Monday, February 13, 2017

While dream becomes a love story

“Don’t wear that dull pink dress, wear the red one, which aunty has sent.”  Mridu commanded. 

“No Mridu, I don’t want to wear that red dress. Let him see me the way I am.” Dhaani countered.

“What did you see in that punk anyways, I mean really?” Mridu smirked.

“Shut up Mridu,” “One more word against him and I’ll break your nose. I didn’t even get time to search him also.” 

“Oh come on, you just meet Rahul today…You can search your hero after your engagement with Rahul, also. There’s still time. Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge may repeat too!!!”

“It’s actually my fault….why I gave liberty to my parents to choose my groom.” Dhaani sighed.

Mridu and Dhaani had attended Landlord’s daughter, Swati’s marriage, the previous week. Their landlord was a wealthy business man. He owned 5 bhk apartments in Noida, which is a girls’ PG, a 25 acres farm house in Greater Noida and a huge mansion in GK phase 3, where his family lived. Swati was his only daughter. She was very sweet and down to earth girl. Mridu and Dhaani had quite cordial relations with her as all three worked in the same company. 

The wedding arrangements were extravagant. The landlord spent around 30 to 40 crores. The wedding was arranged in his farm house. And it was one hell of a wedding, with marvelous flower decoration. The whole banquet was decorated like the sets of a big-budget movie. Thousands of food stalls were hailing every one with their irresistible aroma. North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, what not!!! Few Foreign musicians were playing soothing romantic songs. A bald and bearded handsome man was playing a violin, a long haired hippie styled guitarist and a man with mesmerizing voice were attracting all’s attention. 

The Baraat had arrived. Swati took her soft steps towards the stage along with all the brothers, sisters, cousins and friends in full traditional way. The boys on all four corners were holding twines jutting out from a small sheet of flowers and petals that went atop Swati and everyone else, including Mridu and Dhaani, who were escorting her to the stage. The romantic instrumental music was playing in the background. Two/ three drone cameras were hovering right in front of her. All the lights were dimmed except those focus lights which lightened up the path for Swati. The whole path was smothered with rose petals, whose fragrance scented up the entire atmosphere. It was spectacular. 

Suddenly, Dhaani caught one guy staring at her, but she just ignored. It happened again and again. He was quite good looking, almost 6 feet tall, had some intense look in his deep blue eyes. With white kurta, he was actually looking quite dashing. To make her surprise, all of a sudden, he came forward and whispered in her ear, “You are stunningly beautiful…”

Few minutes were weird for Dhaani. Soon, she could feel some sudden changes in her dynamics. Her gaze unconditionally followed the sight of that boy. He too kept looking at her over and over again. Infact, she could feel few focused clicks from his mobile phone too. It seemed inevitable. She also tried her best not to get noticed while looking at him. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, as her marriage had been almost finalized by her parents. After two days, her to-be-fiancée would be here in Delhi to meet her for the first time. But, this guy was becoming so harder to ignore. She couldn’t figure out why all this was happening. There was something in this boy. Something that was driving her crazy. Was it a love at first sight? Or was just the infatuation? But whatever it was, she knew one thing for sure that he’s never gonna get his face off her head. 

Unfortunately, Mridu and Dhaani had to leave suddenly as their cab arrived at 11 pm. Dhaani was silently wishing to talk to him, exchange phone number, but resisted herself somehow, someway. Since then, Dhaani had been in khoya khoya mood and Mridu was teasing her all the time, singing the song – “Haamari aadhuri kahani….”

Knock! Knock! 

Mridu opened the door of their room. 

“Someone called Rahul has come to meet Dhani didi.” 

Mridu quickly went to the balcony to see in what car, Rahul had come.

“Hey Dhaani!!! There is an Audi Car…I think he is wealthy enough….!!! O’ my! My!” Mridu was quite excited.

Dhaani had no other way, but had to surge towards the living room. 

As soon as she entered, she saw one tall guy wearing white shirt, looking through the window, keeping his back towards her. She could clearly see that he was holding a bunch of red roses.

“Excuse me, is it Rahul?” Dhaani initiated…..

“Yes!!!”, Rahul turned back……

“You?????” Dhaani somehow controlled herself. She was shocked, was it a dream, she could not believe, she pinched herself. 

“Hey Dhaani! Happy Valentine day!! How are you? Shocked huh? I recognized you at Swati’s marriage only…. Can we go out now?”

“Give me few minutes plzzzz……”

Dhaani ran to her room to wear the red dress which her mom had sent.

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