Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Did it happen with you? Careful.....

It was 1:30, midnight. Montana and Aaraj were returning from the party thrown by their close friend, Amitabh. Good friends, good food, good wine….Aaraj didn’t even realize what’s the time, until Montana almost pulled him towards the parking zone.

“Wasn’t it awesome? …Amitabh’s parties are always grand. I saw you giggling, laughing loud with all the ladies!!”  Aaraj started the conversation, sitting on the car.

“Yep, not bad…! I too saw you dancing with your college buddy…..you were quite intimate, huh? Once upon a time….” Montana’s straight answer.

“Of course! We all have met after so long years…”

“I am talking about…..Ranjana…”

“O’ yaa… she was a good friend of mine. She helped me a lot in study…”

“You used to study together?

“Yes, sometimes…”

“She used to come to your room…”

“Yes, many times….”

Montana put her feet on the ‘break’…….the car stopped with a harsh hiss sound…  

“How close you were? Tell me the truth….” Montana’s big eyes attacked Aaraj strongly this time.

“What do you mean? She was my friend…not girl friend…..Let’s move now, it’s almost 2 AM now……”

“You guys were in relationship?”

“No, Montana…”

“You were physically close enough…?”

Aaraj was quite drunk, so Montana was driving the car. But, listening to Montana’s questions, intoxication was about to escape from him….

Aaraj didn’t know what he should answer…..he was silent…..He tried to count the stars in the sky, through the window. He could feel Montana continuously staring at him, as if he just commanded “Statue!!!” to her.

“Why are you silent…….that means ‘Yes’, right???.......Why you deceived me?? Why you didn’t tell me earlier???” Montana started crying loud…..

“No…No…No…..I didn’t have any kind of relationship with Ranjana…” Aaraj now bursted.  

“Can I drive the car…..I’m almost fine now….” Aaraj proposed. 

He got down from the car, went towards the driving seat, and asked her to move to the next seat. He washed his face, poured some water on his head and started driving, taking risk now.

Montana was still sobbing.

They reached home. Thank God! There was no police on the way.

Montana directly went to the bed and kept sobbing…..Aaraj had no other way than to console her and give one more clarification.

“Darling, she was just my classmate, and we were just friends, nothing else. I talked to her, danced with her as I met her after so long time.”

“I saw you guys chatting on Whatsapp, recently. Why? Why? Why you need other friends while I am there….I thought I am your wife cum best friend. But, I was wrong.”

“O’….that means you look at my Whatsapp messages, secretly???” This time Aaraj had a strong point.

“I have that right as your wife…”

“If you have read my conversation with her, then, where is the doubt?”

“You guys talked lots about your college time….”

“So???? We studied together…and listen, I want to confirm and reconfirm that ….you are and will be my only best friend…. Stop this topic now. I don’t want to talk about that bullshit girl….have thousand other important things to do in my life.” Saying that Aaraj gave her a bear hug.

“…Let’s sleep now, I have continuous meetings from 11 am tomorrow till 8 pm. What’s your plan?”

“I will have to go for a client meeting tomorrow. I don’t know what will I wear….” Montana now started thinking on a new topic….

In few minutes, she could hear Aaraj snoring. Montana always envied his ability to fall sleep readily.

“Beep! Beep!”

Suddenly, Montana heard the Whatsapp beeps from Aaraj’s mobile phone. It was about to be 3 AM. She could not stop her inquisitiveness and opened his Whatsapp messages…..

“Awesomeness to meet you after such a long time….You’re all the same – Dashing, Smart!!!….Felt like reviving our old golden days….. Let’s catch up this week whenever you have time……. I am here till next week.

Love & Peace,


Aaraj was peacefully sleeping, the poor guy didn’t event dream what kinda morning was waiting for him!!!!!!

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