Monday, March 14, 2016

’Coz Life is short and Time runs fast…

Cring! Cring!

My phone was ringing…

My palms were shivering. Heart beats were increasing, ears were warming……

What would be the result??? 

Mind took me for a quick tour to a moment of decades ago. The day, the moment, when my matriculation result was out.  

Previous night, I could not sleep untill the wee hours. Since morning, I could not eat anything properly. I was restless for whole the day. 

I was eagerly waiting for the result. I was waiting for my brother’s call. But, when I could see his name in the display of my phone, I was unable to tap the ‘Yes’ button. After long rings, phone became silent. I picked up the piece on my hand. Wondered what would be the news!

In few minutes, the phone rang again. This time with all my courage, I picked up the call.

“It’s 4.3!”  My brother seemed to be quite happy.

I smiled….relaxed….as if suddenly some black clouds became white above my head….as if I heard some chirping of the bird….as if I felt that my belly started asking for some food, suddenly. I could feel few eye-drops of happiness on my cheeks. I went to the kitchen to grab something quickly.

Yes! It’s quite an improvement from 5.3 to 4.3.  Last week, the doctor said that if the creatinine level does not come down, he is very near to Dialysis.  Sometime back, probably a year back, we all got frightened, cried, when his creatinine level went to 2. But, now look at our happiness level…

Life’s truthfulness….No one can beat the truth, no one can stop the destiny! 

Hope, my dad’s creatinine level comes down more….. Hoping for the best….Prayers to God!

Value your Time Past, Time Now, and Time Future!
This is your life, do whatever you love to do.
Live your Dream, wearing your Passion.
Open your mind, arms and heart to New Things…..
’Coz  Life is short! Time runs fast…

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