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What makes Assamese Cuisine so Exotic?

Foodie??? Non-Assamese??? Hmmm…then you must look at these 14 exotic stuff that make Assamese cuisine really SPECIAL…..and do try in some Assamese restaurants or make yourself invited to any of your Assamese friends….

“Simplicity is the beauty!” Yes! That’s the one sentence description of Assamese cuisine. Along with simplicity, Assamese cuisine is a unique blend of different original styles with considerable regional variations as well as some striking external influence. 

We make varieties of Assamese dishes….Veg and Non-Veg….But what are the catalysts to make those dishes special….here they are…

1. Bhut Jolokia : Bhut Jolokia or the Ghost Chilli is one of the hottest chillies in the world. It has a special flavor and taste which help in bring a unique aroma to the dish:

2. Baah Gaaz : Baah Gaaz or Bamboo shoot can be fermented and then it's called 'Kharisa'. It can be kept for years, and can be eaten as pickle or can be mixed with different veg and non-veg curries:

3. Khar : Assamese people are called ‘Kharua’ too…as they cook ‘khar’ very frequently. This is a unique dish of Assam and it is believed that khar cleanses the stomach. The ingredient is made by drying and burning the skins of banana to take out the ashes, preferably a variety called bheem kol ( a special banana found only in northeast India). Water is then filtered through the ashes. And this water is called khar and is then added to the different dishes :

Photo Courtesy : Wikimedia
.4. Maan Dhonia : This is my favourite. These leaves are also known as Vietnamese coriander or Mexican coriander. A hot and sour chutney is prepared by Maan Dhaniya or added in different curries:

5. Dhekia: is a kind of wild fern - a leafy vegetable, which can be cooked separately or can be mix with non-veg dishes like Pork:

6. Aamloi Parua : Aamloi tup or red ant eggs are indigenous food which is specially found during the month of April. Aamloi tupar dish with a glass of laupaani can not be compared with any other dishes! Khauo, Tab Jaano!!!

Photo Courtesy : Ashapurna Phukan

7. Polu : Assam is famous for Silk. And the Silk worm pupae is full of nutrients. These can be crisp-fried and used as an appetizer:

Photo Courtesy : Ashapurna Phukan

8. Kaji Nemu :  This is a special variety of lemon found in Northeast India:

9. Kasu : Kosu Thuri or Kosu Xaak (colocasia plant) is a leafy vegetable which can be cooked separately with tomatoes or bake in Banana leaf or mix with non veg dishes like Pork:

Photo Courtesy : Madhusmita Kalita Pathak

.10. Thekera : This fruit is found in northeastern states. It is green when it is raw, get deep purple when ripe and turns deeper purple or blackish while sun-dried. It is used as a souring agent to make different veg and non-veg curries. It is also used to make refreshing drink, as  the old dried fruits are good for dysentery, digestive and cooling:

11. Kon Bilahi: The little tomatoes! Smoke them well and mix it with coriander, chilli, onion and ginger and eat with Poita bhaat (Rice from the previous day, drenched in water) or else put some fresh ones in fish curry…….You will never forget the taste! Guranteed!

 12. Posola : Posola or banana stem is used in many simple yet delicious dishes as main flavouring ingredient, that brings out the best flavours of Assam. This is very nutritious and has distinctive flavour:

Courtesy : Wikimedia

.13. O’ Tenga : It is called elephant apple which is used as  tangy agent. It can be mixed with any daal or fish curry, which gives a special aroma and taste:

.14. Laupaani : Laupaani or Xaaj is a rice beer which is made in a traditional style and served in different occasions in Bamboo mug or bell metal bowl:

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