Saturday, November 14, 2015

Backpain??? It's not easy!!!

Does not matter how much lazy or busy you are, you need to work at home. I too do. Believe? Then, Good. Don’t believe? I will give a proof!

I am fine now!!! :)
Post Durga Puja Weekend! Four days off including Saturday and Sunday! A celebration time….isn’t it? We few friends planned to do so many stuff….option opened for long drive,  one day outing, two days outing, out for brunch or for lunch….!!! 

We all planned to gather at my place for dinner the first day, to take a final decision what to do during next three days. In the morning, I started cleaning my kitchen for killing two birds with one stone….one, guest would come in the evening, and Diwali was on advent. I tried to clean every corner…..But what! A pinching pain suddenly attacked in my back…..Second time in my life…I felt my age!!! Yes, second time. Because, first I felt when I saw few grey hairs on my head!! :(

We happily planned for a full day outing a day after!!!

Next day morning!!!! What!!! I could not even get up from my bed by myself!!! Horrible!!! Can backpain be sooo painful?

We had to cancel our outing…..had to be bed ridden for few days, stopped lifting heavy stuff and above all, had to resist the temptation of lifting my son to my lap.

Now, I can feel how my granny, my dad, and many of my friends used to feel for being bedridden for months because of backpain! Earlier I thought backpain is simply a pain…’s so common…..but now I really realised how uncomfortable and depressing it can be!!!!

Whatever…..during these days, I just came to know that most of my friends, colleagues, seniors have the same problem. And. though back pain can affect people of any age, it is significantly more common among adults aged between 35 and 55 years.

I researched the factors, received uncountable advices from friends and family members, heard lots of home remedy stories etc. during these days. So, I thought of putting all these together in a place for my future reference…

The following factors are linked to a higher risk of developing low back pain:

·         A mentally stressful job
·         Pregnancy - pregnant women are much more likely to get back pain
·         An inactive lifestyle
·         Age - older adults are more susceptible than young adults or children
·         Anxiety
·         Depression
·         Gender - back pain is more common among females than males
·         Obesity or overweight
·         Smoking
·         Tiring or overdoing physical exercise or work

Besides, backpain can also be the result of some everyday activity or poor posture.

·         Bending awkwardly
·         Pushing something
·         Pulling something
·         Carrying something
·         Lifting something
·         Standing for long periods
·         Bending down for long periods
·         Twisting
·         Coughing
·         Sneezing
·         Muscle tension
·         Over-stretching
·         Sitting in a bent position for long periods

Home Remedies:

Ice first, heat later. As a pain reliever, ice works really great, even more than the hot water bag. Lay an ice pack wrapped in a towel on the painful area for up to 20 minutes, several times a day.

Herbal Oil. Massaging your back with an herbal oil can help your muscles relax and relieve pain. Herbal oil may be such as eucalyptus oil, almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil. Heat the oil until warm and massage it gently over the aching area.

Garlic is another ingredient that helps treat a backache. Simply eating two to three cloves of garlic every morning on empty stomach is always good. Massage your back with garlic oil can be really useful in case of backpain.

To make garlic oil, heat some coconut oil, mustard oil or sesame oil on low heat and then add 8 to 10 cloves of garlic to it. Fry the garlic until it is brown. Strain the oil and let it cool to room temperature. Massage your back gently with the oil. Leave it on for some time and then take a bath in warm water.

Drink milk regularly as it’s a rich source of calcium. You can add some honey to sweeten it.

Keep moving.  Continue doing your daily activities. Once your backpain recedes, regular aerobic exercises like swimming, bicycling, and walking can be helpful. Just don't overdo it. There's no need to run a marathon when your back is sore.

Wear low heels. Exchange your four-inch pumps for flats or low heels (less than 1 inch). High heels may create a more unstable posture, and increase pressure on your lower spine.

Perfect your posture. Look for the posture that places the least stress on your back. To do it, stand straight with your weight evenly balanced on both feet. Tilt your pelvis forward, then back, exaggerating the movement. Then settle into the position that feels most comfortable. Now “work your way up” your back, focusing on one area at a time. First concentrate on the area near your waist, then your chest area, and finally your neck and shoulders. Try to feel which position is least stressful and most comfortable. This is the position to maintain when you’re standing, walking, and beginning or ending any exercise.

Rise and shine. Each morning before you get out of bed, lie on your back and slowly stretch your arms overhead. Gently pull your knees to your chest, one at a time. To rise, roll to the edge of your bed, turn on your side, put your knees over the edge, and use one arm to push yourself up as you let your feet swing to the floor. Once you’re on your feet, put your hands on your buttocks and lean back very slowly to stretch out your spine.

I had a big time of my life!!! Don’t want it to repeat!!

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