Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A letter to the new Heaven Dweller…

Dear Dewta,

You remember? You used to call me ‘Maamatu’. But, suddenly, one day you started calling me ‘Momie’, following Mom. Probably, that time, I was hardly 6 years old. I didn’t say anything….But, I still have grudges on you why you started calling me ‘Momie’…I really loved when you used to call me ‘Maamatu’, you know!

You remember? You took us to watch the Movie – “Jeevan Surabhi”?  We hired two buses from the village….and you took the lead. Stampede happened when the door of the movie hall opened… and you held brother on your shoulder, leaving me with Mom, probably, thinking I was grown enough for dad’s special care. I had grudges then, why I was elder to my siblings!

You remember? You used to wake me up at 4:30 am and make me study…, teaching me line by line, word by word, all the subjects……Make me kneel down in the front-yard in the rain, when I could not pronounce ‘Rama and Laxmana’ properly…. 

You remember? You scolded me in the crowd while I sneaked away from you and attempted to swim through the mesh of Durga Puja mandaps and become entangled with my friends and boyfriend. Everyone looked at me with bulging eyes, that very moment. I was embarrassed, badly!!! I still have that grudge on you….

You remember? You used to open some of my love letters when postman used to deliver …..I used to be very angry on you that time……

And now, I have the BIGGEST grudge on you….Yes! The BIGGEST one. Why you left me, us so early….???

You know, what a loss for me now? Sorry, I am sounding selfish! You were my instant dictionary, an encyclopedia, a G.K. handbook,….a news channel…a Juke Box, what not! You were my inspiration, a motivator, advisor, guide….and the list goes on…You were my best partner to taste varieties of delicacies, explore new places. You know Dewta! Whenever, I see Jalebi and Samosa, I feel like buying for you….. What will I do now????     

Anyways, Dewta! I am confessing today….

For me, “Dewta”…….is and will remain the sweetest, loveliest word of mine!  I always wanted you to be the first person with whom I can share every damn news, story or any interesting fact. Every moment, I am missing you….I am still feeling like scolding you loud….“Why you left me, us so early???”

I know, heaven dwellers must be celebrating to have you there…

Anyways….Your pure soul rest in peace…!!! But, Dewta, I miss you badly…..Nothing in this world can fill this gap…..

I love you Dewta!!!


Maamatu (your's only)


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