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Pampers : The Secret to raise a happy and healthy baby

What’s the secret to raise a happy and healthy baby? .......Though there are many reasons behind, one key reason is to give them lots of love, plenty of sleep to grow and develop, and the freedom to play their own way. Don’t you agree?

It was extreme winter of Delhi, when my son was born.  First baby, thus no hands-on experience.  Mom in law was ready with a huge bundle of self-stitched small pieces of cloths : the cute triangular nappies, to give him all comfort. 

Typically, a baby urinates about 12-15 times a day, passing about 60 ml of urine every time. Probably because of the low temperature, my baby used to drench the cloths so frequently that it became unmanageable with the cloths we arranged. My mother in law again had to keep herself busy in tearing her old, comfortable Sarees and stitching small nappies for him, as many as possible. Washing machine was for no use as it would be wastage of electricity and water, to wash so small pieces, so many times in a day. So, my maid also became a bit irritated and kept planning for putting her request for appraisal. I and hubby forgot to sleep continuously for more than an hour or two, as we had to give alternate duty to keep checking every hour if the baby was drenching the nappy.

One month was over. We went to the doctor for regular check-up and his vaccination. Very embarrassingly, he took the opportunity to wet the Saree of the doctor too.

Thank God! The doctor was lovely enough. She suggested us to use diaper with a good smile. We didn’t tell her that Mom and Mom in law were dead-against the diapers. The concept they used to give that a baby’s skin is the door to the unfamiliar world around and we should give the baby comfort as much as possible only with natural stuff.

Me and my hubby were confused, but at last decided to take the risk. We bought a pack of ten diapers of Pampers. We started putting him on diaper during the night without informing anybody, like thieves. And, in the morning, my hubby used to throw them out in the nearby park dustbin. We started having good sleep at night, after long time. The baby stopped crying during the night, except if he was hungry. We could see the difference clearly. Gradually, we started explaining the benefits of putting diapers in front of Mom-in law, and she also started accepting with rolling of time. We continued putting him in diapers till he was potty-trained properly.

I don’t know how to say a BIG THANK YOU to PAMPERS! But, it has an amazing contribution in my baby’s early years.

As a Thank You note to Pampers, I just wanted to put this information in my Blogsite, so that the moms who visit my website can take a reference from a Mom who already used it:

Pampers really understands that as babies grow, develop and explore their worlds, they need a diaper that allows them to move freely by providing a great fit while staying dry. 

Recently, I was thinking to present something to one of my good friends’ new born baby. I could not find anything else better than gifting some packets of Pampers. I researched a bit before buying the packets as it’s been at least two years since I bought the last pack of diapers.

Pampers recently launched its new and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers with Extra Absorb Channels™ that help little ones stay drier and do not sag like ordinary diapers*.

In a recent survey1, Pampers found that more than 80% of moms who notice sag are bothered by saggy diapers, and that more than three-quarters of moms (78%) feel that saggy diapers can weigh their babies down. The three-channel absorbent core design in new Pampers Cruisers responds to this parent insight and represents four years of research and development. After testing the new Pampers Cruisers, moms shared that the new diaper allowed their babies to move more freely with 89% stating that it reduced bulkiness between the legs, and 91% saying it distributed and locked wetness evenly.

About New Pampers Cruisers Diapers with Extra Absorb Channels™

New and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers have three separate channels in the diaper core that help distribute wetness evenly from front to back – unlike ordinary diapers which have one unstructured core. The new design provides a noticeably better fit and doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers*, allowing babies to move to their own beat without restriction. Pampers Cruisers feature fun Sesame Street® character designs and include wide, stretchy sides to help the diaper stay in place and flex comfortably with baby’s every move, for up to 12 hours of protection and Pampers best fit and dryness. While the design of Pampers Cruisers has changed, the diapers are made from the same safe and mild materials as before.

New Pampers Swaddlers also feature Extra Absorb Channels and are Even Softer

Pampers also announces new Pampers Swaddlers diapers, which also have Extra Absorb Channels™ along with a new outer cover that is even softer than current Pampers Swaddlers. Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 choice of U.S. hospitals** and continues to provide a wetness indicator and absorb away liner on all sizes for up to 12 hours of comfort and protection.

New Pampers Cruisers are available now in sizes 3-6 and new Pampers Swaddlers are available now in sizes P-6 at retailers nationwide and online at To learn more about Pampers, please visit and

Is there anything you would love more than being with your baby, dancing, playing and just acting silly together???

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