Thursday, February 13, 2014

Isn’t Valentine Day entering a new era?

“Didi, don’t make him wear that, put him in a red dress!!!”……Pokhila, my maid came running while I was putting my son in his school uniform.  

I asked, “Why?” 

Pokhila replied, “Today is Valentine Day. His school is celebrating and in the note book, they have instructed the parents to make their children wear red dress.”

I went to the market yesterday evening. Heard few teenagers talking, “Keep your WhatsApp on….”, “What are you wearing tomorrow – Red or Pink?”, “Let’s go to Rasta Café tomorrow!!”

Isn’t Valentine Day entering a new era?  

If we look back, at least a decade ago, did any pre-school or high school celebrate Valentine Day….I doubt.  Did any teenager easily plan to go to a Midnight Dhaba? 

People used to keep longing for a landline call, or eagerly kept waiting for the postman to deliver a Card, or meet in a day time restaurant to date, with pink or red dress…. Now, we see people longing for a “Ping”, ä “WhatsApp message” or “phone call” and pre-planning to meet at a pub or a discotheque.  

The intent for your affection or love is just a click away from communication. But I don’t understand whether all these help making the love and romance bloom or wither away like roses that fuel businesses on Valentine Day?

By the way…what are you wearing today??? ……I am wearing “Blue”!!!! Meaning???....Dont know!!!!  :)
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