Friday, September 11, 2015

Bindaas Girl transformed to Mamma

"আই  লৈ  যেই  হাত  বাই লৈ  ও  হেই  হাত "

Do you remember any incident while you and your friends went to someone’s home from hostel to grab some homely food and before serving you food, the host entertained you with their kidoo’s performance….? I have many....such as.....

“Beta sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in front of Didi!”

The little sings ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ with different lovely poses…and the mom’s face gradually keeps glowing with happiness and charm.

Once the Twinkle finished twinkling, the mom again asks the kidoo to sing “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep….” And he starts singing….. And the list goes on…….

…..And your jaws are wide open, trying to show your artificial smile….in the core of your heart, you are thinking, “Arre enough yaar! All babies look cute while singing or dancing…what a big issue! Stop making me bored plzzzz!!!”

I bet, if you did not face or come across this kind situation and feeling in your life, before you become parents, may be in your college days, university days or when u never planned for a kid…

Some more common incidents infact…:

If you see some kids playing with a mobile, you will think what kind of irresponsible parents they are, to allow kids to play with gadget. And you tell your hubby that you would never give a gadget to your kid at such a small age…

“What kind of people they are….keeping the home sooo dirty!! Can’t even manage the kid…” Hope, you never think or thought like this unlike me, when I used to see a messy house and the kid was uncontrollably running here and there continuously.

I even thought to some great heights….When some mom used to discuss with me about the school fee and shared her worries about the admission, education system….I used to say with determination that I would never ever give my child’s admission in such costly schools….I even planned to opt for Municipality school.

But, what!  When I became Mom…..I became different…I feel like asking my Kidoo to recite some rhymes in front of others…My son learnt some Shloka recently, I did the videos and now I feel like sharing those with my friends, colleagues, family members. My home becomes messy when he and his friends play with toys, cars, puzzles…..I feel sooo happy to see the messy house.

My son now has expertise in opening Youtube, Games, Browsers to see cartoons or games…..Infact, when I am busy in a call, or talking with others in some important matters, I willingly give my mobile phone to play or watch videos…..And above all, I never even thought of Municipality school in the time of admission…..

Gosh!!! What’s happening with Meeh!!!! What a transformation!!!

The other day, one of my cousins who is doing his graduation here, came home for a day. And proudy Mommy in me compelled me to ask my son to sing 10 lines of Hanuman Chalisa in front of him…..But looking at my cousin’s face and expression, I recalled those incidents when I faced the same long back and could not gather courage to ask my son to recite some more. :) 

Recently, one of my another young cousins met a bike accident. He is too young to ride a bike….he has just passed matriculation. Another young cousin is carrying a mobile phone worth Rs. 30k in his early age. I was furious and angry on my uncle and aunt and just thought of asking them why they have given them whatever they demanded; I just told my hubby, that I would never give a bike and costly mobile phone till he completes his graduation…… But, then, I thought/ wondered……..what will I have to face when my child will be of their age…..

So, that’s why guys…I started loving and following the saying of T.S Eliot :

“Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future

And time future contained in time past.

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