Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kid in materialistic world

I went to a get together few days back in a resort. We four families. We had three kidoos in the party. Mine is four, one is 3 yrs and another one is 2 yrs who was a girl.

The 3 yrs boy was continuously disturbing his parents. He did not like the atmosphere probably. He wanted to go out from the place, thus was trying to pull his Dad out all the time. Being irritated, my friend handed over a phone to the kid. Immediately his face became more charming with a beautiful smile. He happily started playing some games on his father’s phone. And his mother proudly said, “He is so smart that he learnt using my smartphone when he was hardly 2yrs old. He can spend whole the day playing games on this phone. He even uses my husband’s ipad.”

My kid, what he would do now? He too asked for my mobile phone. Insisted so much that I had to hand over. Could not help! Both the kids sat in a corner, silently kept playing games, watching Youtube Car videos. The poor 2 yrs. girl, she went and sat beside my son and quietly kept watching the videos, the games.

This is a story of most of the little kids nowadays. This makes me feel bad, helpless that what kind of artificial/ materialistic lifestyle they are in. And we console ourselves saying that they are intelligent, smart kids and after sometime we will only try to instill them the tips and tricks how to keep up with the Joneses.

Mother Nature used to be the only option to entertain us in our time. Nostalgic about the way we have grown up! Playing with friends in the ground, having friends who used to share everything, spending time in paddy field, smelling the muddy-fields, growing vegetables, flowers, sitting endless moments under a tree...

Childhood should be all about enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature, giggling and playing without any worries or sadness, in the open, fresh air. Not in mock or materialistic place or things like resort, mobile phone, ipad, television etc.

But, can we make all these accessible to them?  It’s DAMN difficult!...But NOT IMPOSSIBLE too.

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