Thursday, January 1, 2015

Som Ras Blazes New Year Eve

New Year Eve. I was in the driving seat as the parking space was full, waiting for my hubby and Mom who had gone to procure some appetizing foodstuffs from nearby community centre. I could find a small space just in front of a liquor shop. The shop was extremely crowdy, probably only the black Friday might beat it somehow. Was just observing the people outside the shop…

“Sir, aaj ek saal puri ho gayi daaru piye hue. Last year New Year eve me hi piya tha last. Thanks for this gift Sir! You are great!!! U have a great time Sir!”

The guy was overwhelmed with delight while his Boss was gifting him a Bottle of joy. Brightness shined his face. Struggling in the long queue of billing for 45 mins, he came out of the shop with four bottles, and handed over to his Boss, who was waiting just outside the shop. Boss gifted him one keeping rest three in his car and went away wishing him a happy new year.

Once the boss’ car disappeared, the guy ordered Tandoori Chicken in the next shop. Called up someone on phone, “Yaar, aaj Boss ne dil khus karr dia…Main jitna haarami samajhta tha nehi hai yaar, ek bottle gift kiya bhaai…. Chicken tandoori leke aa raha ahu…..Tu aaur tin char bottle jugar karr le….mast jayega party. Uppar se last one week bhi dry tha pura.”


A lady was standing just near the entrance of the shop, waiting for her husband/ friend, who was also probably all set to celebrate the New Year eve.

Two alcohol-thirsty amateurs of around 20’s approached the lady with extreme caution and requested her with tremendous politeness if she can help them in buying few bottles from the shop. They put few compelling reasons showing her the elongating queue for billing, and assuring that no need to enter into the shop where there was no space for putting a foot even, but instead, just stand in the lady’s billing counter.

The lady got terrified and refused to do the task. The guys had to go away pronouncing few popular slangs


My hubby and Mom were back and we headed towards a Hyper Mart to buy some grocery. There is a liquor shop inside the mart too. My inquisitive mind commanded to proceed that direction to see how crowded it was on the New Year eve. I had a presumption that it will be less crowded as it looked like a bit sophisticated. But……my Goshhhh!!! It was more crowded than the other shop. Probably, those were the affluent proletarian winoes who were planning to souse the New Year eve with ‘Som Ras’. 

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