Saturday, February 8, 2014

Are our wallets becoming thinner day by day?

I have the experience of getting caught by the traffic cops twice or thrice in Delhi, but hey!.. not for rash driving, but for parking in a wrong place (You know how difficult to get a parking!!! ;) ), and once because of driving with a broken number plate.

Coming to Bangalore, I was not geographically familiar with its slim streets initially. And I hate looking at GPRS while driving. I always call up my hubby to understand the roads…

I had to go to Koramangla for some reasons, just after reaching Bangalore. At Sony centre traffic light, I was confused where to go now. At the traffic halt, I dialled my husband’s number, just tried to understand what he said. Suddenly, I heard somebody knocking at my window. Yes, he was a handsome traffic police!!! ;)

I kept the phone, but he asked me to show my driving license. I told him, “Sir, I am new to the place, thus asked my hubby the road-directions. I have my driving license as well as the RC. But sorry, I have only Rs. 5 in my pocket.”…….He gave me a strange look and said, “You should not talk on phone while driving, and you should carry some cash too…Just keep in mind in future.” With a smiling face, understanding his intention, I nodded my head and proceeded.

But, just thought.....are not our wallets becoming thinner, day by day!!!
I can remember my grandparents showing me 1 paisa, 2 paisa, 10 paisa coins. Even when I was in Class V, I used to get a tasty Pop, or a big loaf for 25 paisa, or 50 paisa. These all seem far away now. 

Our parents used to get salary by cash, but now they even get direct deposit in the bank account. We have encountered electronic bill payments.  We now trust internet banking, transfer the money in few minutes.  We use a credit card or debit card at the petrol pump, or to buy grocery. And how can we forget our new ability to scan and deposit a cheque from a smartphone?

These are the clear signs of technology which are changing our lives and making our wallets thinner. I think we are not very far from the cashless endgame which will be apps for the smartphone that finally take over the concept of swiping a card, probably by fingerprint, sensors. Or probably a digital card, massively expandable that replaces every single magnetic-striped card you have in your wallet.

I personally feel that we cannot be totally cashless because we still feel obliged and indulged to tip the waiter, the doorman, or a traffic police, but who knows…maybe someday they will have a card reader in their smartphones. 

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I bet you are…..

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