Thursday, February 2, 2017

Who was she???

Massaging with hand cream, Reeta sat down on the floor behind the armchair. She almost finished all her work. She was on the fly since morning. Luckily, the part-time maid also came on time. Generally, on Saturdays and Sundays, the maid also loved to take off.  Anyways, now, the dinner was ready. The fresh flowers on the pots, room - freshner, scented candles, the deem decorative lights, all were making the ambience quite romantic. She kept Raj’s favorite cashew nuts on a beautiful red stone-studded trey on the center table.

It was already 6 pm. She would start dressing up in few minutes. She had spent three hours in the morning, doing pedicure, manicure, threading, curling her hair. Why not she would do!!! She would meet Raj after 14 years.

Reeta wore her most favorite, beautiful black dress…along with matching Swarovski earrings that kept dangling and playing hide and seek with her hair. She kept her long black curly hair open, bringing few logs to the front, as if they were lying carelessly on her shoulders.  She saw herself in the mirror at least hundred times since morning.

It was 7 pm. Raj told her that he would reach her home approx 8 pm. She would have to pass her time restlessly for another hour now. Something stroked her mind, suddenly she remembered her diary. It was lying in a dusty corner for years...which fell down from the almirah and knocked on the floor, while cleaning her home today.

She switched on the table lamp and curled up in the cosy nook with her diary. She had written every detail there during her affair with Raj. 

‘Handsome’ was so little a word to describe this magnificent, outrageous and gorgeous young man. He had this intense look in his deep blue eyes that would make a girl to quiver and shiver at his mere look. She fell in love with Raj, at the first sight. Not only she, but many girls from her class. Fortunate was she, as Raj fell for her long curly hair, and they started going around making other girls jealous. 

They were in full-fledged affair for four years, but some destiny made them separate after college. They had no connection. Raj went to Australia and she moved to Bangalore.

Reeta was quite hesitant to say ‘Hi’ to Raj, when they faced each other at Delhi airport, last week. Both were on business trips. Reeta was coming back to Bangalore and Raj also had few meetings there. Awkwardness prevailed in the initial stage, but gradually, both became easier.

“Where your husband works?” Raj was curious, probably.

“I am yet to find a good guy to marry…”   

“Huh??? Really??? I think you could not remove my existence in your life…” Raj was a bit shocked, but smiled nicely, probably felt his chest up by few inches.

“What about your wife? How many children you have? Must be having at least four???” Reeta muttered.

“I am still a bachelor too…”

“What????” Reeta was embarrassed.

Boarding announcements made them separate again…. Reeta was wishing silently, if Raj would have come with a request to exchange his seat with the one, next to her. But, unfortunately, both the seats, next to her were occupied by a couple.

They exchanged the numbers at Bangalore airport and planned to meet on Saturday evening, rather night. Reeta invited him to her home, where she lived alone. She had bought the house two years back and tried to make as cosy and artistic as possible.

The calling bell rang. She jumped up, and opened her eyes wide.

Her heartbeats were racing. She started blushing! Probably, few drops of sweating pouring from her face! 

Reeta opened the door. Raj was standing outside with a beautiful girl with a bunch of red roses.

Who was she?????????

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