Thursday, January 12, 2017

That blunder

First week of Jan! New Year Time!!! Time to mingle, giggle, rejoice with friends and families!

We had two dinner invitations, last Saturday. Both were our close family friends, but interestingly, both had not had great rapport between themselves. Lata called up my husband and Ani called me, so direct refusal to one family could not happen. Moreover, because of Monday blue, I always try to avoid parties and courtesy visits on Sundays. So, requesting to postpone one invitation was also not at all my intention.  

So, what to do now! Lata or Ani??? Both were long pending dinner invitations. Lata is a good cook, but, somehow her frequency does not match with me so much. Ani is not a great cook, but I love to talk to her. So, me and my hubby both decided to opt for frequency match and visit Ani’s house.

I called up Lata, “Hey Lata! You are so good cook, but my stomach is upset. I am just planning to be at home only, having simple food and take rest. I am so sorry….I really wanted to spend time with you guys…but, my bad luck!!!!”

“No issue, Tanya! You take care…after all, health is wealth. Take Nimbu paani, Ajwain water… one or two days, you will be fine. There is always next time….”

I was feeling relaxed after conveying the message and listening to her sweet response.

We went to Ani’s home in the early evening. Ani prepared so many items, which I never expected. Coffee, onion pakora, sweets for evening tea time and a long list of items for dinner. She told me that she had taken cooking classes off-lately.  Special fruit pudding was damn yummy. Ani’s 14 years old daughter was incessantly busy with her mobile phone, appreciated my black gown at least 100 times…, took few selfies to keep my dress in her record.

Awesome time, we had at Ani’s home. We were back home around 12:30 midnight.


Sunday morning! I was feeling quite lazy…. 

Suddenly my phone rang…..I lazily picked the phone from bedside table.

It was Lata’s call…..I silently wished so that she would not invite me today again.

“Hey Lata! Good Morning!!!”

“How are you feeling dear…?”

“Better today…..after taking some rest….I am still on bed.”

“Don’t forget to take Ajwain and Nimbu water…..”

“Sure dear…..”

“By the way, you are looking awesome in your black gown. And hope, you didn’t have all those food at Ani’s home….”

“Huh??????????????????.....No, No…!!!” My head started spinning...

“Anyways, you take rest, and take care dear…..”

Immediately, I opened Facebook. Yes, Ani’s daughter had posted splendid pictures of food and her selfi with me…..saying…. “With Tanya Aunt, having great fun…..”

I remembered, I forgot to tell her not to upload those pictures on Facebook or Instagram……

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