s from my lovely wify after all!!!”

Elsa, “Anyways, let’s go somewhere today. How about having our lunch in some good restaurant today?”

“All restaurants will be jam-packed, and you are sooo good cook. Why don’t you make some Valentine Special dish today?” He murmured.

And he thought “God!!! Save me….!!!! I don’t want to waste the Saturday and Sunday....And my Cricket Match..Oh..NO!!!”, though he was expecting some INCREASE in VOICE VOLUME shortly…… 

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