Saturday, July 9, 2016

When the Man cried

Other side of the Story of  "How much she will tolerate ?".........

“It’s been long time now… long time means three months….But for me as if it’s been three decades…

Unbearable…..Yes! It’s just unbearable!!! How can be it possible..!! I never imagined this kind of married life…..To stay away from my child for three months…to stay away from my wife whom I used to care for a lot!!! What I did wrong…..??? I always tried to keep everyone happy….but what went wrong???”  Raj’s voice was shivering ……almost started sobbing……I was silently listening and observing him. I had to approach him, as I too wanted to understand what went wrong in this cute family…..

“She lodged a case against me of stealing her gold, you know, while I never ever touched them even… Those damn gold ornaments are just lying at her Mother’s place.” He continued.

“I never touched her salary for household stuff….Yes! I borrowed some money for my sister’s marriage….but I returned all to her account in the course of time…Probably, she is not aware of it as her debit card was lying with me.”

“I earn good. My parents sacrificed their luxury for me and my siblings’ study….And yeah, now it’s my turn, infact, responsibility to give them back…keep them happy. I contributed good amount of money during my sister’ wedding….What’s a big deal…But, my wife was not happy! I gifted a diamond necklace to my sis which I promised in my childhood, Shalini was just jealous……Now, while I wanted to spend some money in my brother’s marriage…She openly started fighting with all of us…. Arre!! If I work till late, then it's a problem, if I watch movie or do Whatsapp at night, then it's a problem, if I spend time with my parents, then again it's a problem......I am a man of principle…And I am proud of that!!”

“She snatched my child away…….He was the pearl of my eyes……heart of my parents….” He sobbed….. “She threatened me and my parents that if anyone of us tries to meet my child, she may do anything with him…”

“But Shalini told me that you denied to buy property for yourself and postponed the admission of your child for next year…” I had to raise this question….

“I am an idealistic man, I love to live in a joined family and be support for each other….We already have this property in Noida, a prime space. And I never said that I will not invest in future…..We have enough time….We are just six years of marriage…. And yes! My child is already going to a nearby school – Euro Kids, we can give admission in a bigger school next year too….I don’t think this is a big deal…..I tried to make her understand….but she was not ready to listen to me.”

“Every house has a problem…but there is a way to resolve….She left me and my family suddenly along with my child. Every moment I feel their absence. My son’s giggles, lovely queries, warmth of his hug….the precious word –“Papa”…..I can’t go to anyone to show my feelings… much I am traumatized……I can never forgive her…..”

Raj has been visiting the Psychologist regularly to escape from this devastation. He eats medicine which can make him feel happy all the time…..may be in office or at home…. The doctor asked him to take this medicine for at least next three months. Now, he has a plan for sponsoring few children in an NGO…..devote everything to the society…..

I just could not come to a conclusion….but just thought…

“What’s the love..
Until it’s accompanied by trust, understanding & compromise!
How easy to break a lovely life!
Reasons can be anything,
May be - just the destiny, fate ….or  lack of effort and right vibes.”

NB: Based on a real story....

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