Monday, January 5, 2015


Come December, with the drops of dew, the thoughts of picnic also come down to occupy our minds. Hunting the spot starts, planning starts, and excitement increases with the rolling of days….
Find a spot away from the city’s hustle-bustle, may be in the bank of a calm river or a serene lake, or beside a water fall nestled away quietly amidst hills, or bank of a curvy stream encircled by the tea gardens.

Choose a place – may be Bogibill, Choraideo, Disang-Mukh, Akakhi Ganga, Bhalukpung, Kaliabhomora, Kaziranga, Bagari, Barapani, Pobitora, Basistha, Chandubi, Rani, Parakhuram kunda, Tinisukia Orange orchards etc.

Make a Check list: 

  • Arrange Vehicle
  • Music System
  • Buy grocery and cooking arrangements
  • Ready breakfast – Egg, Bread, Butter/ Jam, fruits like Orange and Banana

       Above all –
  • ……….how many bottles will be needed????

Till the bus takes its speed, hang yourself in the entry door like a bus conductor, or climb to the roof and sit there to scream that ‘you are all set to enjoy to the fullest today’…..

Oh…one more point to be added in the Check list …. 
What to wear ??? …..coz these picnic pics will directly go to Facebook…. !!! :)

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