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A man who is madeofgreat

Thanks Tata Motors ( ) to compel me to think on this question! 

“Do you know someone who is truly #madeofgreat?”

Isn't it a question which surely makes your mind work for few mins at least??? I too took few isolated moments to take few names.

I am inspired by many people in my life….like my Dad, Mom, Maths teacher - Deva Sir, my ex-boss & mentor Rajiv Mishra, some lovely friends and colleagues, somewhat my hubby dear and many more…..  

But today, I want to talk about my Dad-in-Law, who I feel is truly #madeofgreat!!!!

Royal Bengal Tiger”! We call him RBT in short, to refer him among our friends!

A man of substance, now a retired Defence Civilian, RBT’s voice has the capability to quake the whole neighborhood, in two ways ofcourse, by his strong command, or by his vedic chants, Robindra Sangeet or poem recitation. He is a real multi-talented guy: a good singer, wonderful orator, excellent actor, marvelous cook, awe-inspiring artist, fantastic organizer and above all, tremendously helpful personality. Yes! RBT is the most wanted persona in every occasion in the neighbourhood, which consists of at least 300 families. Be it chilled midnight or during his busy hour in the office, he would cross any stumbling block to help anyone.

RBT with my son during Anna-Prasana

Many drunkards were beaten by him while making chaos in the society. Because of his fearlessness and strong persona, he has been always asked to take a lead position in any group activities.

My in-law’s hamlet, called Narangi Jorabat is a beautiful place which is quite green and serene, and also a bit away from the hum drum of the Guwahati City. You need to cross the beautiful Narangi Army Campus to reach this place. Ponds with white and pink lotus flowers, smooth but curvy roads, auspicious Mandirs, tall gulmohar trees, miraculous brooks, and a half cover by two green hills, all are trying hard to doll up this space. The beauty of the place is amplified by a stunning water fall (Zharna) and greenery around it.

My hubby used depict the beauty of the place so much, that probably that was one of the reasons why I married him, specially, to see the beautiful water fall!! :) 

Almost eight years back when I went to my hubby’s home for the first time, I really wanted to visit that Zharna. My husband was most of the time outside his home, being a hosteller, after school. So, when he wanted me to take to the Zharna because of my vehement request, RBT also wanted to accompany us. Initially, I thought what kind of father-in-law he was, who wanted to be a Kabab Me Haddi to a new couple. But, reaching the place, I understood his motive behind.

With rolling of time, the Zharna became a pleasant place for all drunkards, criminals who wanted to do some masti there. The place was really spectacular, but I could see few guys playing cards, some were even with bare bodies, some were just lying on some rocks with some red and white bottles.  Interestingly, looking at RBT from distance, there was a sudden commotion among them. All guys got up from there in hurry, from whatever position they were in, and vanished from there immediately…I could not understand what was happening, but later, I realized the power of RBT’s presence!!!

Another incident which jaw-stucked me when my hubby introduced me to a lady as his sister during our marriage reception. I was shocked, as I knew that my hubby had only one sibling, and that is his elder brother. Question arose in my mind if my Dad-in-law had another wify!!!

The story was, the lady fled from her own village many years back because of the torture of her step mother. She was around 25 years old that time, and was neither educated nor had money in her pocket. She even did not know where she was going, what she was heading. Somehow, she reached RBT’s vicinity, walking all the way for the whole the day. It was already dusk. RBT saw some guys looking, and trying to tease her. She was looking very tired, hungry and confused. RBT went ahead and asked her the problem, and ultimately took her home. My Mom-in-law also supported him. Listening to her story, in front of the village people, RBT accepted her as a daughter and took her responsibility, though that time probably RBT was 10 years elder to her. After couple of months, when he got a good match for her, RBT organized her marriage. So, in that way, my hubby has a sister too.

I have hardly seen as active person as RBT. He crosses all the lines people have drawn for man and woman for work. Many times it happened, that after long journey, I and other members of the house became too tired to cook or clean the house. He would not wait for anyone. He would actively and quickly do all the work and the food was ready on the table.

During the special occasions, RBT prepares delicious, mouth-watering sweets. I really got astounded when he gifted my son a Kantha Stiched Katha (a quilt), which he wove with cotton tatter to beat the Delhi winter, when my child was just few months old.

My Son is still wearing the Kantha stitched Quilt woven by my Dad-in-Law  

A man of routine, he does not follow Ramdev, but I believe he knows most of his yogas. Early riser, RBT’s first work in the morning is to make red tea with tulsi or pudina leaves, and then take out the by-cycle to visit his farm which is 2 km away from the house, everyday.

Well blended with all these qualities, I would have to say that my sweet Dad-in-Law, RBT is a real hero – truly #madeofgreat!!           

What’s important in life is Action! We are judged, ultimately by actions. In the end, action makes or breaks our reputation. 

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