Thursday, December 31, 2015

“Cheers!” is ever green

What we used to do on the New Year eve, when we were kids?

Take sketch pens, white papers,  draw Micky mouse, Mini or other Disney characters like Donald duck or Daisy holding flower bouquet and write “Happy New Year” as beautifully as possible and wish our near and dear ones for all prosperity……

Next stage, buy the Archies or Hallmark greeting cards, be busy in choosing which ones to send to whom, pack them carefully, lovingly and post them at least the second or third week of December….and wait for the postman to receive few too….

What’s next?.... Probably, send the online Cards…or order flower bouquet to reach your loved ones on 31st Dec 12 midnight, or 1st Jan morning. Equally, wish everyone on the wall – ofcourse, ‘Facebook wall’.

Now, another way got added….Whatapps….yes! Float whatapps messages to your groups, or message one on one….

But, just think… all these phases…..which one is common???  The word – “Cheers!” Don’t you agree? Probably, initial stages, we used to see others saying "Cheers!", gradually, we started saying "Cheers!" :)

New Year time is a time for get together….And “Cheers!” always used to rule, now also rules and will surely rule in all these kind of cheerful time…..I am sure, you understood which “Cheers!” I am talking about….. ;)

Happy New Year!!! Cheers!!! J

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