Tuesday, October 3, 2017

An Evening Star

Twilight and evening bell,
Chirping of birds, smell of smoke
Evening star, and glow worm at far
And one clear call for me soon coming my way! I know….

Unsure what’s there after that dark!
I may not get up while I sleep…
But, No regret…No regret…
It was a long way…long journey….
I have completed a whole Century….

Hey kids!
Let’s there be no sadness of farewell
Let’s there be no moaning, when I put out to sea
I lived my life….

So many untold stories….
So many desires yet to be full-filled…
So many books yet to be read…..

(Just few months to go....She will be 100!!! My Grandma - in Law is reading books bare eyes....Isn't it awesome to see? )

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