Thursday, March 30, 2017

Keep the Reminder Active, on Phone, or Mind!

He took an off that day….Since morning, he was restless.

“Let’s eat something interesting today…” He proposed.

I ignored. I had no time for him those days…as I was quite busy with my one year child. 

“Let’s go out for lunch, Pokhila will take care of our son.”

“No, no….let’s have our lunch at home only, I don’t prefer outside food so much…” I made an excuse as I wanted to spend most of the time with my son.

“Let’s cook some special chicken, I want to eat something luscious…yum, yum…” His lips and expression were talking his mind.

“We can make some chicken special dish in our dinner…” I was not ready to get engaged in the kitchen with him during the day time.

We did an evening walk in our colony. There was a bakery, the aroma of the biscuits and pastries touched our nostrils while we were passing by.

“I want to have icing cake today…” He suddenly said.

“Ok. Buy two/three pieces of pastries.” I responded.

“Then, no need…”

“Why? Take …take….” I insisted.

But, he didn’t buy.

And, we reached home. 

In few mins, he quickly took bath, did prayers, then started playing with son normally. He had been receiving quite a few calls since morning, what I marked. I wondered if everything was alright. 

In the evening, I opened my laptop and started watching one movie. He and son were playing beside me on the bed. Suddenly, the calling bell rang. I wondered who would come this time…He went and opened the door, I could hear some people singing…. “Happy Birthday Rupak da!”, “Many many Happy returns of the day, Rupak da!”…and the celebration started.

I recollected what was that day!!!! Why he was restless for!!!

I got embarrassed, tried to cover up….but was of no use….

This time, I wished on time, infact before time, I set the reminder on the mobile phone, as a back-up though!

Happy Birthday Mr. Das!

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