Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pushing the Pedal: the rise of cycle style

We had a special occasion that day in our college.

It was 7:30 am already. Lazy us, I and Pooja were a bit late to reach the Sarita Vihar bus stand. Suddenly, I saw our bus no. 33 from a long distance. We were yet to cross the road. The bus did not stop at the bus stand, but just few meters ahead. It was damn crowded too. But could not help, we had to reach college in half an hour. Couldnot take the risk of waiting for the next bus. We both were running fast to catch the Bus…

We crossed the road quickly, but suddenly so many bicycles crossed us….uncountable numbers! We had to brook through them…..I fell down, but got up quickly…’coz we had to catch the bus. Thank God! We could manage to catch the bus somehow.

My knees were slightly bleeding. But, we wondered from where so many bicycles came. I found out, those were laborers, who work in the nearby factories. Hundreds of laborers come to work there from some distant villages at that time.

Yes, cycling was a mode of commuting for the below middle class or people in the poverty line mainly, till just few years back. Once, the income increases, people start buying bikes, cars for commuting to the office or other places, normally.

But, is the same trend still going on?

Nopes! “Pushing the pedals” is back now as a fashion fad.  Yes! It’s in vogue. Now, Bicycle is ridden by the smartest guy in the meeting room.


Off lately, people started riding a bicycle to get to office, sometimes for work-out, to keep themselves fit, to bathe in air and sunshine, to go shopping, to travel, to stay sane, for fun. Some people even abandoned their career to pedal around the world.

So, what are the reasons for it’s come back….???

While others are succumbed to traffic congestion, road rage, scratches and bruises on car, you happily traverse the city easily and arrive at your destination unfazed, atop two wheels. Won’t you feel amazing?

Cycling is not only one of the most elegant ways to breeze through the maze of road works and traffic jams, but also, you just need not to worry about double chin. All your muscles work in sync to keep you fit.

It’s the most efficient form of human-powered transportation. You won’t have to spend in petrol, diesel or gas, for which it’s one of the most efficient ways to commute. That way, you are contributing towards environment, by reducing emission of Carbon dioxide.

And above all, it is a machine that blurs the line between sport and art, giving a scope to swim with the fashion trend.

How about just pack your cycle, put in the backseat or carrier of your vehicle, drive to some travel destination from your wish-list and ride freely. And don’t forget the style-statement part too! Get dressed for a long ride, intently try to synchronise shorts, T-shirt, rain jacket, gloves, water bottles, shoes, sunglasses and your helmet with the colour scheme of your cycle.

Yes! Cycling is a great blend of individual style with the practical needs. Agree???

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