Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Saraswati Puja : Assamese Valentine day

Saraswati Puja!

Don’t eat plum before Saraswati puja.

Don’t study on the day of Puja. Enjoy and enjoy!!!

Just relish the Khichdi in the school / College / University! I doubt, hardly any student worship the Saraswati idol on this day in true sense. At least I did not.

Never missed a single Puja in my life since I was in school till my university days. Though my school uniform was Mekhela chadar from Class VIII till X, and I was very bad in wearing it, I used to be sooo excited to wear a beautiful Mekhela chadar of my Mom that day.

DCB College is a girl’s college from where I did my graduation. Feeling nostalgic about my first Saraswati Puja at college. Extremely excited…preparation started at least a month before…..My mom gifted me a new Mekhela Chadar set that year. Don’t remember how many times I went to the market –Garh Ali and Chawk Bazaar to match my earrings, hair pins, necklace etc.

For one day this Girls college would be teeming with visitors of opposite sex. (I am sure even now also). All girls used to be termed as ‘Devi’ for that very day….! Many of my boy - friends (wait!...not boyfriend) from JB college, JEC and even AMC informed me much before, that they would be coming to see our DCB Devis, saying, “Please get us introduced to your friends….”!!!! 

I too informed my college mates – like Bornali, Gayatri, Chandana, Prakriti, Dimpi, Lopa, Luxmi Aunsumi etc (Hey gals! Excuse me for taking your names!!!)….and all were so excited…. saying… “Please get us introduced….” 

The girls used to make two long rows to make a ramp in front of the Puja Mandap. Whoever wanted to worship Saraswati Devi had to walk on the ramp, and that was the best time for the girls to comment or tease the guys. 

My friends from JEC, JB, AMC came on time, infact before time, at around 10:30am…They informed me earlier that 11am sharp, they would be in the venue…. 

As there was no mobile phone that time, at 11 am, my girl-friends poked me to go to the gate to check if they had arrived. There were so many boys out there that I was extremely embarrassed. At last, my boy –friends came front…and my girl- friends were all set. While the boys started walking on the floor….I hinted my girl-friends and immediately they started commenting, “Bhal laagise dei….(You guys looking good)” …While going…they managed, but while returning…My Bad!!! One of my boy-friends fell down…….that’s even in between the girls. I really understand…how embarrassing it was for him!!! He didn’t look back, probably never dared to walk on that ramp again. And I failed to introduce both the parties.

Nostalgic!! Nostalgic!!! The charm of this Assamese Valentine day is unmatched. Missed it today!!!
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