Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Love at First Sight in the dark

“Are you Amrita, by any chance?”  A voice from behind.

I turned. I could not recognize the person. Plumpy face with mustache, about 6 feet tall, bulging belly, but on decent attire.

“Yes, but… I….am sorry….do I know you?” I had to ask, wondering who recognized me amidst the busy exhibition, while I am not a celebrity.

“I am Geerin. Geerin Baruah. I think you forgot me….I am from Bokota…”

“Bokota?” An uncontrollable magnetic word was this to pull me towards him. It's my Grandparent's native place…I put stress on my head, tried to recall the name “Geerin”…Have I ever heard this name?

“We met in your youngest uncle’s marriage, at least 20 years back.”

Few pictures flashed in my mind instantly…..and the song of S.P. Balasubramanium “Kaat ke ungli kalam banau…dil ke lahu se likh du….love letter…love letter….” started buzzing loud on my ears….. Yes! I was in Class IX that time, when I fell in love for the first time with a guy who was doing a break dance like Mithun Chakraborty in the dark, in this song, during midnight. A slim physic with almost 6 feet height, making lovely dance steps with attitude. I did not know his name, but I expressed my feeling for the guy in front of my friend, Reena from that village. Reena told me that she too did not know his name, but his name was some “green”…..and then we started referring this guy as “Shyamal” (Shyamal means green in Assamese). My eyes kept looking for the guy next few days during and after marriage of uncle. I could not meet him, talk to him personally, but I carried his memory along and kept a dormant desire to meet him again.   

“Reena told me that you are in Delhi.” His words pulled me back to the reality.

“Did you dance in S.P. Bala’s song that day?” I could not help putting this direct question to clarify.

“Yes….” His face blushed with shyness.

Oh! My God! He was my 'Shyamal'.....who stole my heart for the first time in my life....I swear, my breath caught, as if my head swooned, and probably, we both knew that this was something more than a passing fling....

“I searched you so much to get introduced with you after that…” I expressed my desire to meet him.

“I had to leave for Dibrugarh next day for some family emergency….. and you know what? I too wanted to meet you……but did not have courage to approach you. Infact, I went to your home too, making a good relation with your uncle. But, you were in the hostel those days…”

“Oh….I missed it…” I could not control my mouth.

“Can I have your mobile number? Will you mind if I whatsapp you?”

“Hey! I will be more than happy to receive your message….”

I was almost giving my number to him, then only just heard, “Mamma!!! Look what I got …..” Suddenly, my daughter came running…..My husband was walking just behind her….. I introduced my husband to him…they talked for a while.  A confused feeling caught my mind, what should I do, would it be good to give Geerin my mobile number…allow him to get in touch with me through Whatsapp.

We said “Bye” to him in few minutes without giving him my phone number. He too did not ask again……

Just from far behind, I looked back at him secretly…..his eyes were still on us…..

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