Thursday, January 14, 2016

Magha Bihu Bhelaghar

Endless stretch of paddy fields. The pleasant sound of Dheki all around…. the distant beats of the Dhol and the miraculous smell of Smoke from every kitchen with the aroma of Til pitha, Tel pitha, Loskora….Aah! What a mesmerizing atmosphere was that just in the eve of the Bhugali bihu….

We all kids used to be so excited to build the Bhelaghar (straw hut) and Meji (woodlogs for morning bonfire to worship Sun)…..Pick the straw with little hands to help our uncles in putting up the Bhelaghar, gather wood logs for bonfire. All boys would accumulate to do a deep discussion from where to steal chicken, duck or wood logs or dry sticks…..Some would be busy in fishing to catch the best fishes for the Bhuj (feast)…

All ladies would be busy in making all arrangement for the evening…..They had to prepare the pitha (Assamese sweets) and jolpaan for the next day too….

With the motion of the sun, the movement of the hands and feet of all villagers used to be faster, so as our excitement…. Bonfire would be lit as soon as the sun would dive down in the distant horizon….. And an informal cultural evening would start with the dusk when darkness and cold breeze would start engulfing, frosty dew drops start falling ….some would sing lukogeet (folksong)…some would sing Aadhunik geet (modern song)….some would help the singers to keep the beat with tabla, some would help in twirling the songs into enthralling ones, resonating the Tukari (a musical instrument made of bottle gourd) ....Some would dance with the rhythm around the bonfire…..

You will get to hear some echoing Uki (Some shouts in happiness) from distance….which would come rolling over the air….which are the signs of celebration, happiness……

Now, may be most of the forests, paddy fields are replaced with the buildings and flats, but can the spirit of celebrating Magha Bihu be taken away by modernity totally…? 

Here are the answers, few Bhelaghar of this and recent years.. :

Courtesy: Dikshita Amit Gupta

Courtesy: Dikshita Amit Gupta

Courtesy : Dhiraj Bhuyan


Courtesy: Telegraph


Courtesy :

Courtesy : Dhiraj Bhuyan

So, HAPPY BHUGALI BIHU to everyone!!! :)

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